Thrifting Thursday

I could have called this post “The One Where I’m Not Wearing Pants,” but…I thought that  might attract the wrong sort of attention.

I revisited Savers again today. I tried to really have an open mind as I looked through the racks….but. But I have a very limited color palette (which is a fancy way of saying I’m picky), so my eyes slide past a LOT of “no’s” before they’re able to slow down at a maybe. I did manage to find a couple things to bring into the fitting room…and one item actually came home with me (woohoo), in addition to two books that are on my “want to read” list.

First, this was my outfit of the day. A dress. Which will help you understand the “no pants” comment in a moment.

Sleeveless Patterned Swing Dress by Loft, comparable here in plus size and here in straight size

Ah. No pants! Ha. Anyway, my love of striped tops made me bring this into the fitting room even though it’s only a 2x. Not surprisingly, it’s way too tight. I am not a tight-fitting clothes gal.


This I tried on just for the color and stripiness of it (it’s a sickness). The fit was not good. I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway with the flowery decal things. I find embellishments like that very dating. In five years the striped top will still look fine, but the morning glories will be so twenty-teens.


I can’t even show you the next two on cuz I had no pants AND no tee shirt underneath. But a few weeks ago I was standing in line behind a woman wearing black trainers, black leggings, a long-sleeved tunic-length grey tee with a red and grey plaid button-down shirt tied around her waist. That look could be messy…but she made it into perfect athleisure chic and I haven’t been able to get the look out of my mind. Now, I can’t tie anything around my waist (I’ve always said plus size designers should make a shirt with crazy extra-extra-long sleeves just so big-tummied girls can tie them around their waists!) but I can wear something unbuttoned over a tee and maybe get the same look. This lilac color is not in my usual palette, but I like the soft navy stripes and I have navy leggings…AND it’s a very lightweight drapey fabric, which I like.


I tried this top for the same reason as the one above but this one did not pass the fabric test. Also very lightweight, but in a floaty sheer cottony way, as opposed to the rayon drapey way of the lilac shirt above. For me, drapey: yes, floaty: no.


So this is what came home with me. I’ve got a vacation week coming up and I plan to spend many days on the beach and am stockpiling books in preparation. Plus, look how nicely color coordinated everything is!


tried to buy this Dalmatian candle for my niece but, shockingly, she was not interested. I know she will live to regret that.


And that is the extent of this week’s thrifting adventure. I wish I could have the good luck of Maggie of Thriftshop Fashionista, she finds super cute things All The Time!!!

Hope everyone has something nice planned for the weekend!

xoxo Bettye

Springtime Plus Size Try-on Haul

So, spring shopping has begun. Well, spring trying-on and buying-and-returning has begun. I only need (want) a couple new clothing items to round out my warm weather wardrobe:

  • cropped/ankle length white jeans
  • a couple pairs of colored pants that aren’t jeans
  • some tops that are a little nicer than just tee shirts – like button downs and tunics
  • 1-2 lightweight knit sweaters
  • a dress. I don’t NEED another summer dress but I saw this dress in the Ellos catalog and I can’t get it out of my head. I need to at least try it on.

Boy, when I make it into a list it seems like more than I was thinking. But in reality I know I’ll never find all these things to fit, so…the list will narrow as I go along.

Last weekend I stopped into my local Avenue store and tried on a few things. I was pretty firm with my black and white palette. I feel like I start out every season with black and white, then just add in a few colors later on.

avenue tryon 1

These were supposed to be ankle length but I’m short and my legs are short, so. And the cuff wasn’t sewn-in or anything so it was just going to come right down and then the pants are too long. I’ve tried cuffing jeans and I’m just not good at that sort of thing. They’re crooked, they don’t stay up, etc. I need the manufacturer to do it for me and put in a couple nice stitches!

avenue tryon 2
Avenue White Washed Rolled Ankle Jean size 22

Since the ankle length was too long, I tried on the capris thinking they might just go to my ankle. But they’re just weird. They’re not as neat as a true skinny jean would be but they’re too tight for a straight leg…and the bottom had like a kick flare. Which is not flattering on my short thick legs.

avenue tryon 5
Avenue Washed Capri Jean in White size 22

So I went up a size and it was no better.

avenue tryon 4
Avenue Washed Capri Jean in White size 24

I tried a pair of wide-leg pants in a black and white geometric…but my legs are so thick that “wide leg” fits me like a tapered cut! If the waist wasn’t pulled up all the way to my bra I might have bought them!

avenue tryon 6
Avenue Dot Relaxed Pull-on Pant size 22

Then, always the search for white tee/tank/tunic SOMETHING WHITE. Sigh. This should not be so hard.

avenue tryon 7
Avenue Reversible Tank size 22/24

And, just because it was white and on sale…I tried this ruffly blouse on. It wasn’t bad but I don’t really have a need for that, so…back it went. Back it all went.

avenue tryon 3
Avenue Choker Cascading Ruffle Neck Blouse size 22/24

I’d been excited to try a couple things from Loft’s new plus size collection. The items were nice but the fit was just a little off. I will definitely try something else from there because I really like the styles and when they go on sale the prices are not unreasonable.

Loft Items:

Not much luck on this first go-round!

What do you have on your spring wish list??

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.

Resolutions + Plus Size Try-on Haul Video

day 4

I’m still working on my resolutions for the new year. I’m not usually a hard-and-fast resolution sorta gal; I usually pick a fun thing I want to challenge myself to do more of – like drink more or wear more jewelry, ha ha. But after 2017 I do sort of feel like I need to get some things in order. I need to get PREPARED. That’s one of the resolutions, but I’m still fine-tuning (that seems to be a recurrent theme of the new year also) it and most of them…but the one I’m certain of is…to pamper myself.

girly dreams 2

To have flowers in the house, go for mani-pedis and foot massages and get my hair done when I have hair again. Have a facial. Not just pampering, but being kind and gentle with myself. Last year was a hard year. It was painful and exhausting and took a lot out of me. I need to feed myself and care for myself and build my mind and heart back up. Get a comfortable sofa so I can relax and read and enjoy looking out the window. Ask friends for help when things are too hard. Eat good food. Be Good to my body. Nourish it, stretch it, exercise it. Rest it. If I need to sleep all day once in a while, do that without feeling guilty. Make my home more pleasing. Empty the corners of boxes and piles of stuff. Create lovely vignettes to enjoy when I come home. Live in silence when I want, live in music when I want. Just be good to myself.
my morning 10
I’m still working out the technicalities on this one, but one year (I think 2011) I did “Do Something New Every Week,” and that was really a good one but it was more Big Picture things, like “do a 5k,” “get reiki.” etc. I think this year I might do a “Try Something New Every Day” resolution. I know that sounds imposing but they can be Very Small Things: go to a new bagel shop, turn down a different street when driving home, make a new recipe, try on a pair of shoes you wouldn’t normally try. It’s just the point of keeping your mind open to new and untried things rather than being comfortable and settled in routine.
That’s it for resolutions for now…and onto something NEW and exciting that got its start in 2017 but just went live in 2018 – and that is that my new blog-friend Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style shared Fashion Schlub as one of her “Styled By…” posts! I’ve been reading such nice comments from her regular readers, I’m so grateful to her! Be sure to take a look at her blog – she has such an adventurous and fun fashion sense – I think you’ll really enjoy her blog – AND she’s a sweetheart, to boot!


And this week’s weekly vlog is a plus size winter try-on haul showing clothes from Old Navy, Woman Within and Charlotte Russe. Take a look and let me know what you think – I think my videoing and editing skills are getting a little better!

All photography by me.

What Did I Buy?! Plus BKLYN

Me, owner Alexis Krase and Marcy Cruz

It’s my last week of radiation – yay. It’s a good thing, too, cuz at this point I am beaten down. Life is pretty much work, treatment, home to lay down. But this past weekend I dragged myself up and out, picked up my buddy Marcy, and headed into Brooklyn to a new plus size boutique I’ve been seeing all over social media called Plus Bklyn.

Plus Bklyn is a funky little shop at 455 Graham Ave., Williamsburg, that caters to trendy ladies from size 14-26. Owner Alexis Krase and colleague Ivy were so charming and hospitable when we visited. We tried on bunches of fun things – there were dresses, tops, bathing suits, sunglasses, bags, jewelry and so much more!

So let’s play What Did I Buy?!

Junarose, size 24
Junarose, size 22
Magical Unicorn dress, size 24

What do y’all think?

It’s so nice to have a new in-person plus-size shopping destination, I’ll definitely be back!

Week in Review: Week 62

Hey, my title rhymes! I love that 🙂


My week started with a super nice day out with friends. We headed out east to Peconic River Herb Farm in Calverton, which is one of my very favorite places to visit on Long Island. Not only do they have an abundant sales area of anything you could want to plant in your garden or yard, they have all these lovely little spots to enjoy or sit and appreciate the quiet and nature. There’s a little wooden rocking swing thing for two down by the river, I could sit there for hours.

I dressed for walking in my favorite Avenue leggings, grey long-sleeved tee, and super soft and cushy Adidas trainers…and instead of my usual grey hoodie, I wore a very light oversized button down blouse from Walmart. You can’t really tell from the pic but it’s a narrow vertical blue and white stripe. I’d originally gotten it to wear under cardigans, but the fabric is too drapey which makes the collar and neckline all loosey-goosey and a fail. But I finally found a use for it here.

Here are some sights from around the farm:

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 2

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 12

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 6

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 14

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 9

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 17

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 3

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 13

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 7

peconic river herb farm 4.23.17 10

Strolling in the the warm sunshine made us hungry so we went to this super nice spot in Riverhead…if only I could remember the name of it (!), I’ll fill it in later when my girlfriend reminds me in case anyone wants to go. It was just an average looking roadside pizzeria…but out back was so so lovely. It, again, is right on the river, and there’s a soft grassy lawn with charming red picnic tables and a never-ending show of ducks and geese and swans drifting by…and sometimes marching past to get to anyone who ignores the signs and FEEDS THE BIRDS.



That was such a nice day and way to start my week, because it was sort of downhill from there. Ugh.


Two days in a row of dead car battery.


An unpleasant set-up thing for my radiation treatment which starts this coming week and sadly, did NOT include “Easy Air.” I think all medical visits should include sweet air like you get at the dentist. Why is that not a thing?

I got a bit of a runaround this week from the cancer treatment center…appointments were made without my knowledge, a 7-hour chemo treatment was scheduled without anyone talking to me first, we’ve never even discussed the chemo schedule At All, you can’t just spring that on me! One nurse (in the endless stream of phone calls) made me think my whole protocol was going to be vastly different from what we *had* discussed…and the doctor was unreachable while away on vacation. Boo. It was an anxiety-filled, non-fun roller-coaster week, medically speaking. But that week is behind me, I have a consult with the dr first thing Monday morning and hopefully all will be sorted out.


On a brighter note, Caleb is feeling SO well. He was treated to a vet visit and now has more pills than me but he has not scratched or bit at his skin in days and his hips seem stronger and more pain-free and he’s like a FIRECRACKER. So I’m trying to up my walking game so he’s not jumping out of his skin…but I overdid it on my bad heel so that was in A Lot of Pain for a couple days.


The Big Boss treated us to some lovely daffodils (will take a better picture this week while they’re blooming) for Administrative Professionals Day. That was very thoughtful.


I stopped into Avenue to pay my bill, repeating to myself as I walked from car to store, “DON’T LOOK AT THE CLOTHES, DON’T LOOK AT THE CLOTHES.” Sigh. I’ve been loving this dress from the website (WHY DO I KEEP LOOKING AT THE CLOTHES???) and it was hanging front and center when I entered the store, so. Come on. I’m only human. Sadly the largest size they had in stock was more snug than I like around my belly&hips (helly? bips?) so it was a pass and I managed to just pay my bill and escape with no new purchases.

Friday I was back to the podiatrist where I got more cortisone in my heel (which did not work last week at all) which made me very jittery so my evening plans were dashed. In the meantime he’s sending me for an MRI because he suspects a tear in a ligament. And what does one do for a ligament tear in the heel? One wears something called a WALKING CAST. For 6-12 weeks. Yay!

I hate that I’ve become this person that talks about her aches and pains and maladies all the time. I remember saying to someone when I first went into the hospital back in February that I need a new hobby so I have something else to focus on. I just haven’t found it yet. I’d love to spend more time blogging but am still looking for an Instagram husband (or wife, I’m not picky) to help me shoot more often.

I was thinking of doing a “what’s in my closet” post as I change out winter for summer, showcasing the win and fail purchases of last season, in hopes of not making similar mistakes in the future. Any interest in seeing that?

Anyway, this felt like a very long Week in Review post, hope you all  enjoyed the herb farm pictures. Speaking of pictures, are we all friends on Instagram? We should be! I’m at @fashionschlub…and if you’re interested in more life and sunsets and animals, you can follow me at @bettyerainwaterphotography.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and joyful week!

xoxo Bettye

From the Fitting Room: Avenue

It’s all this shirt’s fault. I’d had no intention of clothes shopping so soon after Christmas…but Avenue is right next to the doctor’s office and this shirt was hanging in the window and it looked like something I could combine with several other pieces in my wardrobe, so…I drove away. Ha. Tricked ya!

Went home, had some lunch. Could Not Stop Thinking About the Shirt. Drove BACK to Avenue. Found the shirt inside…and as long as I was going into the fitting room anyway I grabbed a couple other things on the way.


In the end, the plaid blouse did not pass muster. It was too…flimsy. It was a lightweight rayon and didn’t have enough body to stand up under a cardigan, which is what I wanted it for. So back it went.

BUT…I *have* been needing a couple more athleisure type tops to wear over leggings and sneakers, and this soft supple sweatshirt w cute asymmetric layered bottom filled the bill. It came home with me.


AND…two very nice lightweight long-sleeved tees – a light grey and a cream (cream not shown)…also made their way into my bag…


And THIS, waterfall thermal knit hoodie, very soft, very fluid, easy to wear…also came home with me. It looks nice over either of the long-sleeved tees.


So, for once a SUCCESSFUL try-on…and just when I’d been sort of down on Avenue. Sorry, old friend. You can still be my resource for leggings and sporty tops.

What I’m Wearing:

Target Try-On

It’s almost the winter solstice and I’m still trying to round out my wardrobe for the season. I am definitely lacking The Things that Go Under the Other Things. I have a few cardigans that right now really go over ONE thing, like a dress…and all the items in my closet need to do double or triple duty, so I’m looking for more layering pieces. I’m STILL looking for a white and grey tee or lightweight knit…a white button down blouse…and maybe a blushy nudey pink top. And a couple warm stand-alone (don’t need to go under or over something else) sweaters. So…as I hit Target weekly for tampons, etc., I always take a look through the plus size section. Here’s what I optimistically took into the dressing room with me last weekend.


NOPE. Clearly.


This was a better fit and more of a lightweight sweater vs. the first one that was a stretchy tee. But I don’t like having such a big “v” in the cold weather. This is an ongoing challenge I find with plus size tops – the neck-holes are too damn big. They’re too low and too wide.


I have really wanted a grey heavy knit sweater. This is not it.


Here’s what I’m finding about Ava&Viv fit – for ME. It seems to be sized for tall columnar bodies. I am neither tall not columnar. I am short. And stout. Like a teapot. I find Lane Bryant (and Ralph Lauren Woman, come to think of it!) are this same silhouette. As sizes go up, items get taller/longer rather than wider. I’m not a big Avenue fan anymore, style-wise, but they have more of a boxy, wide fit I find, which suits me better. I think I should stop wasting my time on Ava&Viv.


And the trend continues. This wasn’t AWFUL. I like the color, I would like some wine in my wardrobe…but while it was long in the length and sleeves, it was too stretchy/clingy in the back. I felt like I was playing dress-up in grown-up’s clothes.


And the last item, the only piece that was not Ava&Viv, was this camel Merona sleeveless blazer/vest. It was on the clearance rack and even though it was a 16 I thought maybe because it’s worn open and there are no sleeves, it MIGHT work. Nope.

Note: most everything I tried on was 40% off the ticket prices shown. But even with that discount, nothing was right or worth spending the money on.

The search continues. Sigh.

Where have you been finding nice winter plus size clothes, like sweaters with necks?


Nordstrom Rack Dressing Room Try-on

I’ve been working on my fall/winter wardrobe for the past few weeks. I’ve bought mostly on-line from Old Navy, ASOS and H&M. But I was in Nordstrom Rack on a shoe hunt (the ongoing shoe hunt!) yesterday so took a quick peek through the plus section and found a few things worth trying on (why do they keep stores So HOT?!?). Let me know what you think…


Without really intending to, I’m winding up with a very black/white/grey monochromatic palette this season. I did buy one wine dress from JCPenney’s Plus Boutique but I’m having such a hard time finding the right color/style shoes for it I think I’m just going to return the dress!

I’m *always* on the hunt for white shirts – a basic tee and a button-down at the very least. It sounds SO simple, “oh, they’re EVERYWHERE!” But…nope. I thought this was cute with the added interest of the diagonal pleating…but it is too sheer and clingy. Nope. Pass. The search continues!

This one just made me laugh. I liked the color, stripes, and the irony, but…nope. Pass.


I knew this was gonna be a little too schlubby for me, and the color was lighter than I like, but it was marked down super low, like under $10 so I thought it was worth a try. Pass.


This one I’m a little on the fence about. I’m going to need a slightly warmer coat than my olive green rayon one (seen crumpled on the shelf here) in another month or so. This was like thick but soft and stretchy sweatshirty outside with soft grey plush inside. It was hard for me to judge because I was SO hot in the store that I was afraid it would be TOO warm for me (I run hot) even in the late fall/early winter…plus, it had no pockets. A jacket needs pockets. And I’m afraid that plush lining will be very static-causing. Plus, I’m trying to move away a bit from the handkerchief/sharkbite/high-low type things and towards more classic cuts that will still look good next year and even the year after that. So, I liked it, it was comfortable, I need something sort of like it, but…I feel there’s something better out there for me.

I DID buy a pair of chestnut brown slightly platform sandals that I’d seen a couple months back but didn’t want to spend the money when summer was almost over…but I found myself thinking on so many mornings when I would get dressed, “if only I had those sandals, they would be PERFECT with this outfit!” Well, they were STILL THERE, Miracle #1, and Miracle #2, they were now on sale, so I grabbed them up – even though I may not get any wear out of them this year, I’ll be ahead of the game for Warm Weather 2017!

So the white shirt hunt continues, as does the one for fall/winter shoes. I know what I WANT in my MIND, now I just need to find them in REALITY, NOT in leather, that fit and that I can afford 🙂

How’s your fall shopping going? I feel that I always have something in my mind that I can never find in stores, it’s very frustrating!

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini



But I went to the beach this week for the first time this year. That’s really late for me. Usually I start beaching by Memorial Day! But this spring was a little on the cool side, and I’ve been so busy with other things, I hardly noticed it had gotten to be JULY and I’d yet to put on a bathing suit.

BATHING SUIT. Now, I’m not one of those gals who’s all “Oh, I can’t wear a BATHING SUIT out in public, people might SEE ME,” and ends up sweating the day away in shorts and a tee or a sundress, refusing to go in the water in her clothes. No, I’m probably more comfortable wearing a bathing suit on a crowded beach than a short or sleeveless dress to work or to the market. At the beach, who gives a crap what a stranger thinks about the way I look? If they don’t like seeing my body, TURN YOUR HEAD THE OTHER WAY. That’s THEIR problem, not mine. But of course, they’re STRANGERS. I DON’T care about a stranger’s opinion. But to go sleeveless (GASP!) at work, THAT was a big deal.

People are funny, no??

Anyway, I put on my suit this morning, this is its 3rd summer…and while the suit is essentially fine (other than me just being a little weary of it), the straps are very stretched out and not doing such a good job of keeping the girls in place. And I spend a lot of time in the water and can get knocked around a bit, so I need Good Straps.

SO. It’s That Time. Bathing Suit Hunting Time. And it’s late in the season for it. Every year I say I’m going to do this early in the year when there’s a good selection of suits in the stores. And I always end up shopping in July or August. Sigh.

But I went to the mall tonight in the middle of a disgusting humid drenching downpour…to try on some suits. First, Macy*s, which had ZERO for me to even try on. Ruh-roh. Usually Macy*s is my go-to for the mid-summer suit. Next, JC Penney’s…BINGO. I didn’t LOVE anything I saw in my size, but at least there WERE suits in my size that checked off enough boxes for me:

  • 1 piece
  • skirted
  • relatively modest
  • super stretchy snug fit
  • very very supportive straps
  • not a fortune

This is what I found to bring into the fitting room with me – a mix of size 18s and 20s.

suits all

I’m really weary of black, black and white prints, and what I call “pool liner blue.” But, sigh, that’s all there was in my size.

Unfortunately 2 of these turned out to be tankini tops. I am not enamored of the tankini as so many others are. I do too much ocean time getting tossed around, I can’t afford to wear something that could flip up…or get pulled down. The daisy one was so tight I couldn’t even get it up past my hips anyway.

This one was also tight – size 18 – but I managed to wriggle myself into it. Everything was pretty smooshed in and down. I like a snug suit, but this was a little TOO snug.

suit 2a

This one felt just right. Stretchy and snug without being TOO snug. The straps aren’t going anywhere. And the print…eh, whatever. At least I won’t be flashing my fellow-wave divers at the beach when my suit falls down. That’s more important than color or print to me.

suit 1a

Success. Disappointed there wasn’t more of a selection, but that’s totally my fault for looking so late in the year. Amazed that I found something after only two stores.


NEXT year I’ll start my hunt earlier so I have time to shop online where there are SO many more options. Some places I’ve seen cute plus-size suits online are (they *all* have more options earlier in the season):

The tag price was $96 (wh-a-a-t?!) but it was 50% off AND I had $7.57 (ha) left on a JCP gift card from 2012. So, not too bad.

Both suits were by Azul.

See ya in the surf (ooh, corny)!