About Me


I’m Bettye – aka Fashion Schlub. I’m a plus-sized, 57-year-old, budget-conscious, single woman who is a long time frump wanting to be more fabulous. I’m trying to feel better, live better and look better! I’m sharing my efforts, successes and fails so maybe you can learn from them…or I can learn from you! Either way, it’s nice to have company for the ride.

I live in a charming waterfront town on Long Island with Janey (whose mother was a cat and whose father was a squirrel!) and Caleb, my heart dog. When I’m not at my day job at a local school for children and adults with autism, I’m going for strolls with the dog and making my home homier. I love snow, photographing sunsets, reading, napping, sitting on the beach at dusk, visiting art galleries and Netflix binge-ing.

caleb snow 1.25.14
My boy Caleb
janey 10.30.10 8
Janey cat
kate 3b
My daughter who lives 9million miles away
2 P 2
sunset 8.12.16
My happy place
I love snow more than the average person