It’s (ALMOST) Spring!

I know we could still have snow and freezing temperatures in March…but it’s more likely we’ll have some warm breezes and crocuses popping up in the lawn (lookit me, all positive and sh*t!). And with warm breezes on my mind, my thoughts also turn to warm weather outfits – BARE LEGS! NO TIGHTS! Ahh. I don’t mind the cold. I mind dressing for the cold. If you’re heavy (or have ever endured the final months of pregnancy) you know how difficult seemingly simple tasks can become – like reaching your feet to pull on tights or even socks. Tying shoes is a near-death, oxygen-cutting-off experience hardship when there’s so much mid-section bulk. I don’t “not love” myself and my body, but like a well-loved partner, damn if it’s not annoying at times!

In thinking back to last year’s spring and summer wardrobes, I believe they’re pretty well filled out. Of course I’ll want a couple new fun things, but this year will mostly be about accessories. Shoes, bags, jewelry, jackets, scarves. I tend to have One Bag that I carry til it’s falling apart. I never seem to have quite the right shoes to go with every outfit and situation. My jewelry cupboard is so very bare. And while I have a GAZILLION scarves from Chemo Season 2017, they don’t necessarily complement my wardrobe. And so…the online browsing and shopping begins…


I’ve been looking for a soft grey…or taupe…or greyish-taupe slip-on for wearing everyday, every way.  These Keds Women’s Double Decker Slip-On Sneakers in taupe would fill the bill nicely. I always have to make sure a shoe either has arch support built-in or is deep enough that I can fit arch support inserts in and my foot still fits into the shoe. I also have a high instep so I need a shoe that doesn’t come up too high on the foot like a lot of slip-ons do. So if you have “problem feet” like I do, my hunt might help you. Do any of you have brands of shoes you like that are good for painful feet??

I also need a slightly more fancy sneaker or super-comfy flat for summer dresses…in black and also a neutral…

LOVE this shoe! I’m not usually a “branded” lover – you know those items with logos or brand names on them…but I so like the style of this shoe and think it can be worn beautifully with pants or casual dresses, that I’ve been coveting it for months. My concern is my wide foot in that slender shoe…so I’m making sure I have some good alternatives at the ready.

Calvin Klein Women’s Mora Slip-On Sneaker

And of course a regular sneaker for actual walking (as opposed to just walking in and out of work)…

I like this New Balance sneaker that doesn’t actually lace-up so no bending over to tie laces required, woohoo! And that loop at the back for pulling up a caved-in heel (don’t you hate that??) is very nice.

Maybe that’s enough for one post! I’ve been admiring some bags for summer, too…but I’ll save that for another time. Hope you enjoyed window shopping with me…see anything you like??


Dancing Machine (aka Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress)

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 1 resized

This past weekend I went to the wedding of a young friend/co-worker. Since most of my friends are closer to my own age and already married and my family is far away across the country, I don’t often go to weddings so haven’t needed a “wedding guest” type of dress in a long time. And since I need that type of dress so infrequently, I didn’t want to have to spend money on such a specialty item. Thanks goodness Gwynnie Bee was there to save the day!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 7 resized

Around mid-February, I edited my Gwynnie Bee closet a bit, putting casual items on “hold,” which means they’re still in your virtual closet for when you’re ready for them, but GB won’t send them to you til you make them “active” again. I also put the prettiest dresses on “priority.” This way I was very likely to get something wedding appropriate in time for the big day!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 4 resized

I was very pleased to receive this plus-size Tahari dress about 10 days before the wedding, giving me time to find shoes and complete the outfit. I don’t usually wear such a form-fitting dress…and “buy body-shaper” was on my to-do list but…I was pooped before I got to it so that’s that.

I love the big floral print and the fluted sleeves…and the exposed zipper detail in the back.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 11 resized

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 2 resized

My black Old Navy coat was the perfect length for the dress and because it’s a very simple style it easily dresses up or down. And I already had this bright pink pashmina scarf that worked perfectly with the dress. I removed the cross-body strap from my black bag and turned it into a clutch for evening – I love versatile items like that!

I wore my favorite turquoise earrings…

Earrings tied into the color of the dress

Earrings match the lamp

The shoes were another story. Shoes are *really* a struggle for me. Under the best of circumstances I have hard to fit feet – wide, very high instep and flat arches. Add to the fact that I can just barely reach my feet – so tying, velcro-ing, tongue-tidying – all a challenge, if not an impossibility. Add all THAT to my foot pain – heel spurs on both feet, continued neuropathy from the chemo, along with who-knows-what-else causing pain elsewhere…and finding a shoe that fits, is comfortable, and doesn’t cause me anymore pain than I already have – is really a struggle. So I tried on the orthotic brands like Vionic, the “comfort” brands like Naturalizer and Easy Spirit…but nothing was as comfortable as this funky, off-road-looking shoe from a brand I’d never heard of, Taryn Rose. When I slipped my foot inside I LITERALLY heard the angels sing. They were as lovely and cushy as my super soft Cloudfoam sneakers! AND they were on the clearance rack! So much winning!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 10 resized

Silly posing ahead. When I shoot indoors with the tripod I always feel like I have to do something  to break up the monotony of “here’s a picture of me in a dress next to the bookcase. here’s another picture of me in a dress next to the bookcase. hey look, here’s a picture of me in a dress next to the bookcase.”

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 5 resized

A classic modeling pose called “Oh Look! A Quarter!”

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 3.12.18 6 resized

And to really break things up, here’s me, The Dancing Machine!


If you’d like to try Gwynnie Bee for one month FREE, use this link Gwynnie Bee One Month Free and start adding designer items to your virtual closet!

What I’m Wearing:

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Week in Review: Week 107

I love the charming older homes in my area.


I was sick for two days and didn’t get out.


My view from bed.



And then we had more snow!


And had another snow day, which we all love very much.



I’ve been looking for an etagere in just the right size since I moved here back in August, and finally found one on CraigsList. Guess I should have emptied my car out before going to pick it up. Fortunately I had some old computer cables in the back to tie the hatch down as it wouldn’t shut with the etagare legs sticking it. AND, fortunately, it was less than two miles from my house so I didn’t have to drive far after picking it up. It’s very hilly around here and I was afraid all my junk would start spilling out the back as I drove uphill!


In place.


I got a little neatening trim from Morgan at Posh. Now it looks more like an intentional style vs. growing out bald head.


Janey in the packing peanuts.


Shopping for comfortable black flats. I loved these but managed to control myself.


The final contenders.


Ooh, pretty! Should I??


New hair, new shoes, Gwynnie Bee dress – off to a wedding!




And today I slept on and off almost all day! Running errands all day yesterday and being out late last night took it’s toll on me and I could just not stay awake so I kept laying back down “for just 5 minutes” and would wake up hours later…until 4:00 this afternoon!!! Gah! I don’t feel ready to start a new work week yet, but…..that’s life.



The Best Laid Plans….

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 1 resized

…ha ha, I feel like I’ve written at least 3 posts with this title! I could also call it “The Joke’s On Me: What Happens When You Thought You Bought One Thing, But You Really Bought the Other Thing.”

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 4 resized

So, I was going to call this post “Springifying a Winter Dress.” Some time ago, even before the California trip, I went shopping for a springy scarf to take this wintery dress from drab to fab. I had a really lovely scarf in my cart…pale pinks and buttery yellows and robin’s egg blue…and just enough grey and black to tie in the grey dress and black cardigan (that I was going to style for this post). But at some point I picked up this other scarf and apparently bought IT and not the original one. I brought it home, never took it out of the bag, didn’t want to wear it til after I’d photographed it for the blog cuz, well, I’m a spiller. Sad but true. So imagine my surprise when this weekend I finally pulled it out of the blog to do the pictures…and it was not the lovely pastel scarf I’d thought I bought…but this neutral-toned one with…CACTI on it. No bluebirds of happiness, no pink blossoms. Cacti. I mean, it’s a very nice scarf. It feels delicious. It works very nicely with this other outfit. But nothing is being springified here today, folks.

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 3 resized

Sigh. I’ll have to springify another time.

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 5 resized

But this outfit can speak to Third Pieces and especially the value of pulling at least one printed item into the mix.

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 2 resized

The grey dress and taupe cardigan are fine together. But the pair on their own is a little bland. Add a third piece, a printed third piece, and now you’ve got yourself some interest. I like to tie in the two colors already present in the outfit and introduce one or two more – in this case, sort of an apricotty gold and few touches of a grey blue. These colors that aren’t already present in the base outfit bring in a little more interest, and the scarf (or sweater or bag or whatever) designer has already done the work for you of knowing what colors will work well together. Now you can play off that in other outfits. You know the scarf will also work with grey blue and that soft gold color so you can create other outfits using those colors.

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 8 resized

PS: Big earrings are fun when you have super short hair.

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 7 resized

Speaking of super short hair, it’s growing in like crazy! But it’s at a weird sort of “non-style” length, and I feel like you can get away with that less easily than you can with long hair. So I think I’m going to get it shaped a bit this week…probably take the sides and back down a bit while continuing to let the top and front grow. I really miss bangs. I also need to figure out what products to use for this new hair. AND….what do I do about my definitely brown eyebrows?? They’re very pale but they’re definitely a different tone than my hair. So…what to do?? I’m in uncharted territory.

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 6 resized

What I Wore:

  • Grey dress: Old Navy, old, similar here or here
  • Taupe cardigan, old, similar here or here
  • Silk scarf, similar here or here

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Week in Review: Week 106

This was an extremely uneventful week. I will politely look the other way if you yawn while reading this.



Shopping my closet to put together some new spring outfits when we have unseasonably warm days.

Cream tee: Avenue (old) / Khaki green shacket (guh, stupid word): Rainbow / Cropped skinny jeans: Charlotte Russe / Pink velcro Vans: DSW

Sunset beach stroll with the dog. Which was apparently too much for him and he was really out of sorts for a few days  😦


I’d like this outfit with grey-green denim, also.

Striped tee: Rainbow (old) / Black duster cardigan: Old Navy / Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy / Trainers: Adidas Cloudfoam

The Ooh La La Spa – doesn’t that found fun?



A possible dress for a wedding next weekend. Looks especially nice with the slippers and no make-up, yes??


In honor of Caturday, this is a very (low-res!) old picture of my favorite cat, Jeremy Andrew. Yes, you are allowed to pick favorite children.


A print from an art photography book called Almost True by my talented friend Steven Bollman. Check out his work at


Did some more unpacking yesterday (finally). Now what am I supposed to do with this??


And that was my week. Have had an on-and-off earache all week…a little sore throat…I’m hoping to not have it turn into a real cold so I laid low all week. I don’t think I went out at all after work except for the one little walk with the dog.

Hope someone else is having a more interesting time. Are you??



Styling Four Plus Size Looks from One Blazer!

I have been dying to add a longline blazer to my wardrobe since I started following Lizzie Hadfield of Shot from the Street a couple years ago…and now I also drool over the outfits of Emma Hill for the same reason. They’ve both got this super cool, minimal, slightly-masculine-tailoring-but-in-a-very-chic-way thing down. They make it look effortless. Us mere mortals have to work at it a bit more…and on a round plus size body, that lean minimal look never looks quite right. But I just keep plugging away and one of these days I’ll get it! In the meantime I’m coming up with some outfits I’m pretty happy with – and this Karen Kane soft structure blazer has starred in several of them.

First I created an office look, with a black and white polka dot blouse and black cropped trousers with black loafers. I don’t know what was up with my face!

plus size, fashion schlub, target, who what wear, old navy, old navy style, harper
Blouse: Who What Wear from Target, old / Trousers: Old Navy Harper trousers

Adding the Third Piece of the blazer pulled the outfit together and made it more office appropriate. And, yay, face back to normal!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 2 resized

The second look is very casual, maybe weekending with the girls or running errands.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 3 resized
Top: Rainbow Shops/Jeans: Charlotte Russe/Trainers: Adidas

Take it up a notch with blazer and scarf!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 4 resized

The third look is a little more artsy, starting with a solid black base layer…(ooh, there’s That Face again!).

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 5 resized
Tunic: Joan Vass Plus/Black Denim: Charlotte Russe/Booties: Avenue (old)/Turquoise Necklace: Vintage

Dress it up a bit with the blazer over top!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 6 resized

And lastly, another very casual look, but this time in pastels and white (GASP! WHITE JEANS IN FEBRUARY?!? WHAT IS SHE THINKING?? I’m thinking I can wear white denim whenever the heck I want).

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 8 resized
Pink Top: Old Navy / White Denim: Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda plus size / Trainers: Adidas

And a blazer makes it a little less casual and a little more polished…even though it’s still basically an outfit with jeans and trainers!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus sized fashion blogger 2.28.18 7 resized

Do you have one piece that can complete many different outfits?

There’s a little video if you want to see all the outfits in action (and hear me blather on about one thing or another). If you watch and like the video I’d really appreciate if you’d give it a thumbs up on YouTube.

I’m linking up today with Emma at Style Splash and her Style With a Smile Link-up! Make sure you check out her blog and the other lovelies linking up there this week! I’ve made many new bloggy friends through link-ups…you might, too!


Week in Review: Week 105

All the feels from my glorious trip to California are being buried underneath time, mundane tasks and the ugliness of Long Island in February. Life goes on and we have to live the one we’re in. I’ve been a little reclusive so there aren’t a lot of pictures but sometimes that’s what I have to do to get through.

It’s staying light a little longer and we had some mild days this week so Caleb and I did some short walks and saw some sunsets.


More bald eagles are returning to Long Island every year and now there are two nesting in the town next to me. I went with some friends to try and photograph them (from a distance) and the best shot I got was of goose butts.


And a serene view in the other direction.


One quick flashback to California. Katie and my great-niece Annabelle playing on Venice Beach. The real Golden Girls.


My sister and brother-in-law. She’s having a tough time right now. Hopefully it will be behind her soon.


Staying true to my “pamper myself” resolution, I finally used a groupon for a mani-pedi I bought over a year ago (ha ha). And I almost wish I hadn’t. I’d had such a good experience in CA with my niece, that this paled in comparison.


Plus, this happened 😦  Had to redo myself the next day and I’m just not that good at doing nails.


I’m trying to keep something blooming in the apartment at all times…


Saturday’s outfit of the day. I’m really loving my white jeans. For the summer I want a cropped pair, but these are fine for winter, though I would like a pair of light grey sneakers to wear with them vs. these black ones – it’s such a harsh contrast. And white sneakers with the white jeans looked too nursey.


I’ve lived in NY for 49 years and until today, had never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Shocking! Today we saw the William Eggleston Los Alamos exhibit  I really like the photography of the 60s and 70s in the early days of color photography and I just like the landscape of that era – the cars, clothing, storefronts, etc…so I really enjoyed this exhibit.


We also saw and enjoyed the David Hockney exhibit. I’d only been familiar with his swimming pool paintings, but there were a lot of other things there today. It’s good to see things you’re unfamiliar with and to see an artist’s progression of work.


This one reminds me of the days I come home from work and just lay on my bed, not napping or reading…just laying there awake.


And of course walking from place to place in the museum you see other things that catch your interest…

An impressionist painting that just looked so appealing. I don’t know why there are so many butts in this post! It was not intentional. This just looked like a nice time, splashing about in the water.


This cool black and white graphic wall was a great backdrop for photos.


This pearl lily-of-the-valley arrangement reminded me of my mother. She always had little porcelain and jade flower arrangements in the living room. Of course, hers came from the cheap asian import shop and this one was worth a gajillion dollars.


I love this verdigris bow window we saw walking back to the car.


And this wildcat print dress in a shop window.


And now it’s Sunday night. I just had a big salad for dinner and think I’ll lay down and read for a bit before calling it a night. Tomorrow is back to work for a full 5-day week. Why is that a thing?? I have a nothing in particular to look forward to right now, besides the weekends. The next work vacation isn’t for 5 weeks and I’m only taking a few days off. So I need to come up with something else. Does anyone else do that? Live from one “thing to look forward to to another” rather than just living for the moment?


Week in Review: Week 104

I’m a little behind since my trip. Not jet-lagged, just BEHIND. And, at the risk of being morose, very very sad. I have none of my family here. My nearest person is my sister and she’s in South Carolina, all the way down by the Georgia border. So that’s an overnight road trip. My daughter is in Tampa, Florida. Even further. And pretty much everyone else (bar a stray cousin or two) is in California. Mostly southern, but there’s one rebel up near San Francisco. It was so so good to get to see all the California contingent. And to be back in California, which I love. It’s like Brooklyn but shinier and brighter. Energetic and bustling. I love that. I felt like I was being driven to the boondocks on my ride home from the airport Friday night. It was so dark. Everything was closed. Everyone was asleep. I saw no neon lights. Sigh.

This will last awhile. Sorry. I hope to get out there someday to live for real…but due to everything it will not be for quite some time. In the meantime I just need to adjust back to my actual life.

That said, I had a wonderful time. I did a million and one things, walked my feet off, ate tons, wore almost everything in my suitcase 🙂

My cousin and I dropped Katie off at the path to walk 3 miles up to the Hollywood sign (she didn’t get that from my side of the family!), then we went down below to an easier incline. Oh yeah, I didn’t even take the wig with me.


We walked, instead, to The Bat Cave from the 60’s (POW! KABOOM!) TV Batman show.  I got a new phone just the week before I left and didn’t have time to play around with settings much and realized after taking a ton of pictures out there that it was set to shoot in HDR. Not a fan.


Anti-gravity rocks.


That night we had Mardi Gras themed dinner at another cousin’s. We had New Orleans style food and a King Cake, from which Katie pulled the baby, dubbing her the Queen of Mardi Gras. I am not allowed to share her photo. Sadface. Aren’t they all great? Don’t you wish they were your family??


The dessert table.




What I wore. Isn’t her house so pretty??


She’s been collecting shells forever.


The next day Randy took us to Dohini Castle (Mansion? I forget). It was lovely, the grounds reminded me of Old Westbury Gardens but with a much better view.


Then onto the Getty Center.


Went to Mexican dinner (yay yum) with my niece, great-niece and nephew.


Annabelle helped herself to her first tortilla chips.


It’s the Year of the Dog.


Had French food at The Grove/Farmer’s Market with my cousin and aunt (Yes! The Fun at Home one!!!)


I bonded with Puck the Dalmatian.


On Thursday Katie and I parted ways. She was continuing onto San Diego for a few more days while I had my last day in SoCal.


We had mani-pedis, did a little shopping, my lovely niece got me an “anti-depression” parting gift. I had another breakfast with my cousin Robin on our way to the airport. And then…trying as hard as I could not to cry (slight fail there), I left.

Sigh. Goodbye, Pacific Ocean (the better ocean). Goodbye beautiful mountains majesties.


Pictures from the air.


And then home. Got myself flowers right away to make the apartment not feel so quiet and lonesome.


Watched the kooky neighbor sitting out in the snow.


And am missing people terribly…

jen + annabelle venice beach 2.10.18 1 resized pink tint

And now am on my way to get my taxes done, wish me luck. This is no longer the magical time of year that it used to be for me. I just have to hope that the amount owed isn’t crippling.

Bye for now.


Happy Valentines/Anniversary to Me!

bettye rainwater fashion schlub over 50 style long island plus size blogger 1.21.18 4 resized

So, not only is today Valentine’s Day, it’s also Fashion Schlub’s two year anniversary! Though it still feels pretty new to me as the first nine months of last year were pretty much a loss with all that cancer nonsense. Thank goodness THAT is behind me!!!

bettye rainwater fashion schlub over 50 style long island plus size blogger 1.21.18 8 resized

I really enjoy doing the blog. I get frustrated when I can’t make it be exactly the way I want it, when the pictures are not the quality I envision, etc. But as much as I enjoy doing it, there will be a time soon when I want to start monetizing it. I know followers can be divided on how they feel about bloggers making money from their blogs, and I that’s why I wanted to talk to you about this now.

fs valentines 3

I would never endorse or recommend anything I would not use myself or do not like. I have had brands approach me in the past year, but none of them were for products that I thought made sense for my readers. There was a company selling like really over-the-top,  Southern-belle-esque prom-type dresses. And while the contact person thought their company and I were A Great Fit…uhm…huh?? There was a shoe company with really stylized shoes – very high heels, very trendy…and not only would not wear them, I can’t really imagine any of my readers wearing them either. So, pass. There was a fitness leggings company that approached me, and I did like their leggings and would have liked to try them out, but the email came last year while I was in the hospital and I just missed the opportunity.

bettye rainwater fashion schlub over 50 style long island plus size blogger 1.21.18 5 resized

The point is, if you see me sharing links to items in a post, you can be assured that I would wear or use that item…I would never recommend something to you just for the money.

bettye rainwater fashion schlub over 50 style long island plus size blogger 1.21.18 9 resized

So, yeah. I would love to think that the blog (and offshoot opportunities) will someday make enough money to supplement my retirement income and I won’t have to work forever and forever! Doesn’t that sound lovely??

bettye rainwater fashion schlub over 50 style long island plus size blogger 1.21.18 6 resized

And now for something a little more fun – this Valentiney red kimono from Johnny Was via Gwynnie Bee. It’s the perfect Valentine’s red with just a nod towards wine. I wore it to the arboretum a few weeks back over a black base layer of Faded Glory leggings and a Joan Vass tunic – both plus-sized. And my Payless black flats that I Will Never Ever Ever Wear Again because they cripple me in a matter of minutes.

bettye rainwater fashion schlub over 50 style long island plus size blogger 1.21.18 7 resized

It was a perfect day in the Camellia House at Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, NY. Freezing outside and just the right amount of cool inside the greenhouse. My girlfriend and I did pictures then sat on a bench and just talked and talked. Until we got hungry and then we moved on, ha.

fs valentines 2I’m in California for Valentine’s Day, with my daughter and extended family. It’s good. So good I don’t want to go back home. But I never want to go back back home after spending time in California.

So, Happy Anniversary to Fashion Schlub…Happy Valentine’s Day to all y’all…and xoxo to my friends and family.

Thanks, Mochi, for the beautiful pictures!!!


Week in Review: Week 103

Greetings from beautiful California! I spent so much of my childhood here that, even though we never actually lived here, it has always felt like home. All my mother’s family was here so we came out every summer.

A few times she tried to jump the gun a bit and take me out of school even before the end of the school year in NY and put me in school here in SoCal for the remaining week or two. Oh, The Drama. I was very shy so to be plunked down into a classroom of strangers was just more than I could take and I would just cry and cry or complain of stomach-aches until they would call my mother to come get me. Eventually they just gave up and let me stay home. Score! Ha.

Anyway. I have not been back out here for 14 years. Which has made me very sad and I have missed people and places Very Much. But my darling daughter treated me to this wonderful trip and now here we are! We’ve only been here for 2 days so there will be more pictures in next week’s Week in Review, but let me get this show on the road, which starts back home in New York.

Last weekend some girlfriends and I got together and made vision boards. A picture of my completed project would have been a great idea, yes? Instead here’s a Valentines cookie. I’ve got my priorities.


I had one intense errand day to get ready for the trip. Visited Avenue for new black leggings and the elusive perfect white tee. This was not it. But the leggings came home with me.


I got my eyebrows threaded. They’ve filled in a lot since the chemo but while still a little sparse on the outer edges they were growing wide not dense and it was looking odd to me. Can you tell which is the before and which is the after? And why my face looks so crooked??

I’ve been sharing a lot of old pictures on my Bettye Rainwater Photography Instagram page and I’ve got a little “horse” theme going on.

Perks of early morning flights.


I flew from NY alone but….


Doing some sightseeing…


Met up with the amazing Annabelle (and, oh yeah, her mother and father) for lunch…


Pretty spaces.


Beach sunset.


Visiting my parents, grandparents and Aunt Bettie at the cemetery.



Urban Lights at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


My apologies for the poor formatting and lack of links. I’m doing this on my phone and my phone apparently hates me today as it is being QUITE uncooperative. So, until next time…!!!!