Product Review: Land’s End Plus Size Silk Underwear


Yes, this is me standing in my ‘wares in front of the whole internet. No, I have not lost my damn mind. I’m sharing something wonderful with you.

While every other fashion blogger is writing about sequins and glam and party dresses…I’m here to talk to you about COMFORT. That seems to be a theme recently!

Baby, it’s COLD outside…and I have a secret tip about staying cozy all winter-long.

Long. Silk. Underwear. The super super lightweight THIN THIN long underwear that you can wear under everything and never even know it’s there, except that it keeps you super warm and cozy AND acts as a “slipping agent” under your clothes. Know what I mean? I love when fabrics just slide over my body, instead of getting hung up on spots like hip bumps and fat calves. Long silk underwear is like wearing a slip. But it’s pants and a top! And it is NOT. BULKY. As a plus size gal, I’ve got enough bulk all on my own…layering is a challenge and often a little uncomfortable for me. But this is like a nonexistent layer.

There are not a lot of plus size brands of true silk underwear…and it’s been years since I had a set…but I find that each year my body handles the cold winter weather a little less well and I knew I needed a little assist this year, so Santa came early and brought me a set. I got them on sale, $29 each piece, though¬†now they’re back to normal price of double thatūüė¶ But I bet if you keep watching you might find them on sale again as we get closer to the holiday.

I highly recommend the Land’s End set. I was afraid they were going to be too small and¬†I was going to have to just Make Them Work cuz I am COLD, but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The top is just right. The pants are actually a little loose and long, but I’m sure they’ll shrink a bit in the wash. They are super comfortable and they are amazingly warm. If you’ve never worn long silk underwear and you think it can’t possibly be as warm as a thick downy padded layered thing, I’m here to tell you otherwise – they are WARM.

PS – this is not a sponsored post. I bought the underwear myself and my opinions are my own.

What I’m Wearing:

Comfort Clothes


So, a few weeks back I shared a more casual outfit here on the blog, and realized I’ve really only ever posted “work” clothes – or what I’ve always thought of as “good clothes” or “outfits. ”¬†My mother always had this mindset of keeping “good things” good. There was the closet of the “good” beach towels that I was not allowed to use all summer, even though I went to the beach probably 5 days a week and had only one towel (a towel I still
have to this day, only last summer *indulging* myself in a new one for public use. Yes, after like 40 years. Got your money’s worth on that one, Mommy!). We took the good beach towels with us to Ocean City, Maryland every Labor Day week and THEN we each had a different beach towel to go with every different bathing suit. But when we got back home after our week of fun in the sun, the good towels got laundered, folded, and locked back up in The Good Beach Towel Closet. There were also Good Dish Towels. The living room was pretty much reserved for “good company,” meaning not MY friends. There were Good Notepads that were saved for writing SPECIAL notes. Etcetera. You get the picture. And while I’ve spent a lifetime trying to NOT be my mother, some things are just so ingrained from an early age that you don’t easily notice that you’re doing the same things she did.



And “good clothes” are one of those things for me. You buy something new, you really like it, clothes cost a ridiculous amount of money these days, you want to keep it nice, pristine, you want to save it for a special occasion. But. While I don’t advocate mucking stalls (sorry, horsey background) in your new clothes, REALLY, when you think about it, you get a much higher return on your investment the MORE you wear them!


And even here on the blog, when thinking of outfits to share, I kept thinking of “good clothes.” But really I should share ALL the clothes – the good, the bad, the sometimes a little ugly, ha. And that’s exactly what we’ve got here today.



My FAVORITE outfit for “doing fun things that include a lot of walking” is leggings and sneakers. And top. Obvi. But you get the picture. Leggings are the most comfortable things in the world. I’m past the stage of “are they pants?” and onto “who cares?” They’re easy to walk and sit in, they’re never too wrinkled, they don’t get baggy butt…they’re the perfect leg-covering item. Especially when you’re plus-sized, jeans are not always the most comfortable item to wear for a long day of driving and walking and eating.


So this day we were strolling on the Brooklyn Promenade…took some skyline and bridge pictures, had a late lunch, just a nice easy day. I wore my favorite Avenue leggings, my cloudlike Adidas sneakers, lightweight knit blue Tahari sweater, crazy soft scarf from ASOS and for the first time, a faux leather moto jacket I bought at the end of last winter at Sears of all places! It’s not the moto jacket of my dreams but it was CHEAP and I wanted to test run this style to see if I really liked it before I spent more money on a nicer version. And I DO like it! It’s a perfect lightweight jacket for those not so cold days. It’s really supple and doesn’t feel all thick and stiff so it’s nice for driving in, too.



The big black bag is a Target purse I’ve converted into a camera bag. I can easily keep my camera body and two lenses in it, with spare batteries and memory cards. It’s so much easier carrying all that in a cross-body bag than in my bulky shoulder strap camera bag.


For you non-New Yorkers – that’s the view of downtown Manhattan¬†directly across from the promenade. Pretty nice!


What are *your* comfort clothes??

What I’m Wearing:

My friend Linda was my photographer once again.

My Week in Review: Week 38

This week was so quiet (thank goodness!) that in retrospect it almost seemed like a short week, but it wasn’t.

I’d started getting sick the night before Thanksgiving the week before, but I kept pushing on…so finally by the weekend I was exhausted enough to just stay home and rest. The child stopped by with a treat for her old Mom…a lovely vegan lemon blueberry raspberry cake she’d whipped up. Yum.


I really didn’t¬†leave the apartment all weekend til end-of-day Sunday just in time to take a quick sunset walk with the dog by the water…


I didn’t do much in the evening this week…we had two very rainy nights so I opted out of plans to stay home instead. I did go to the chiropractor one evening to see if he could help with my painful heel…and I started an Adobe InDesign class, which was very exciting. I’ve wanted to learn the program for ages but the ones I sign up for always get cancelled at the last minute for lack of interest. The teacher seems good and I’m liking the other people in the class, there’s even another blogger!


Yesterday some friends and I made a quick trip into Brooklyn to visit the Bushwick Collective which is a several block area of “allowed” street art, that is always changing. We hadn’t been in awhile so it was nice to see some new artwork. These were some of my favorites.



This yogi was randomly stopping along the road and going into positions along the interesting backdrops for selfies.


I made it home from Brooklyn just in time to stop by the beach for a quick cold sunset.


And arrived home to find a package, yay, a dress I’d ordered from Amazon…TOO SMALL, boo. It will go back in tomorrow’s mail. Sadly, this was the largest size. The search continues. Shoulda swept up the dog hair before taking pictures. OH WELL.


And that was my week. JUST THREE MORE WEEKS TIL CHRISTMAS, can you believe it?? And VACATION, yay!!! I’ve done some Amazon book ordering so I’m sure to have reading material over the break. And I certainly have a lot of home projects and even some blog projects in the works, so it will be good to have the extra time.

Have a good week, y’all. xoxo

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

On¬†Thanksgiving, the child and I went¬†into the city for¬†a visit to the Byrant Park Winter Village, a charming, bustling pop-up shopping/dining area that happens every year at this time. Delightful shops and eateries, good people watching (a favorite activity of mine!), and I thought a good spot for a photo shoot! It was certainly scenic, but so many people milling about made photos Very Challenging. I’m giving us an E for Effort.

Let’s just look at the pictures, shall we??













What I’m Wearing


My Week in Review: Week 37

The weeks are just flying by! I can tell when I’m having fun out in the world cuz the apartment looks like a tornado blew through!

Last Saturday we went to the Nassau County Museum of Art for an Ansel Adams exhibit and to walk the grounds a bit. They have a really spectacular outdoor sculpture collection. This is one of my favorites cuz it’s interactive.

I wore a new Old Navy dress that is SO so comfortable, I can tell it’s going to be a 3-season favorite and can be styled 97 different ways.


Oh, those cute kids.


My other cute kid helped me go through some tubs that were full of old ebay shooting accessories. I do so much better when there’s another person present and I got rid of a LOT of stuff. Some went right to trash, some has been donated to Savers, and some is waiting to be listed on ebay.


The girl snagged a couple things for herself.


The next morning I was shocked to see snow. ACTUAL SNOW.


It was a short work week and then we were into Thanksgiving! The girl and I went into the city to the Bryant Park Winter Village, which is lovely and bustling and sparkly and fun Рmore on that in the next blog post. The shops have very nice things but are a little pricey so we just window shopped and took some pictures.

The macaron shops are always SO pastelly and pretty. If you hear of vegan macarons on sale anywhere, please let me know!


I forced the child to do a selfie with me in front of the big tree. My hair is flat and weird.


Then we had dinner at a bar called 230 5th that has amazing panoramic views of the city and a rooftop bar. I’d hoped for a good sunset but instead it got rainy. Still, was a nice experience to share with my daughter and I’ll go back another time when better weather is predicted.


I’d actually started feeling sick the night before Thanksgiving but I pushed through…and then maybe stupidly went back out again yesterday when I should have stayed home resting. But the lure of a trip to Brooklyn is always too great for me so I went with a friend to the Brooklyn Promenade which has the best views of downtown Manhattan. We took some pictures and had a nice early dinner…then walked back to the car in the rain. Ruh-roh. And today I have positively hit the wall and am just staying in and resting. And coughing. And sniffling. Ugh.



I had tentative plans back in the city for tomorrow…but my wallet and temperature are telling me to Just. Stay. Put. We’ll see who wins.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday with loved ones.




I have to confess: I am not a positive person. My glass is not half-full. I do not easily see “the bright side of things.” Or rather, for every “good” I also see the “bad.” I see both. Everything HAS both. I don’t wish to be more “positive” if that means ignoring the negative. I hate being told, “smile, it’s not so bad,” or “look at the bright side.” To me “look at the bright side” means “ignore the dark side.” I’m here on this earth to experience *everything* – the good and the bad. Events, emotions, all of it. I consider myself a realist. I want to study the bad AND the good….and only then can I form an educated response or plan. Only that feels responsible to my “self.”


So a holiday like Thanksgiving can be challenging for me. Sure, I can come up with a list of things I’m grateful for. But as I’m making up THAT list in my mind, I’m ALSO making the list of things I’d like to change, to improve on, to better.


I know I have it better than SO many beings on this planet. I have a home, an income, I have my relative freedom, no one is going to kill and eat me. But I wish for so much more. There are things I’ve lost that I long for. And sometimes that wishing and longing, especially at a time like this, makes me feel ungrateful.


So I’m going to really make an effort to make a practice of being grateful. I might do some of it here. You guys will keep me honest if I forget, okay?


I am grateful¬†for friends who support me, laugh with me, continue to ask me to be a part of something. I am grateful¬†for my dog Caleb who has been a part of my heart for so many years and who keeps me company and keeps me active. I am grateful for family who, while they live far from me and I don’t often see them, I trust would help me if I really needed it. I am grateful for a job that not only helps me keep a roof over my head and food on my table, but also allows me some creativity and to work with really special people. I am grateful to be born into a country where I have freedoms and options as my birthright. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for a strong, brave, independent, healthy daughter.


Last Saturday I was grateful for a beautiful day spent with friends…and the ability to travel to interesting places. After a trip to a museum, we stopped at Cedarmere,¬†the charming Roslyn country home of 19th-century poet, newspaper editor and civic leader¬†William Cullen Bryant. On this day the foliage was really outstanding and we all took pictures of the trees, bridges and buildings. I wondered if you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of locations we go to to shoot – what do you think? Yes or no?


I am most certainly grateful for the people who help me with this blog as well as the people who read and follow it and post comments. That’s my friend Linda in the photo above who has photographed several sessions for Fashion Schlub, including this one. Linda, I’m so grateful for all your help!


I would like to end by wishing friends and followers a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have things to be grateful for.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Old Navy black&white striped swing dress, 3x (most comfortable dress on the planet!)
  • Maurice’s cropped jean jacket, 3x. Sold out, similar here
  • Mustard yellow rayon scarf, don’t remember the brand, from Marshall’s
  • Target red faux converse sneakers

My Week in Review: Week 36

This week felt quiet. I think I was just mentally exhausted from the past month…various personal things, work things, physical things…ugh, I hate to whine but sometimes that’s all you have left. Ha. The good news is I allowed myself some mental downtime (ha ha, I can just hear certain people thinking, “aren’t you ALWAYS on mental downtime?”) and I think I feel ready to ease into the week ahead…especially knowing that it’s a short work week and even the holiday day is not fraught with work work work.

So….if I remember correctly, last weekend was a 3-day weekend? I think Veteran’s Day was that Friday. Or am I week off? It’s very hard to keep track of time these days. Anyway, ONE DAY when I had no reason to leave the apartment, I just relaxed on the sofa and read The Magnolia Story, the back-story of Joanna and Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame. Sigh. I just adore them. And after reading their story, I love them even more.


A friend and I did a little street art hunt in the Bronx…and we made a friend.



Back at work I got the sweetest little surprise gifty from my office mate Shannon (the names have been changed to protect the innocent).


I also pulled a Dumb Bunny move and got my hand stuck in the lid of a wipes container. A co-worker had to hack-saw it off me. It was…sigh. Entertaining? Painful? Ridiculous. It was definitely ridiculous.


And then Tuesday was the big day, it was Use A Groupon to FINALLY get a Haircut Day…fraught with the usual anxieties…why is it SO hard to find someone who is capable of doing a GOOD cut AND that listens to what you asked for?? And usually I spend a lot of money on cut&color so this isn’t a case of “you get what you pay for.” I just figured I’m not usually happy ANYWAY, at least this way I won’t have spent a lot of money. The stylist was darling, very quiet and polite. I don’t like having to have a conversation the whole time. I like to just stew in my own nervousness as I watch more and more hair falling to the floor. And he SEEMED to really take my instructions and desires and pictures to heart…but I ended up with the same cut I always seem to get no matter what I say! I don’t understand that. If my hair is a One Trick Pony why can’t someone just TELL me that. Or if THEY are incapable of doing what I’m asking for, please just SAY that. So, in the end, I don’t think it’s a bad CUT, it’s just not what I wanted…and it’s a little hard for me work with. I will probably go back to the same stylist at least one more time, I can understand it taking some time to really understand a client’s wants…but this time I can at least say, “it got quite a bit shorter than I’d wanted last time,” and “please don’t do so much end thinning” and maybe we can come to a meeting of the…something…shears?


He was able to shape it pretty nicely. I haven’t quite mastered it yet and it looks Not Quite Right in a slightly different way every day.


I got new booties and we had a lot of rain. Which means a lot of the colorful¬†leaves came off the trees and we’re nearing the end of The Beautiful Time of Year. Fortunately Christmas lights will go up soon and then there’ll be that to enjoy.


Friday was a little respite from the normal workday and Shannon and I attended Philanthropy Day, a day-long fundraising conference. The best part was the organization I work for nominated a 13-year-old boy to be honored as Future Philanthroper (or something like that) and he was chosen! At 10 years old he started an organization called Birthday Back to help people in need. Instead of asking for gifts for your birthday, you ask for donations to be made to certain charities. He’s raised nearly $50,000 in the past three years and donated all of the money onto charities. One year we were the recipient and that’s how we knew of him. He’s such a great (and adorable!) young man, we couldn’t be more proud of him or honored that he calls us his friends. If you’re interested in getting involved or reading more about his story, here is the website¬†Birthday Back.


And that was my week! How was *your* week?