Week in Review: Week 119

It was a week. I’ll give the Mon-Fri portion a 50 out of a possible hundred. And the weekend a 91. Would have been better if I felt better – but I’ve had this low-lying cold for almost two weeks now. Missed one day of work when I was fevery/achey, but now it just keeps moving between my throat, nose and chest. So I’m feeling exhausted and easily winded today…cancelled this morning’s photo shoot because the thought of changing and posing and sweating and coughing while trying to look good was very unappealing so I’ll be scrambling for photos again this week.

Confession, the photo below is not from this week but it went astray for a bit and I just found it this week, so. It’s actually from that lovely beach evening I had a few weeks back, on our way out the sun was just hitting the water under the bridge so we pulled the car over quickly and jumped out for a quick pic.


So much greenery. And such a pretty herringbone pattern in the brick sidewalk.


Every Friday evening from May-August there’s live music in the park at the end of Main St. This week was a bluegrassy singer named Willie Steele. I went down there by myself and just enjoyed listening and people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 3 resized

I love people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 4 resized

Saturday we drove about 70 miles north to Yorktown Heights, NY to a lovely place called Faraway Farm Alpacas, which is an alpaca ranch! We got a tour from proprietor Leda, who was very welcoming and full of information. She let us go in one of the pastures with “the girls.” They’re inquisitive but a little shy and not so fond of petting like a dog or horse might be…

alpaca 2

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 8 resized


But Layla lay down in the shade right where we were standing and obligingly let everyone take selfies with her.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 resized
My friend Linda who does a lot of the photographs on this blog!

There were also a couple Icelandic horses who were happily munching grass.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 6 resized

Come on, who can resist those anime-like eyes and those eyelashes!

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 4 resized

It’s definitely a worthwhile stop if you’re in the area, email in advance to schedule a tour. There was also a little shop on-site that sold handmade things using the alpaca hair shorn here on the farm. We’re already planning another visit, but next time we’ll go back earlier in the year, pre-shearing, when the alpacas are at their foofiest. Note, alpacas do not actually wear little hats like this (though it would be super cute if they did!).

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 7 resized

A little side story (isn’t there always??), back when I was married my ex and I spent a couple days in North Carolina looking for property to buy and someday build a retirement home on. I can’t recall now how it happened, but we wound up at a llama farm and convinced ourselves we were going to start breeding llamas and eventually this business would supplement our retirement income. I still had the horses in the backyard at that time so it wasn’t an entirely preposterous thought, but…eventually we came to our senses and did not add any llamas to our already sizable menagerie. But I did love them.

Me & my llama love

We got lost like six times driving in and out of the alpaca farm, but we found this nifty bridge…


And went for a very short walk at Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve.

turkey mountain

And today I rested.



Thrifting Thursday

I could have called this post “The One Where I’m Not Wearing Pants,” but…I thought that  might attract the wrong sort of attention.

I revisited Savers again today. I tried to really have an open mind as I looked through the racks….but. But I have a very limited color palette (which is a fancy way of saying I’m picky), so my eyes slide past a LOT of “no’s” before they’re able to slow down at a maybe. I did manage to find a couple things to bring into the fitting room…and one item actually came home with me (woohoo), in addition to two books that are on my “want to read” list.

First, this was my outfit of the day. A dress. Which will help you understand the “no pants” comment in a moment.

Sleeveless Patterned Swing Dress by Loft, comparable here in plus size and here in straight size

Ah. No pants! Ha. Anyway, my love of striped tops made me bring this into the fitting room even though it’s only a 2x. Not surprisingly, it’s way too tight. I am not a tight-fitting clothes gal.


This I tried on just for the color and stripiness of it (it’s a sickness). The fit was not good. I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway with the flowery decal things. I find embellishments like that very dating. In five years the striped top will still look fine, but the morning glories will be so twenty-teens.


I can’t even show you the next two on cuz I had no pants AND no tee shirt underneath. But a few weeks ago I was standing in line behind a woman wearing black trainers, black leggings, a long-sleeved tunic-length grey tee with a red and grey plaid button-down shirt tied around her waist. That look could be messy…but she made it into perfect athleisure chic and I haven’t been able to get the look out of my mind. Now, I can’t tie anything around my waist (I’ve always said plus size designers should make a shirt with crazy extra-extra-long sleeves just so big-tummied girls can tie them around their waists!) but I can wear something unbuttoned over a tee and maybe get the same look. This lilac color is not in my usual palette, but I like the soft navy stripes and I have navy leggings…AND it’s a very lightweight drapey fabric, which I like.


I tried this top for the same reason as the one above but this one did not pass the fabric test. Also very lightweight, but in a floaty sheer cottony way, as opposed to the rayon drapey way of the lilac shirt above. For me, drapey: yes, floaty: no.


So this is what came home with me. I’ve got a vacation week coming up and I plan to spend many days on the beach and am stockpiling books in preparation. Plus, look how nicely color coordinated everything is!


tried to buy this Dalmatian candle for my niece but, shockingly, she was not interested. I know she will live to regret that.


And that is the extent of this week’s thrifting adventure. I wish I could have the good luck of Maggie of Thriftshop Fashionista, she finds super cute things All The Time!!!

Hope everyone has something nice planned for the weekend!

xoxo Bettye

The One Where I Ramble

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 3 resized

Apologies for boring (and blurry!) pictures today. I am photographerless this week so it was just me and the tripod in the park. I feel bad cuz I really love this outfit and it deserves better than these measley pictures, but…it was these or nothing.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 4 resized

I think that thing over my left shoulder that looks like a piece of truck that was leftover after an accident is art. I’m at an art museum. I enjoy art in theory. I just don’t understand the vast majority of it. I’d like to take a “how to understand art” class. I still haven’t started my first watercolor yet. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve watched gazillions of YouTube videos on beginner watercolor…and it looks so easy. I’m expecting to end up with a soggy piece of brown paper. Art is intimidating.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 2 resized

That’s why I like photography (just not tripod selfies!). There’s a machine that actually Does the Thing. I just need a vague idea of what I want the finished product to be, and the machine actually does the work. It doesn’t matter if I have a shaky hand or my fingers won’t do what my mind is telling them to do. It’s sort of the same with a computer. I can tell a graphics program to make a certain shape or match a color or create a straight line between two points, and it just does it. I’m grateful for machines that can help me create art.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger photographer 6.12.18 1 resized

Fashion styling is like art. Combining colors and patterns and shapes and textures and selecting the right looks for different settings and moods. I really loved styling models when I used to shoot for my vintage clothing store on ebay. Here’s some pictures from back in the day…

justine 1k fullres

justine 2


SB 1

shannon driveway 1-tiltshift 2

tara 10



I’m glad I had that fun, cuz it’s not quite as much fun styling myself! I’m so limited by sizing and budget. With models, it was literally like playing with a life size Barbie. I don’t mean to be condescending, they were all bright, lovely girls – one is working at a nonprofit now, one recently passed the bar, one is associate producer of a magazine. They were just so easy to dress! Anyway, I’m rambling….

I’ve had this floral Bobeau top for three summers now and I love it as much as the day I got it. It’s an easy to wear polyester crepe – and while I usually pass on poly, especially in the summer, this is very lightweight and breathable, and skims so nicely over lumps and bumps. It’s no longer available, but I found some comparable items:

B Collection by Bobeau Curvy Lily Pleat-Back Top in plus size

and B Collection by Bobeau Lily Pleated Back Floral Print Tank Top in straight size

The soft oatmeal duster cardigan is the fairer sister to my black Old Navy duster-length cardigan I wear all the time. It’s a very thin, fine knit. Perfect for summertime air conditioned buildings (like my office!). I’m wearing a 2x and they call the color “Palomino.” They are both very versatile items that can be worn all year.

I’m wearing my chestnut espadrilles from Aldo. I got them on clearance at DSW and they’re sold out, but I found these that have sort of the same vibe and are in that same great “goes with everything” chestnut brown tone.



I saw one pair very similar to mine but they were $650 HA HA HA HA HA I wouldn’t do that to you. Trust me, mine were not $650!

Boy, I was all over the place today! I planned to write about something very specific but I got off-track when my pictures weren’t what I hoped and…It Is What It Is!

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Week in Review: Weeks 117 & 118

I stayed in most of the long Memorial Day weekend…but got out on Monday for my nephew’s (actually my ex’s son but I’ve always been Aunt Bettye, which is nice) birthday party. It was a nice day to sit outside….


And have birthday cake.


I have frequent bunny visitors in my yard.


Got to see the last minute of sun.


Frog Fountain at the diner.


Went to a Garden Conservancy Open Garden.


Cheese shop.


Tiny morsels with entertaining history.


Storm clouds over the river. Bay? I’m never sure what all the bodies of water are around Long Island.


Farm stand cobwebs.




Fence goals.


Time to clean out my car.


One of Caleb’s frisbees 😦




Farmstand peonies.


Made it just in time.


Flower Power birdhouse.


Pink house.


Inspirational greeting card sky.


Had a surprise meet-up at the Bike to the Beach rest stop!


Peony shatter.


Staten Island Cultural Center: Snug Harbor. Gardens.


Chinese Scholar Garden. This was lovely til we got caught in the rain.

The End.

A Sentence a Day: May

I first read about this “Sentence A Day” project on Jodie Filogomo’s Jodie’s Touch of Style blog…and thought I’d give it a go in May, not knowing the direction that month was headed. So, here I go…

Warning: May was a grim month for me, so this is not going to be a perky post In the Least. I’m hoping to lift the mood with some pictures, but…it is what it is. A recounting of a difficult month. You’ve been warned. 

5.1 It was finally nice enough after work to sit on the back stoop with Caleb and the “land-friend’s” dogs and just enjoy the evening air.


5.2 I met friends at the diner for a quick dinner but we got so busy talking we missed the sunset!

5.3 A hot day and I tried to make Caleb comfortable in the heat, to no avail.

5.4 Before work I spoke with the vet about Caleb’s sudden decline and she said to pick up new pain pills for him and cross my fingers they’ll help make him more comfortable because there’s not much more we can do for him.

5.5 I lost my beautiful boy today and my heart is broken.

snow dog 2.8.13

5.6 I just drove around aimlessly today, feeling unattached from everything.


5.7 Thankful for a friend who invited me to dinner at an outdoor cafe in town to get me out of my head for a bit.


5.8 I buried my boy today and I will never see his beautiful face again or stroke his silky head.

5.9 Grateful for another friend having dinner with me at another outdoor cafe in town.

5.10 Went to the movies alone after work for some much-needed distraction.

5.11 I struggled to be at work then passed the time til I could go to sleep at night.

5.12 I worked overtime at our rainy 5k – walking 2 miles taking pictures was NOT good for my feet.

5.13 While I had tentative plans with a friend for the day, when I woke up with savage sore throat I opted to stay in and watch movies all day instead.

5.14 My niece, nephew and great-niece sent me a lovely locket to put Caleb’s picture in ❤


5.15 Was a weird stormy day with the biggest thunder/lightning/house-shaking moment I think I’ve ever felt.


5.16 Got a “talking to” at work today and now I am an anxious mess.

5.17 Another day where I feel I am “in trouble” and I am an anxious mess everywhere I go.


5.19 Distracted myself with like six hours of Royal Wedding programming then movie after movie after movie.

5.20 Sobbed and sobbed when I opened a package from my sister and discovered a watercolor painting she had done of Caleb.


5.21 Back to work today after the weekend and I’m still on high anxiety, but did a shoot on the sunshiny beach and that was fun.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.22.18 2 resized

5.22 I’m back to meditating every day during lunch in the hopes of quieting my mind and heart at work (unsuccessfully).

5.23 Had a desperately-needed beach evening with comfortable temps, beautiful light, cool sand and refreshing water rushing over my feet.



5.24 Got through the work day and met a friend in town for ice cream and a sunset viewing over the harbor.


5.25 Early release from work today extended my weekend by a precious 45 minutes.

5.26 I escaped a beautiful sunny day today by staying inside and watching movie after movie after movie.

5.27 Grey spring rain allowed me freedom from having to go out in the world today.

5.28 Spent a lovely afternoon outdoors at the ex’es for my nephew’s birthday party, chatting and being fed.


5.29 The anxiety I’ve been feeling is getting a little overwhelming and I just…ugh.

5.30 I forced myself to do my first solo (sans dog) walk around the block and it was weird but I did it.


5.31 Grateful that it is the last day of this month, hoping June will be better.

Jodie has a link-up on her Jodie’s Touch of Style where other people have shared their sentence-a-day blog posts…maybe you can read a cheerier one there…



We All Make Mistakes


As cheap careful as I am, sometimes I end up making purchases I regret.  I try not to make impulse purchases and I try to stick to my lists of things I truly need in my wardrobe. But…I’m human (sigh) and sometimes I get it wrong. But hopefully I can take some lessons away from my mistakes…and maybe they can help you, too.

So, this blouse I really loved when I first bought it. But when I finally tried wearing it, it just wasn’t good. I tried it on over all my pants and it’s just too short. My “low” belly shows, my rounded thighs show…and while I’m not ashamed of them, it just looks nicer when something skims over them hiding them from view.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.7.18 1 resized
Melrose & Market floral shirt, size 3x

The Lesson: Don’t get so caught up in a color or print or style that you overlook fit.

This next top was an in-person impulse item. The colors and print grabbed me. I liked the bell sleeves. And it was very inexpensive (like $11.99 at Rainbow Shops). So I didn’t pay enough attention to the too-revealing neckline. It’s too much cleavage for work…and the whole top is too frou-frou for going out with friends. So I’ve worn it One Time since I bought it last fall.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.7.18 4 resized
Floral top, no longer available. Comparable here in plus size and here in straight size.

The Lesson: Similar to #1, don’t get so caught up on color and print and price that you buy something you really have no place to wear.

I apologize for my wacky white balance here – the middle picture is actually the correct color. I just did the latest Photoshop update and there was a new color option and “vivid color” looked really nice when viewed in Photoshop, but is way too yellow anywhere else.

Here I bought a dress that’s really the same dress as one I already one. I’ve had the light blue Tencel “nightgown” Old Navy dress (far right) for two years and still love it. Last year I bought the Style & Co light blue Tencel dress when I rented it from Gwynnie Bee and I really liked it. But really, they’re the same dress. Light blue, sleeveless, lightweight Tencel dresses. They’re interchangeable. But because I really like the Old Navy dress better, when I feel like wearing a lightweight light blue dress, I always reach for the Old Navy dress. So the Style & Co dress is really underutilized and I’m not getting my money’s worth out of it. Not that it was a lot, I think it was marked down to $15 but that’s not the point. I don’t like having unnecessary clothes hanging in my closet.

blue dress collage
Dresses no longer available. Similar styles here in plus size and here in straight size.

The Lesson: Don’t keep buying the same thing over and over.

This one is not a purchase, it just arrived in today’s mail from Gwynnie Bee. It’s too small, but besides that, it really is not a good style for me. It’s too much. Of everything. I’m already a lot just on my own. To add multiple colors and patterns and crinkle fabric and bell sleeves and lacey ties…it’s too much. It’s cute on other people, but it just feels like too much for me.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.7.18 8 resized
Vintage America Blues top, size 3x. Comparable here in plus size and here in straight size.

The Lesson: Remember what works well on your body and don’t buy everything you “like.” You can like things without having to own them. Buy things you feel good in. There’s a difference.

So, I’ll continue to try to be mindful when purchasing. Hope my mistakes can help you make less of your own!

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Not Too Fancy

First I just wanted to say how saddened I was to hear the news today (6.5.18) of Kate Spade. We never ever truly know what is going on in the heart or mind or life of another…and even seemingly successful or happy people can be carrying heavy burdens that can just become too much to bear. So to take a lesson away from this, as cliched as it might sound, be nice to everyone you meet because you just don’t know what pain they might be dealing with.


And onto today’s post…

My friend and I went to dinner last night in a popular nearby town. Lots of restaurants and people out on the street. I like busy areas. We went into a bar/restaurant that has been in business since 1912 that my friend remembered as having a 2-headed sheep on display. How could we miss that?? Sadly, the bartender told us it was not a 2-headed sheep but a 2-headed cat (just as good?) and it had not been there, but at a nearby bar that was no longer in existence. So much disappointment. BUT, we had a nice dinner and catch-up…and saw this fun mural in the alley next to the bar, so did a little photoshoot in my “regular” clothes.

I’m not fancy. I like pretty things…but not really on my body.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 2 resized

I mostly prefer more basic clothing items. Not so much trendy.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 6 resized

I wonder sometimes if the blog doesn’t show enough “trendy” items. I read a lot of blogs that do, and they’re fun to look at, like a fashion magazine. But when it comes to spending my money on clothing, I usually opt for an item that is going to look current for a long time. I do have fun with Gwynnie Bee and renting items that are unlike things I would normally buy and I guess that fills my need for “fancy.”

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 5 resized

My hope for the blog is that other women who feel “regular,” will see that they don’t have to be fancy to look nice or modern.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 9 resized

This is a very utilitarian outfit, but it’s one of my favorites right now. It’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable, nothing is high maintenance, and it looks current. And it’s so easy to change up – I could swap out the green utility jacket for a denim jacket or black cardigan. I could change the stripe top to a white, grey, black or blush pink tee. Instead of the dark wash jeans I could wear white or black denim or faded skinnies. Or pink jeans (I’ve got my eye on a pair)! So many options with these very basic pieces!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 1 resized

I don’t know that I’ve ever shown these jeans on the blog, though they’re my very favorite every day pair. They’re the Gloria Vanderbilt “Amanda” tapered jean. I’ve been wearing Gloria Vanderbilts for years and years (#notsponsored). It’s probably the first stretch jean I ever tried when I was looking for plus size jeans so long ago…and I’ve been a fan ever since. My white jeans (here) are also GV Amanda. They come in lots of washes and different colors – I used to have a coral pair (fun!).

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.4.18 7 resized

Thanks for the pictures, Linda!

What I’m Wearing:

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Month in Review: May

This month knocked me on my butt. Obviously…Caleb. Losing my beloved companion has been…overwhelming. And there are other issues going on right now that I can’t discuss openly.  I kinda feel like I’m being held underwater and I just can’t get up for a full breath of air. It’s not a good feeling. But…even when you feel that way, what are you gonna do? You just have to keep…doing life. Wake up. Put on clothes. Go to work. Put food in your body. Pay bills. Lather Rinse Repeat. Blog. Ha. Hardly one of life’s necessities…but it’s something I enjoy doing…and sharing with you guys, and reading your comments and having conversations. So here I go.

My Top 3 posts of May

Influencer is Not a Bad Word

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 4.30.18 4 resized
Blue stripe top from Loft, size 26. Plus size here and straight size here.

Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

caleb snow 1.25.14

Throwback Thursday


Normally I share my three favorite looks from other people’s blogs, but other than posting myself I was barely on the net (or computer!) at all in May. I was, however, obsessed with tv and movies. I spent many hours, afternoons, entire days just watching movie after movie after movie, or what I referred to as “other people’s stories,” so I could forget about my own for a little while. It did help. Not that there was a lot of great stuff on tv, but…

At the actual movies (still loving Movie Pass! #notsponsored), I really liked Disobedience.

At home, streaming, I lovedlovedloved One Mississipi, a 2-season series on Amazon Prime with comedian Tig Notaro. Am so disappointed that it was such a short run.

Image result for one mississippi

And Breathe…also on Amazon Prime Video.

That’s enough “watching” for one month! I didn’t read as much in May as I have been (all that tv!), but my favorite was Before We Were Yours. Based on real-life accounting of a Memphis-based adoption organization that kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families all over the country from the 1930s to the 1950s, told through the story of fictional characters–5 siblings taken from their “river” parents when their mother was rushed to the hospital with labor complications while having twins. The story is heart-breaking but well-told and captivating.


I have no products to recommend as I really didn’t buy much of anything this month. A bottle-brush. Ha. Haven’t had it long enough to recommend or not. I wasn’t even online browsing, so…I will just wrap up this sad little Month in Review with my 1 Second Every Day video….and try to have a little more life in my life in June.

In My Own Little Corner…


If you’re over a certain age you may remember the annual television airing of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella with Lesley Ann Warren in the title role and General Hospital’s Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine) as The Prince. I looked forward to watching it every year snuggled up in my mother’s big bed. I knew all the songs by heart, even just seeing it once a year – no streaming movies or dvr’s or dvd’s back then. If you didn’t catch it the one time a year it was on, you were out of luck til the following year. A tiny bit of personal trivia about the show, my cousin Robin was on it as “second young maiden” and had the line, “I wish I was an older girl!”

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 a resized

One of my favorite songs was In My Own Little Corner. I’ve been clearing out The Christmas Tree Corner (I’m really good at ignoring things left out of place for a really long time, so yes, those are the Christmas decorations in that plastic tub in the before picture).

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 1 resized

I’ve decided this is going to be my jungalow meditation corner 🙂 I’m putting a handmade wooden bench there, with plants and candles and maybe a buddha if I find one I like. But first I needed to clean it out. And what better time to unpack boxes and move a dirty old door than while wearing white jeans??

No, I am still not entirely unpacked from my move here last August.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 2 resized

How have I managed without these things all this time??

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 3 resized

One of my mother’s silver trays I kept and some flower cards from the hospital last year… a picture of me and Kate and a wind-up chick. This was quite the random box.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 4 resized

Forgive poor focus. Tripod selfies, am I right??

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 5 resized

This picture is from about 1980. Me on my first horse, Elmer J. Fudd, out in the woods. A man walking on the trail approached us and asked if he could take our picture. I said yes, and he took my address to mail it to me. I forgot all about it and about a year later this mounted print arrived in the mail and I have cherished it ever since. Random stranger man gave me such a great gift. Thank you, Random Stranger Man. Isn’t it amazing how someone you don’t even know, or that’s in your life for just an instant, can make such a long-lasting impact?

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 10 resized

People have asked about the door. This is it. When I was living in my last home, there was an 1850’s house on the corner at the end of the block. The elderly woman who owned it was unable to care for herself any longer and she was put in a home. The person who was handling her estate heard that “the lady down the street” (me) sold stuff on ebay, so she knocked on my door one day and asked me to come down and look at some vintage dresses and accessories she had. In her youth the woman had been a professional ballroom dancer and she still had all the amazing swooshy dresses and accessories. Unfortunately, they didn’t want me to sell for them on a commission basis, they wanted me to buy the collection outright, thinking I would then re-sell, but I couldn’t afford what they were asking for everything. SIGH. Anyway, while I was in the house I noticed the front door played music when it opened. There’s a little music box on the back of the door and I’m not really sure how it worked, but I found it SO charming and loved the beauty of the door as well. The executrix told me they were going to be tearing the house down (gasp) because the owner needed the money for her new accommodations and she didn’t ever want anyone else to live there (?). I told her I would love to buy the door when the time came that the house was going to be leveled. Nothing happened for awhile and I forgot about it. One day, some time later, my neighbor called me at work to say they were tearing the house down, and somehow she’d heard I wanted the door. She said she’d walk down there and talk to the workers and I said I’d pay up to $200 for it and I’d come by later to pay and pick it up, if that was alright. When I got home from work that evening, the door was on my front porch. She’d told them my offer, but they wouldn’t take any money for it and they even delivered it to my house (and it’s a heavy door!). And I have lugged it from house to house to house for the past 15 years (5 moves). It’s a charming backdrop for the Christmas tree and to hang the stockings on, and the rest of the year it’s in my bedroom. Whenever I have moved with a moving company (everytime except the last time), the movers are always like, “what is THAT? what are you doing with THAT?”

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 6 resized

Finally, the bench is in its new spot. Now I just need the plants! And to get down on my hands and knees and wrangle those cords into submission and out of sight.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 7 resized

I’m loving my white jeans way more than I even thought I would. They make every top look instantly more summery.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 5.29.18 8 resized

Taking a little ice tea break with Janey. It got really hot really fast once I started lugging boxes and that heavy door around!

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What I Wore:

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Week in Review: Week 116

It was finally warm enough to wear The Nightgown Dress. Which I am really “over” wearing it with this little white crochet cardi. Maybe it’s the cardigan I’m over. It’s feeling a little too “twee” for me these days. Will have to figure out a better topper. The dress is such an easy wear favorite but I don’t feel right wearing sleeveless to work so it needs something over it there.

Tencel dress from Old Navy, no longer available, similar here or here in plus size, or here in straight size
The town is starting to gear up for Memorial Day weekend.


This was the sort of thing I was finding in the plus-size section at Saver’s this week. I’ll have to double-check but I don’t believe chartreuse sequined muscle tank is on my list.


I had one glorious beach evening. The light was beautiful, the temperature was gentle, the sand was soft and cool, the water was bracing, there was hardly anyone there. It’s the first really good feeling I’ve had since Caleb.


I took this picture for someone who is obsessed with the American flag. He has taken it upon himself to be the flag police and contact businesses, government agencies, etc., that are flying the flag incorrectly or in an unsuitable condition. I don’t know that this is either of those things, I just thought he might like the picture. This person is no longer in my life but I still take pictures for him that never get sent.


One afternoon I met a friend in town and we got ice cream then walked to the harbor to see the sunset. For those of you who are thinking “I thought she was going to lose weight,” please focus on the word “walked” and not the words “ice cream.”


I’m puppy sitting this weekend. He’s mental telepathying his mother, “please come save me from Aunt Bettye who is taking up the entire sofa forcing me to lay on the hard hard floor.” I found him in my bed later so, don’t worry, he’s not suffering too much.


Now it’s Sunday. A lovely grey spring rain is falling so I am excused from having to go “out in the world.” I can read one of my new books, nap, watch movies or play with my new watercolors.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. And I am thinking of and grateful for those who have died while protecting our country. Did you know about the National Moment of Remembrance Act? It encourages people to pause each Memorial Day at 3pm local time to remember the brave men and women who died serving this country. Major League baseball games will stop play for a minute at 3:00 and Amtrak trains will toot their horns.

I just heard a cat miaow outside. I need to investigate.