A Sentence a Day – June 2018

A Sentence a Day

Last month was so dismal I thought I’d give this another try. It’s hard to sum up the many components of a day in a single sentence – I might change it up a bit in July. I have a good friend who, when asking me how something was, rather than just saying, “how was it?” will ask, “what was the best part and what was the worst part?” and I now think of most experiences in this way. So I might do “Best/Worst” of the days in July…as concisely as possible.

June 2018

6.1 Missed the first day and have No Recollection of what went on. Ha, an auspicious beginning.

6.2 A good day “outside my box,” driving, lunching and garden touring out east with a friend.


6.3 Dinner outside on a bar’s back patio with friend then a little blog photo shoot in a colorful alleyway.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 3 resized

6.4 Sat in the park and watched the sun set over the harbor to try and…get calm.


6.5 Spoke with the ex to wish him a happy birthday.

The ex with baby Katie

6.6 Major uncharacteristic anxiety attack tonight over the thought of driving into the city tomorrow night to see my niece who’s just in NY for a few days.

6.7 As expected, I am having FOMO and guilt from not going to meet my niece in the city last night, but at least I’m having it from my desk at work and not broken down on the side of the road in the city.

6.8 This is always the nicest workday of the year – volunteering at a shady beachside rest stop for a 100-mile bike ride for autism – was pleasantly surprised to see my bff there – then saw Book Club alone after work.


6.9 I had a quiet day relaxing at home, paying bills and WOOHOO making the final payment on my car (patting self on back)!!!

1 (1)

6.10 Went with my girlfriend to Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden on Staten Island and found it much more charming than I’d imagined…until we got caught in the rain…AND barely avoided an accident on the Verrazano Bridge while headed home, EEK.

1 (4)

6.11 While I’d been a little sore throaty for several days, I woke up during the night with a raging throat and a fever so stayed home from work to sleep and rest up.

6.12 Some daytime anxiety…still not feeling great but still got to work.

6.13 Pass.

6.14 Still not feeling great but trying to make it to the weekend when I can take it easy and rest up…but DID manage to get to the thrift store for a Thrifting Thursday blog post!


6.15 DECISIONS, DECISIONS! I really wanted to rest up this weekend but some friends are planning a trip up north to AN ALPACA FARM!!!

6.16 I’m so weak – could not resist the lure of the alpaca and I’m glad I went, it was such a nice day!


6.17 Pass 😦

6.18 Had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year and we had a nice catch-up over dinner and sitting at the park by the harbor.


6.19 Got a short summer haircut, did a photo shoot at a shady park and then had great dinner with friends, SO YUM!!!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.19.18 4 resized

6.20 Caught up with friends at Beach Hut for the first time this year – was good timing as a major SAD was coming on, so it was good to be out with people I like.


6.21 First day of summer, woot woot – AND my first evening all week with no plans, which I needed…so went down to the park with a book and an iced tea and relaxed til the color was gone from the sky.


6.22 Last day of school year, teachers all abuzz with vacation plans, but I’ll still be there next week with my girls in the front office for camp week – BUT got to see MY BABY tonight, so yay!!!


6.23 A quiet day alone at home, just relaxed, read, watched movies – nice.

6.24 Passed on Fun with Friends so I could do blog-related work, feeling good about how productive I was and now I can enjoy my evenings during the week ahead without feeling like I’m behind the 8-ball (I never really understood that expression).

6.25 First day of camp week was fine, quiet…got a lot of my own work done without the usual interruptions and am grateful for that…and saw the Fred Rogers movie, which was very endearing.

6.26 Work was fine, went out to dinner with friends, then to a small local beach for a short sunset walk.

6.27 Feet are hurting from all the running around getting camp pictures this week, there isn’t enough ibuprofen in the world.

6.28 Camp week at work is going well, my stress level is low, which is a much-needed relief, and there was a delightful thunder/rainstorm in the evening.

6.29 VACATION!!! ‘Nuff said.

6.30 Got to spend the last day of June with my baby in the Sahara Brooklyn – 100 degrees (!!!) but we had yummy snacks and fruity drinks at Smorgasburg.


And June is a WRAP!

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A Sentence a Day: May

I first read about this “Sentence A Day” project on Jodie Filogomo’s Jodie’s Touch of Style blog…and thought I’d give it a go in May, not knowing the direction that month was headed. So, here I go…

Warning: May was a grim month for me, so this is not going to be a perky post In the Least. I’m hoping to lift the mood with some pictures, but…it is what it is. A recounting of a difficult month. You’ve been warned. 

5.1 It was finally nice enough after work to sit on the back stoop with Caleb and the “land-friend’s” dogs and just enjoy the evening air.


5.2 I met friends at the diner for a quick dinner but we got so busy talking we missed the sunset!

5.3 A hot day and I tried to make Caleb comfortable in the heat, to no avail.

5.4 Before work I spoke with the vet about Caleb’s sudden decline and she said to pick up new pain pills for him and cross my fingers they’ll help make him more comfortable because there’s not much more we can do for him.

5.5 I lost my beautiful boy today and my heart is broken.

snow dog 2.8.13

5.6 I just drove around aimlessly today, feeling unattached from everything.


5.7 Thankful for a friend who invited me to dinner at an outdoor cafe in town to get me out of my head for a bit.


5.8 I buried my boy today and I will never see his beautiful face again or stroke his silky head.

5.9 Grateful for another friend having dinner with me at another outdoor cafe in town.

5.10 Went to the movies alone after work for some much-needed distraction.

5.11 I struggled to be at work then passed the time til I could go to sleep at night.

5.12 I worked overtime at our rainy 5k – walking 2 miles taking pictures was NOT good for my feet.

5.13 While I had tentative plans with a friend for the day, when I woke up with savage sore throat I opted to stay in and watch movies all day instead.

5.14 My niece, nephew and great-niece sent me a lovely locket to put Caleb’s picture in ❤


5.15 Was a weird stormy day with the biggest thunder/lightning/house-shaking moment I think I’ve ever felt.


5.16 Got a “talking to” at work today and now I am an anxious mess.

5.17 Another day where I feel I am “in trouble” and I am an anxious mess everywhere I go.


5.19 Distracted myself with like six hours of Royal Wedding programming then movie after movie after movie.

5.20 Sobbed and sobbed when I opened a package from my sister and discovered a watercolor painting she had done of Caleb.


5.21 Back to work today after the weekend and I’m still on high anxiety, but did a shoot on the sunshiny beach and that was fun.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.22.18 2 resized

5.22 I’m back to meditating every day during lunch in the hopes of quieting my mind and heart at work (unsuccessfully).

5.23 Had a desperately-needed beach evening with comfortable temps, beautiful light, cool sand and refreshing water rushing over my feet.



5.24 Got through the work day and met a friend in town for ice cream and a sunset viewing over the harbor.


5.25 Early release from work today extended my weekend by a precious 45 minutes.

5.26 I escaped a beautiful sunny day today by staying inside and watching movie after movie after movie.

5.27 Grey spring rain allowed me freedom from having to go out in the world today.

5.28 Spent a lovely afternoon outdoors at the ex’es for my nephew’s birthday party, chatting and being fed.


5.29 The anxiety I’ve been feeling is getting a little overwhelming and I just…ugh.

5.30 I forced myself to do my first solo (sans dog) walk around the block and it was weird but I did it.


5.31 Grateful that it is the last day of this month, hoping June will be better.

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