Week in Review: Week 126

It was…a pretty good week. A work event was behind us, and it always feels good to move beyond the mad rush leading up to an event. I got some good photos for the blog I do at work, and that felt good. I had a good mix of social evenings and “at home alone” evenings. My only real complaint (well, besides a friend who is ignoring my emails, grr) would be the weather. It is just SO so hot, I don’t even want to go sit at the beach in the evening and watch the sunset. I just want to go home to the aircon (ps, I’m watching too many UK youtubers and watching too much British tv, I’m starting to pick up and use some of their slang without even realizing. and even when I do realize, I like it, and keep doing it).

Sad flowers.


Fashion Schlub was included in Gwynnie Bee’s Best Member Moments of July post. I’ve shared this tidbit umpteen times. Whee, I’m a narcissist!


While I’m still on the subject of ME (!!!), I’ll also mention that FS was also included in Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode Summer Round Up Party: A listing of fashion bloggers (below) you might want to check out. I love looking at accounts I’ve never seen before and finding new favorites (I’m definitely going to take a look at that second one!).

My friend Linda and I went to a cool open studio gallery thing in Brooklyn – it was a huge space with art exhibits and installations, appies and wine and interactive workshops/sessions.

I got a kick out of this artist (I picked up her card and now I can’t find it!). She combined crochet (aka yarn bomb torture activity) with lighting and 3D images.


It doesn’t come across in the photo but the leopard in the center of the piece is actually 3D. How do people come up with this stuff? I’m so ashamed of my mind when I see things like this, like why can’t you ever come up with anything original?? 


Vintage tin ceiling tiles and moss.


Scraggly yarn (?) curtain in front of film of hand.


This put me in mind of Noah’s Ark.


we become everything we love


We did marbling. Mine’s on the left, Linda’s on the right. It was so cool. I wanted to do more.


I’m a sweaty Bettye poodlehead

We did the most amazing meditation. In the past when I’ve gone to meditation classes they were Buddhism-based, and I liked them very much. And a couple times a week I use a guided meditation app on my phone and just do a 5-10 minute breath-based meditation, and that’s fine. But this was like…SOUL meditation. Heart meditation. The woman who led it had us think on different things and there were different movements we did…it was just very different and it really moved me. Tears were streaming down my face halfway through. I wish I could go to her for more but she’s all the way in Brooklyn and that just doesn’t fit for me right now. But…wow. It was memorable.

This was the note on the chair I chose…that’s a pretty good message. For all of us.


Then there was a photographer taking portraits of people in a dark room with crazy lighting…

bric 1 8.1.18

Everything about the evening was…I would say “perfect,” which is a term I rarely use…but for the HEAT. And humidity. The venue was air conditioned but it wasn’t even touching me, I was drenched the entire time. But other than that, it was really really really good.

Oh, this was one of my favorite things. Super tacky (intentionally?), but I love the beaded saying:

I play the game where I imagine my friends as old and silver. I like this game the most. Because in it we survive the hateful, warful years, all of the terrible things that will inevitably happen.

She is at @emilyoliveirastudio on Instagram if you want to see more.


It was one year ago this week that I had my head shaved 2 weeks into chemo. THAT was a day, oofah. A year later I’m still going to Morgan at POSH to have her try and shape my crazy curly regrowth. This is what it looks like when I get up in the morning (!).

IMG_2389 (1)

The sides and bangs are pretty cooperative. It’s that poodle top bit that’s so crazy. It’s long enough to curl up and frizz in the humidity but not long enough to get my curling iron around to smooth. So at best, it’s smooshed down waves. Not cute like a “best short haircut” post on Pinterest.

Okay, here’s a thing I’m doing (ohhh I’m not happy about this but)…for the month of August – NO MCDONALDS SWEET TEA. I forgot I’d planned to make this resolution til Friday so I missed the first couple days…and Normal Me would say OH WELL, TRY AGAIN IN SEPTEMBER…but Trying to Be Better Than Normal Me is going to try and stick with it for the rest of the month. I was going to do “no sweet tea OR chips” in August but. I’m having a hard enough time getting my head around the tea part. Let’s just see how this goes. Chips can be the next step. BABY STEPS.

I have A Big Project on the agenda for this (Sunday) afternoon. If I complete it I’ll post a little before&after video. If I don’t, I’ll delete this paragraph and through the magic of television you’ll be none the wiser.



This is the kitchen table I wanted, but…not happening.

Image result for saarinen table

Okay, that’s it for this week! I’m going to to watch the last episode of Last Tango in Halifax (I didn’t realize when I started watching that it was only on for 3 seasons!) and then bed.

Wishing everyone a cool, dry, peaceful week!



The One Where I Ramble

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 3 resized

Apologies for boring (and blurry!) pictures today. I am photographerless this week so it was just me and the tripod in the park. I feel bad cuz I really love this outfit and it deserves better than these measley pictures, but…it was these or nothing.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 4 resized

I think that thing over my left shoulder that looks like a piece of truck that was leftover after an accident is art. I’m at an art museum. I enjoy art in theory. I just don’t understand the vast majority of it. I’d like to take a “how to understand art” class. I still haven’t started my first watercolor yet. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve watched gazillions of YouTube videos on beginner watercolor…and it looks so easy. I’m expecting to end up with a soggy piece of brown paper. Art is intimidating.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 2 resized

That’s why I like photography (just not tripod selfies!). There’s a machine that actually Does the Thing. I just need a vague idea of what I want the finished product to be, and the machine actually does the work. It doesn’t matter if I have a shaky hand or my fingers won’t do what my mind is telling them to do. It’s sort of the same with a computer. I can tell a graphics program to make a certain shape or match a color or create a straight line between two points, and it just does it. I’m grateful for machines that can help me create art.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 1 resized

Fashion styling is like art. Combining colors and patterns and shapes and textures and selecting the right looks for different settings and moods. I really loved styling models when I used to shoot for my vintage clothing store on ebay. Here’s some pictures from back in the day…

justine 1k fullres

justine 2


SB 1

shannon driveway 1-tiltshift 2

tara 10



I’m glad I had that fun, cuz it’s not quite as much fun styling myself! I’m so limited by sizing and budget. With models, it was literally like playing with a life size Barbie. I don’t mean to be condescending, they were all bright, lovely girls – one is working at a nonprofit now, one recently passed the bar, one is associate producer of a magazine. They were just so easy to dress! Anyway, I’m rambling….

I’ve had this floral Bobeau top for three summers now and I love it as much as the day I got it. It’s an easy to wear polyester crepe – and while I usually pass on poly, especially in the summer, this is very lightweight and breathable, and skims so nicely over lumps and bumps. It’s no longer available, but I found some comparable items:

B Collection by Bobeau Curvy Lily Pleat-Back Top in plus size

and B Collection by Bobeau Lily Pleated Back Floral Print Tank Top in straight size

The soft oatmeal duster cardigan is the fairer sister to my black Old Navy duster-length cardigan I wear all the time. It’s a very thin, fine knit. Perfect for summertime air conditioned buildings (like my office!). I’m wearing a 2x and they call the color “Palomino.” They are both very versatile items that can be worn all year.

I’m wearing my chestnut espadrilles from Aldo. I got them on clearance at DSW and they’re sold out, but I found these that have sort of the same vibe and are in that same great “goes with everything” chestnut brown tone.



I saw one pair very similar to mine but they were $650 HA HA HA HA HA I wouldn’t do that to you. Trust me, mine were not $650!

Boy, I was all over the place today! I planned to write about something very specific but I got off-track when my pictures weren’t what I hoped and…It Is What It Is!

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Week in Review: Weeks 111-112

FINALLY. There have finally been some nice days…and my feet didn’t hurt (as much) and I wasn’t stressed about work and I got my taxes paid and I had a little more time for fun with friends and Caleb had a good week…and yeah. I feel like I was able to let out a BIG exhale that I’ve been holding in for a long time. The best thing was really getting out of my little box this weekend and getting the heck out of Dodge. That is the most energizing thing to me. So yay.

Flowers are finally starting to bloom around the neighborhood.


Uhm, chickens.


Yummy Portugese waffle treats.




Neighbor cat. Let’s call him Pepe.




Mango Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce. OHMYGOSH.




Who knew there was a whole world.


Went to the museum.



Uhm, okay.


Sometimes I don’t get art.


The basement had beautiful light.


This week involved a lot of eating.


Roadside stop.


Visited Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY.












A New Friend.



Phew. And now it is 8pm on Sunday evening and I’m exhausted and going to bed soon. Back to work tomorrow! Got anything fun planned in the week ahead??





Week in Review: Week 75

It was a quietish week. Was it? Maybe not. I forget.


This is my solution to too-sheer curtains on the bathroom window that looks directly out onto my landlord’s garden (where he frequently is).


An unwelcome friend found while packing. I think he came in in a box.


And he was tossed out in a box. Ugh.


Going through old school yearbooks while packing. This is college.


And elementary school. Oofah. It was a bad hair year. But I loved this blouse, because Laurie Partridge on The Partridge Family had the exact same one.


I got out to a beach one evening with a friend. There was no sunset and it was actually a little drizzly…but still nice to be out in the air staring at the water.

nssa gazebo

At work we had a nice event one evening, dedicating the new gazebo to the memory of a dear friend and co-worker who passed away at the end of 2016. There were family members, employees past and present…lots of tear-filled speeches, but also some laughs…and mostly it was a celebration of her life shared by those who loved her. An emotional evening.

headware collage

I spent a LOT of time searching for head coverings….


…so I don’t look like this.


I hope I feel well enough to go to this.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size babylon south bay theater 7.27.17 1 blogsized

I had a photo shoot and went to dinner with friends after. Dinner was a vanilla milkshake.


A friend made me dinner and brought me flowers. That was very nice ❤

And now I really must get on with the packing. Moving date is less than 4 weeks away. It’s grey and dreary here today, I should get a lot done. Unless I take a nap instead.




My Week in Review: Week 38

This week was so quiet (thank goodness!) that in retrospect it almost seemed like a short week, but it wasn’t.

I’d started getting sick the night before Thanksgiving the week before, but I kept pushing on…so finally by the weekend I was exhausted enough to just stay home and rest. The child stopped by with a treat for her old Mom…a lovely vegan lemon blueberry raspberry cake she’d whipped up. Yum.


I really didn’t leave the apartment all weekend til end-of-day Sunday just in time to take a quick sunset walk with the dog by the water…


I didn’t do much in the evening this week…we had two very rainy nights so I opted out of plans to stay home instead. I did go to the chiropractor one evening to see if he could help with my painful heel…and I started an Adobe InDesign class, which was very exciting. I’ve wanted to learn the program for ages but the ones I sign up for always get cancelled at the last minute for lack of interest. The teacher seems good and I’m liking the other people in the class, there’s even another blogger!


Yesterday some friends and I made a quick trip into Brooklyn to visit the Bushwick Collective which is a several block area of “allowed” street art, that is always changing. We hadn’t been in awhile so it was nice to see some new artwork. These were some of my favorites.



This yogi was randomly stopping along the road and going into positions along the interesting backdrops for selfies.


I made it home from Brooklyn just in time to stop by the beach for a quick cold sunset.


And arrived home to find a package, yay, a dress I’d ordered from Amazon…TOO SMALL, boo. It will go back in tomorrow’s mail. Sadly, this was the largest size. The search continues. Shoulda swept up the dog hair before taking pictures. OH WELL.


And that was my week. JUST THREE MORE WEEKS TIL CHRISTMAS, can you believe it?? And VACATION, yay!!! I’ve done some Amazon book ordering so I’m sure to have reading material over the break. And I certainly have a lot of home projects and even some blog projects in the works, so it will be good to have the extra time.

Have a good week, y’all. xoxo

My Week in Review: Week 16

Four months of Fashion Schlub, woohoo! In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m big on anniversaries, commemorating special dates, etc.

Last weekend I was just plumb tuckered out. It was a beautiful weekend – everyone was out at the beach, barbecues or by the pool. I was happy to be inside in the air conditioning with no “out in the world” commitments. I have a bit of a proclivity towards reclusivity. I get that from my mother. She could go days without leaving the house…without even getting dressed. There are times I consciously fight against this inner tendency…and sometimes, exhausted, I just go with it. Unlike her, I know I *have* to go out eventually, because I have to work, so I’m not especially worried when I hang my feet over the edge of the rabbit hole for a couple days. She had the luxury…or disadvantage, depending how you look at it…of not having to work, so she truly *could* just hide out at home, reading (then saving. forever.) her New York Times and keeping track of winning lottery numbers in notebook after notebook and ordering umpteen Joan Rivers’ cocktail rings off the Home Shopping Network.

But My Mother is a whole other story for another day.

Anyway, I got my little mental break from The World last weekend…which was good because this week I needed to be able to go Full Steam Ahead.

It was Camp Week at work which is just a whole different set of issues than usual. No pictures are anywhere to be shared yet, so…

I got a dress from Gwynnie Bee that wound up being sort of a line in the sand for me. It was much shorter than I’m used to. I tried it with bare legs and with leggings…wasn’t really happy with either.

gw dress 6.26.16

But I wore it out anyway.

fashion schlub plus size 6.27.16 2 resized

My daughter and I took turns being the photographer. I’m happy to have my favorite model back.

kate kings park 6.27.16 3 resized

Then there was the striped-tee controversy.


I met up with friends at a coffee house that usually has a vegan goodie or two…and always has some local artists’ work up on the walls, which is nice. Chocolate-chip ch-ch-ch-chia cookie. Yum.


This time they had an exhibit by local high school kids.


Thursday night I went to an aquarium to photograph a Sweet 16 party.


Doesn’t she look like Cinderella? It was a really fun family to photograph. I love shooting people who LIKE to be photographed – it is a rare treat.

s16 thursday

We’ve been getting so many big packages at work this week we finally decided to put them to good use.


And lastly, weird mail arrived from a fellow named William Voltair. It turns out this guy sends these letters all over the place. See copies of the letter(s) here. 

FullSizeRender (1)

And now…I’M ON VACATION!!! Yay.

It was so weird Not Blogging yesterday! Feels good today to be back 🙂

My Week in Review: Week 5


We had vegan doughnuts in Brooklyn at Dunwell Doughnuts. These are the best doughnuts anywhere ever, vegan or no.


Yarnbombed tree outside the art gallery.


I bought a piece of art off the street from this artist. I already want more. He doesn’t have a website. Boo.


We went on a gallery crawl in Williamsburg.


Cardboard street facades.


Kitteh apron!


Where do I sign up?


Good. Because if not….


There is no Plan B.


Listening to the artist explain her work.


All that walking built up an appetite and we found a new place in Bed-Stuy called Chez Alex that has straight and vegan options.


I had a sandwich with roasted cauliflower, jalapeno, kale, Veganaise and melted vegan cheddar cheese on a wonderful freshly-baked ciabatta roll. And strawberry-basil lemonade. Yum all around.


Trying on clothes over my clothes in the aisles at the mall. When I was little my mother used to try and force me to do this and I was horrified at the thought. Lookit me now.


Coveting the greyhound print dress at H&M but it’s only in a straight size. Oh, the heartbreak.


I had a bad day and my BFF surprised me with a rainbow bagel. Happy face.


Had a photoshoot for next week’s outfit blog post.


Dropped my boy (on left) off at my ex’es to spend the weekend with his cousins while I work at a fundraiser all day Saturday.

How was your week??

My Week in Review: Week 3

Went with my BFF to a Kenny Scharf exhibit preview at Nassau County Museum of Art.  It is said that Scharf’s work “leaves you with hope, joy, play and optimism, and a sense of love” and can’t we all use a little of that??


There was an amazing room, a la PeeWee’s Playhouse, where Scharf painted plastic objects of all sorts (he was a serious recycler and upcycler) in crazy bright neon colors. It was a magical place that I never wanted to leave.



Even cool artist types do silly touristy things in photos.

Local museums are a great resource. You don’t always have to travel into a city to see world class art.


We had coffee and vegan goodies at Sweet to Lick, a local vegan bakery. This tiramisu blondie was YUM.


I tried a little shopping. I loved these dresses but was uncomfortable with the thinness of the material and the way it touched my belly. After some reading and soul-searching this week I may reconsider my decision and go try them again.

AMB_4520 FB

On Sunday I had a photo shoot with a new photographer. It was very cold and *VERY* windy down by the water so it might have been the shortest photo shoot EVER. But the pictures are pretty amazing, so, YAY. You’ll see them in the next outfit post.


We had a spring snowfall. It was one of those very pretty snows that was light and clung to everything, creating lace.


I heart snow. Sorry. I hadda do it.


Only one Outfit of the Day post this week. Then I had to send this beautiful kimono back. Sadface.


My officemate was out sick one day…but we got a puppy to replace her!

IMG_9892 (1)

My daughter and I have kooky dreams. And then we were in Germany.

See ya next week!