Last Day of Summer


I’ve been bombarded with PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS since the day after Labor Day and I’ve just been like, easy there, folks, SUMMER’S NOT OVER YET. Even the Last Day of Summer was 85 degrees here and I was Sweaty Bettye and wanting something light and airy to wear.


This coral print Sandra Darren sheath from Gwynnie Bee was a perfect end of summer dress. Easy, lightweight and summery. I wore it with an aqua cardigan to tone down the pastel sweetness a bit and my stretchy khaki platform sandals.


Once I can no longer spend a day on the beach and go into the ocean, I’m ready for warm weather to be gone. I’m too hot all the time! I still like going to beaches and rivers in the evening, putting my feet in the water and enjoying the sunset.




It positively glowed in the late afternoon sun!


I’m a sunsetaholic.

Are you more…sad to see summer go…or happy to see fall arrive?

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My Week in Review: Week 27

Whoa. I think I lost a week somewhere. Does that ever happen to you?? I can’t seem to account for the week since I last posted here. Was I asleep? Was I binge-watching The Walking Dead? I obviously wasn’t blogging! I’ve hit a clothing dead-end. Sorry about the dearth of outfit posts lately. I’ve just started ordering a few things for fall so hopefully I’ll have some new outfits to show soon.

Sometimes the only way I can remember what I did last week is by looking at the pictures on my phone.


I watched a sunset. Shocker. Sometimes I think sunsets are my salvation. This one was particularly dreamy.


Turnip King.


Found a place I’d never even heard of before. I love when that happens.


And returned to an old favorite, Welwyn Preserve. For the…you-know-what.


Cat in the Box.


The current read. It’s okay. I’m maybe a third of the way in and hope it picks up in…compellingness. Is that a word? If you know what I mean, it’s a word now.


A dress I liked that did not fit. More on that in the next blog.


Who sees the barn owl face?


Yet another sunset. I hope you like sunsets as much as I do cuz there are a lot of them. I’m constantly on the hunt for new and different locations from which to shoot them. I especially like sunsets over the water cuz then I can also listen to the sound of the water as I watch the sun set and the sky change.

Maybe not everyone realizes that the “after” sky is often better than the sunset itself. If there’s any sort of nice color in the sky at all (and usually clouds), then you should really give it 30 minutes. You’ll find the sky and colors just get better and better. I see so many people snap their shot of the sun touching the horizon and then jump in their cars and drive off…and they’re missing the best part😦


Turning around from the colorful sky above…I saw these pier cats.


Harvest moon. I usually catch sight of these while I’m driving, but for once I planned ahead and managed to be at the right place at the right time. Next time I need to borrow a longer lens…and I want something better in the foreground. It’s so hard to know exactly where it’s going to come up but….therein lies (one of) the challenges of photography!

Do you remember what you did this week? Am I the only one who forgets??

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I’m really going to try and remember this week!!!

My Week in Review: Week 26

26 weeks! Fashion Schlub is Half a Year Old!

Okay then.


We took the dogs to a favorite spot with little marshy inlet on one side…


And the large Long Island Sound on the other.


Poor baby horseshoe crab.


The next day we went hunting for a large sunflower field for a photo shoot but all we found was a small patch in a very busy area. Not quite right.


That’s the Bettye of sunflowers, standing off by herself.


We did stop at a horse rescue farm and admired the kids.




We found some crazy hairy cows. They’re Scottish somethings. Their coats are certainly not suited to humid Long Island weather, I’m not sure why they’re here.


We happened upon some little secret places where we were able to sit by ourselves and just enoy the sound of the water. There was definitely more tidal action while Hermine was off the coast of Long Island, even though we never actually got the storm.


Monday was my birthday and I spent the afternoon with my daughter just exploring around. I love just driving around and turning down new roads to see what’s there. Sometimes you’re surprised with something wonderful, you never know.


She treated me to dinner. We got churros to take home…and little magic dolls to sleep with under pillows to take away bad things. Or something like that.


We saw a bit of rainbow…


…and a mermaid…


…and a lovely sunset.

The next day I went back to work after a week’s vacation. Yeah, you know how that is.

I did wear the same dress to work all week, that was sort of sneaky fun. Guess I should wear something different this week ahead!

And now it’s September, no long vacations til Christmas and the days are getting shorter SO quickly, I hate when that happens. There’s less “outdoor” time and that’s what rejuvenates me. So while people all around me are rejoicing YAY FALL IS COMING, it’s a little bittersweet to me. Yes, fall is lovely…but it’s so hard to give up summer.

What do *you* do to refresh and re-energize yourself?

I Wore the Same Dress to Work All Week…and the World Didn’t End

I don’t even think anyone noticed! Maybe the girls I share an office with *noticed,* but they’re both too nice to say anything🙂  But I do think the point is that maybe we don’t need as many clothes as we think we do – unless you wear really striking or outrageous things, most people don’t even really notice.

I wore the invisible black dress (MAN am I getting my money’s worth of that thing!!!) all week to work (granted it was a 4-day work week due to Labor Day Monday, but I wore the dress Monday, too – I just don’t have a picture), just accessorized differently every day. So the OUTFIT looked different even though the base was the same. And I did wash it in the sink Wednesday night…not that I’m rolling around in the dirt at work (usually), but I do spill food on myself a lot (I call my boobs “food catchers,” cuz that’s where stuff ends up).

And WHY did I do this, really? After a week’s vacation, one of the most annoying things to think about when returning to work is “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???” And I just thought it would be so lovely to wear my favorite, most comfortable, easiest to accessorize dress every day, so I thought I’d do this little experiment and see if anyone noticed, said anything, whatever. And it was a success!

Tuesday I wore the dress sleeveless with black floral sandals.


Wednesday I wore a thrifted flax linen shirt over top.


Thursday was Kimono #1 with a druzy pendant necklace from Charming Charlie.


And Friday was Kimono #2 and flats


So, the next time you’re in a quandary about what to wear and you’re tempted to wear an item from the day before…trust me, no one’s going to notice. Or care.

Now I’ve got to get ready to go to a fundraiser tonight…AND FIGURE OUT WHAT I’M GOING TO WEAR!!!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Review

I know, I know, I’m the leading proponent of SUMMER’S NOT OVER but…there will not be any new summer OUTFITS this year, so I feel I can do this now.

I think I did pretty well with my summer clothes shopping this year, I kept my “want” list tightly edited and really didn’t get anything that I wasn’t happy with or didn’t get a lot of wear out of. Usually there’s at least a couple duds that I have buyer’s remorse over. My only complaint is that I never got as *many* items as I wanted. My wardrobe is the opposite of many people’s, in that I don’t have too MUCH stuff, I have too little. Which is why the outfit posts got pretty spare for the past month, because I’ve already shown everything!

So I’m going to review my favorite outfits, and why they worked so well…and share one or two of my least favorites and why they got a little less wear than the others. I like to review like this, it helps me in shopping for NEXT season, in this case FALL WINTER, making note of lessons learned through success *and* failure…and what I might want to do differently next time.

My very favorite item was this black sleeveless swing dress from Asos Curve, “The Invisible Dress.” I’ve had it since March and it’s gotten a TON of wear, has washed well (hand washed cold water, hung to dry) and looked good both on its own and with secondary pieces over top. I would be very happy with this exact dress in navy and taupe and grey and…yeah.


My second favorite item was this navy and white stripe dress from Rainbow. It was $12.99. Come on. I wore it tons as well, until I broke it😦  I’ll explain that in an upcoming post.

My two other favorite dresses this summer were Denim 1 and Denim 2.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 10 resized
Old Navy Pintuck Trapeze Tencel Dress 

I had a bit of internal fashion struggle before I could wear this one to work because it seemed so nightgownlike to me. If I didn’t have to go to a workplace every day, this dress would be on heavy repeat. Because it IS like wearing a nightgown!

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 2 resized
Rachel Roy Tencel High-Low Dress

This one was definitely more work-friendly, but if I had to choose (which I never did!) I would let this one go and keep the nightgown one.

fashion schlub plus size 6.23.16 4 resized

And a perennial favorite for like 10 years, seriously (though this may be it’s last summer)…this Target Mossimmo dress.

Some other summer faves were from Gwynnie Bee…

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 2 resized
Sangria Blue Dipped Floral Dress
Alice & You Dress in Ditsy Floral Print

And moving away from dresses, the is the year I discovered I love tunics over leggings…and this was my favorite outfit of that type.


Olive green sleeveless tunic from Bobeau via Nordstrom Rack. When it was still a little cool I wore this crochet knit black duster/cardi from Avenue, and as it got warmer and I learned the SO WHAT IF MY ARMS ARE FAT philosophy, I wore it sleeveless.

So what do *most* of my favorite items have in common? NO WAIST. No elastic or seam or belts. I feel so much better in a swing or trapeze style dress…no futzing all day with an elastic waistband or feeling like a maternity case when my belly protrudes out below an empire seam. They’re more challenging to find, but for me, worth the time and effort.

My *least* favorite purchase for summer was this sagey green knit dress from BooHoo…


I fell for the color and the super-soft stretchy knit fabric…but see how the elastic empire waist right under my boobs makes my stomach appear to be BURSTING with child?? Ha. Not the look I’m going for.

So this fall I will be looking for leggings, tunics or oversized sweaters and blouses, and waistless dresses.

I think it’s valuable to assess at the end of each season and consider what worked for you and what didn’t, to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

What were your fashion failures and successes this summer?


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My Week in Review: Week 25

The last full week of “summer.” ??? Why are people so quick to say summer is over? IT’S NOT OVER! I get that school’s summer vacations are ending, but here on Long Island we’ve got easy another month of warm to hot weather, still some good beach days…and enough daylight after work to go on little adventures or sit on a sunsetty beach.



Went to the carnival with my girlfriend and made a really good attempt again at getting on a ride…to no avail😦


I was the first one at the beach, yay.


I put purple stuff in my hair.


Enjoyed a sunset sky.


Some rando sent a ransom note saying WE HAVE YOUR CAT to the owner of the cat I was cat-sitting…while he was at home in the kitchen sink. WTH?


I enjoyed and recommend. I’m waiting on another Susan Meissner book from Amazon.


We visited The Big Duck in Flanders. It is, indeed, a big duck.


I tried on a dress I have long-coveted. This was the dress that was going to inspire me to go into a bar alone and order a drink for myself, chat with whoever was standing there, then leave. Ha. Dress did not fit well – you can’t tell so much from the picture but the top was very loose, straps kept slipping down (and not in a sexy way, but in a “didn’t your mother teach you how to buy clothes” way) and there was a big gap in the back at the zipper. Dress went back, drink was unbought, stranger was not talked to. Another dress, another time.


We visited Peconic River Herb Farm which is a really lovely nursery out in Calverton…they always have unique plants and creative vignettes set up and peaceful little sitting areas. It’s like being in another world for a little while.


We did a “let’s turn down every road that looks interesting” afternoon and ended up here for awhile. It was so peaceful.


Last day of dog-sitting.

We’re headed out for another little adventure this afternoon…we were supposed to have “weather” today, but I’m doubtful we’re going to really see anything, but we’ll go to the beach this evening and see if there’s any exciting wave activity.

What are YOU doing this Labor Day weekend?


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Product Review: Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo & Conditioner

I have had many hair colorists over the years and I always preface the event with one caveat: DO NOT TURN MY HAIR RED. Nothing against red hair, it’s lovely on natural redheads and certain skin tones…but I am/have neither of those things and on me it just looks BAD. Were you a 70s teen? Remember Sun-In?? Nuff said.

And yet…almost every trip to the colorist ends up with me still seeing red! It may not be immediately afterwards in the salon…it may be later in my car with the sunroof open and the sunlight shining down on my newly colored bangs…it may be a week or so later…but I am *always* disappointed.

Not long ago I had a conversation about this with a friend and she said yes, hair dye oxidizes and turns “brassy.” Oh. Oh? I’d heard the term before but never really connected it with my issue, but once I heard her say that I thought, brassy, that’s a good description. I have naturally dark blonde/light brown ashy hair. And that’s the color I WANT. I color to cover the greys…sooo many greys…and not a GOOD grey, some people can really pull that look off, but not me. ANYWAY. I want to color my hair to as close to its natural color as possible. Not Sun-In Yellowy Orangey Red.

Just a few weeks after that another friend colored her hair, bleached it to a much lighter blonde than it had previously been…and the shade was not quite right to her, so she went to Ulta to investigate…and a salesperson there told her that the water here on Long Island causes hair dyes to oxidize and that using a violet shampoo (because purple is the opposite of orange on the color spectrum) will help take out the…BRASSY tones. There was that word again. But she tried the violet shampoo…and it helped! I was encouraged. She had bought the last bottle of magic hair fixer at Ulta so I started doing research online for violet “brassiness fixing” shampoos…and found some YouTube videos with super fans of a product called “Fudge.” And EVERY good girl deserves fudge, so…I ordered a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and anxiously awaited its arrival from the UK.

In the meantime, my hair has gotten lighter and lighter as I’ve been in the sun…and has been turning a particularly unattractive shade of light yellowy greyish-brown (if I saw a paint this color I would probably call it “Diarrhea Brown”).

So, Today is the Day to test out the magic and see if it helps…I took a couple before pictures….and then headed to the shower…

violet hair fashion schlub collage 1

This is the magic…

fashion schlub plus sized product review fudge bettye rainwater 8.28.16 1

This is what’s inside the bottle, oooohhhh ahhhhhh…

fashion schlub plus sized product review fudge bettye rainwater 8.28.16 2

This is what it looked like on my head for 5 minutes….

fashion schlub plus sized product review fudge bettye rainwater 8.28.16 3

And this…is the Ta-Da! AFTER!!!

violet fashion schlub collage 2

Okay, was it MAGIC? Uhm, no. Did it make a DIFFERENCE? I think yes. Granted, it was hard to show before and after pictures that were truly comparing apples to apples. In the before, my hair hadn’t been shampooed in two days and it always looks lighter the longer it goes without washing. Also, the light was a little different an hour later when we did the after pictures…AND I think more grey shows when I have my hair up cuz there’s more grey underneath. That said, I STILL think my hair looks closer to brown than yellow in the after pictures. And it might have some residual build-up over time, as well.

But aside from the color magic is this…you know when you color your hair at home out of a box? And you get that teeny tiny little trial size conditioner? And it’s like the best conditioner EVER? But you can only get it with hair color and it’s only enough for one hair washing?? THIS CONDITIONER FELT LIKE THAT!!!!! My hair felt like MERMAID hair in the shower as I was rinsing out the conditioner, it was lovely. And it’s SUPER soft now and smells really really good.

It was a little on the expensive side, but not horrendously so…I got it from Feel Unique and it was $27 for the two bottles, plus $3 shipping. I got the package in about 10 days. To extend the supply, I think I’ll just use it once a week.

I do see similar products locally, Clairol makes one called Shimmer Lights, which is about $4 less per bottle and can probably be found at CVS or Sally Beauty Supply.

But I definitely give this product, Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo & Conditioner, a thumbs up.

And you know what kills me? All the years of me complaining to salon colorists about my reddish hair, and not one ever mentioned a product like this to me! It took a salesperson at Ulta (GO ULTA!) to spread the word.


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