Week in Review: Week 119

It was a week. I’ll give the Mon-Fri portion a 50 out of a possible hundred. And the weekend a 91. Would have been better if I felt better – but I’ve had this low-lying cold for almost two weeks now. Missed one day of work when I was fevery/achey, but now it just keeps moving between my throat, nose and chest. So I’m feeling exhausted and easily winded today…cancelled this morning’s photo shoot because the thought of changing and posing and sweating and coughing while trying to look good was very unappealing so I’ll be scrambling for photos again this week.

Confession, the photo below is not from this week but it went astray for a bit and I just found it this week, so. It’s actually from that lovely beach evening I had a few weeks back, on our way out the sun was just hitting the water under the bridge so we pulled the car over quickly and jumped out for a quick pic.


So much greenery. And such a pretty herringbone pattern in the brick sidewalk.


Every Friday evening from May-August there’s live music in the park at the end of Main St. This week was a bluegrassy singer named Willie Steele. I went down there by myself and just enjoyed listening and people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 3 resized

I love people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 4 resized

Saturday we drove about 70 miles north to Yorktown Heights, NY to a lovely place called Faraway Farm Alpacas, which is an alpaca ranch! We got a tour from proprietor Leda, who was very welcoming and full of information. She let us go in one of the pastures with “the girls.” They’re inquisitive but a little shy and not so fond of petting like a dog or horse might be…

alpaca 2

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 8 resized


But Layla lay down in the shade right where we were standing and obligingly let everyone take selfies with her.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 resized
My friend Linda who does a lot of the photographs on this blog!

There were also a couple Icelandic horses who were happily munching grass.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 6 resized

Come on, who can resist those anime-like eyes and those eyelashes!

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 4 resized

It’s definitely a worthwhile stop if you’re in the area, email in advance to schedule a tour. There was also a little shop on-site that sold handmade things using the alpaca hair shorn here on the farm. We’re already planning another visit, but next time we’ll go back earlier in the year, pre-shearing, when the alpacas are at their foofiest. Note, alpacas do not actually wear little hats like this (though it would be super cute if they did!).

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 7 resized

A little side story (isn’t there always??), back when I was married my ex and I spent a couple days in North Carolina looking for property to buy and someday build a retirement home on. I can’t recall now how it happened, but we wound up at a llama farm and convinced ourselves we were going to start breeding llamas and eventually this business would supplement our retirement income. I still had the horses in the backyard at that time so it wasn’t an entirely preposterous thought, but…eventually we came to our senses and did not add any llamas to our already sizable menagerie. But I did love them.

Me & my llama love

We got lost like six times driving in and out of the alpaca farm, but we found this nifty bridge…


And went for a very short walk at Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve.

turkey mountain

And today I rested.



Week in Review: Weeks 117 & 118

I stayed in most of the long Memorial Day weekend…but got out on Monday for my nephew’s (actually my ex’s son but I’ve always been Aunt Bettye, which is nice) birthday party. It was a nice day to sit outside….


And have birthday cake.


I have frequent bunny visitors in my yard.


Got to see the last minute of sun.


Frog Fountain at the diner.


Went to a Garden Conservancy Open Garden.


Cheese shop.


Tiny morsels with entertaining history.


Storm clouds over the river. Bay? I’m never sure what all the bodies of water are around Long Island.


Farm stand cobwebs.




Fence goals.


Time to clean out my car.


One of Caleb’s frisbees 😦




Farmstand peonies.


Made it just in time.


Flower Power birdhouse.


Pink house.


Inspirational greeting card sky.


Had a surprise meet-up at the Bike to the Beach rest stop!


Peony shatter.


Staten Island Cultural Center: Snug Harbor. Gardens.


Chinese Scholar Garden. This was lovely til we got caught in the rain.

The End.

Week in Review: Week 116

It was finally warm enough to wear The Nightgown Dress. Which I am really “over” wearing it with this little white crochet cardi. Maybe it’s the cardigan I’m over. It’s feeling a little too “twee” for me these days. Will have to figure out a better topper. The dress is such an easy wear favorite but I don’t feel right wearing sleeveless to work so it needs something over it there.

Tencel dress from Old Navy, no longer available, similar here or here in plus size, or here in straight size
The town is starting to gear up for Memorial Day weekend.


This was the sort of thing I was finding in the plus-size section at Saver’s this week. I’ll have to double-check but I don’t believe chartreuse sequined muscle tank is on my list.


I had one glorious beach evening. The light was beautiful, the temperature was gentle, the sand was soft and cool, the water was bracing, there was hardly anyone there. It’s the first really good feeling I’ve had since Caleb.


I took this picture for someone who is obsessed with the American flag. He has taken it upon himself to be the flag police and contact businesses, government agencies, etc., that are flying the flag incorrectly or in an unsuitable condition. I don’t know that this is either of those things, I just thought he might like the picture. This person is no longer in my life but I still take pictures for him that never get sent.


One afternoon I met a friend in town and we got ice cream then walked to the harbor to see the sunset. For those of you who are thinking “I thought she was going to lose weight,” please focus on the word “walked” and not the words “ice cream.”


I’m puppy sitting this weekend. He’s mental telepathying his mother, “please come save me from Aunt Bettye who is taking up the entire sofa forcing me to lay on the hard hard floor.” I found him in my bed later so, don’t worry, he’s not suffering too much.


Now it’s Sunday. A lovely grey spring rain is falling so I am excused from having to go “out in the world.” I can read one of my new books, nap, watch movies or play with my new watercolors.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. And I am thinking of and grateful for those who have died while protecting our country. Did you know about the National Moment of Remembrance Act? It encourages people to pause each Memorial Day at 3pm local time to remember the brave men and women who died serving this country. Major League baseball games will stop play for a minute at 3:00 and Amtrak trains will toot their horns.

I just heard a cat miaow outside. I need to investigate.



Weeks in Review: Week 113-115

It has been a pretty inactive month, and not worth posting individual weeks…so I’ll do a catch-up here of the few things that have been going on. It continues to be a…difficult time right now…even beyond the loss of Caleb. Ever go through a period when no place feels like a safe, comforting space? It’s not good. Yesterday I totally hid out from everyone and everything…I watched 4 hours of royal wedding, 2 hours of the end of New Girl, then movie after movie after movie, and just let other stories fill my head. For an entire day. I needed that. I feel more human today. I’ve left the building (for food), sorted through medical bills (they are endless), and am working on upcoming blog things. I just needed to wallow around the bottom for a bit. Now I think I’m ready to come up for air. Here I go.

Just a big iron rooster.


The trees were bare, bare, bare…then overnight they turned green.


I’m so grateful for one nice day that last week…and that Caleb was feeling strong enough that we sat outside in the yard together for a bit. That was the last good day 😦  Please note the grey freckles on his muzzle. They’ll have relevance later.


I’d started a 30-day challenge of posting an Outfit of the Day every day…but I fell right off that wagon when Caleb left me. I was about to start a Will Anyone Notice If I Wear the Same Pair of Jeans Every Day for a Year experiment, but…I think I’ve worked through that.


I sent my baby cupcakes for her 27th birthday. I used this place Georgetown Cupcakes that had amazing flavors and reasonable prices, and seem to ship anywhere (in the US) and quickly.


I went to a Garden Conservancy Open Days tour of a private garden here on the Island. It was just the sort of quiet, lovely activity I needed. I might share more photos in a separate post if anyone is interested.

garden conservancy open days 5.13.18 1 resized

Friends were good that first week about getting me out for company. We were able to sit outside here in town and have a nice dinner.


I photographed our annual 5K fundraiser run. It is always a rainy day but usually manages to hold off just long enough for the run to go off and prizes awarded.

JR 2018 2 blogsized

My daughter sent me flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day.


My niece, nephew and great-niece sent me this locket to put a picture of Caleb in so I can wear him close to my heart. So thoughtful.


I FINALLY got a new pair of sunglasses. I bought a pair of Ralph Lauren sunnies in NINETEEN EIGHTY-FIVE that I have loved and worn ever since then…until last summer when I put them in my purse without their case, and an emery board scratched the lenses all up! Sadface. These are not the sunglasses of my dreams but my eyes have seemed even more sensitive to the sun lately so I had to get something. I don’t recall the brand but they’re from Target. Guess I could have taken the sticker off before taking the picture off, eh? I’m very noncommital to purchases. There are still tags on things I’ve worn half a dozen times! Not exactly sure what that’s about.


I got Janey these catnip-laced paper bags. She was not that impressed.


And my talented sister painted this picture of Caleb for me! She even painted in his little muzzle freckles 🙂 I cried and cried when I opened it. My boy.


One more full work week then a 3-day weekend, then a 4-day work week. That’s good. I need some uncommitted time.

What have you been up to now that it has finally turned to spring?



Week in Review: Weeks 111-112

FINALLY. There have finally been some nice days…and my feet didn’t hurt (as much) and I wasn’t stressed about work and I got my taxes paid and I had a little more time for fun with friends and Caleb had a good week…and yeah. I feel like I was able to let out a BIG exhale that I’ve been holding in for a long time. The best thing was really getting out of my little box this weekend and getting the heck out of Dodge. That is the most energizing thing to me. So yay.

Flowers are finally starting to bloom around the neighborhood.


Uhm, chickens.


Yummy Portugese waffle treats.




Neighbor cat. Let’s call him Pepe.




Mango Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce. OHMYGOSH.




Who knew there was a whole world.


Went to the museum.



Uhm, okay.


Sometimes I don’t get art.


The basement had beautiful light.


This week involved a lot of eating.


Roadside stop.


Visited Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY.












A New Friend.



Phew. And now it is 8pm on Sunday evening and I’m exhausted and going to bed soon. Back to work tomorrow! Got anything fun planned in the week ahead??





Week in Review: Weeks 110-111

NOW is it spring? Huh? Is it? When? WHEN?!? There were finally a couple days mild enough to walk outdoors a bit without regret. And by “mild” I mean “not frigid.”

And I JUST this instant learned something amazing so I’ll share it with you Just In Case you’ve ever had this annoying thing happen to you and you didn’t know how to stop it. Are you ever just typing along in Word or email or any sort of document writer thingie, minding your own business…when you realize you omitted a word or misspelled something or just needed to go back into the already typed text to change something? And you put your cursor into the spot where you want to edit or add…and instead of just typing the text in, it actually starts typing OVER what is already there, so it deletes stuff as you type along? I’m probably not explaining this well but if this has ever happened to you, you probably recognize what I’m saying. ANYWAY. The only work-around I’d ever come up with (beyond just re-typinging everything, blrgh) was to cut the section out, paste it into notepad, make my changes, then copy/paste it back to the word doc I was working in. Uh. Noying. BUT, I just learned that if you just press the “Insert” key (mine is right next to my “backspace” key – between the letter and number keypads), it fixes it…and now you can INSERT (which is what you wanted to do in the first place) instead of typing OVER text. I must accidentally hit the key in my mad-dash typing, cuz that is a frequent situation.

If you’re a Smarty McSmarty Pants and already knew that, well just move along, there’s nothing to see here. But if you’re HUMAN like me and sometimes perplexed by these machines that are supposed to be helping us but sometimes not so much, well HIGH FIVE, MY FRIEND!!!

And that completes the educational portion of this post and we shall commence with the pictures. Remember last week I did Month in Review, so this is two week’s worth…you might want to grab a snack first. It could be awhile.

Stopped into the pet store for some goodies for the kids. Caleb got some soft chewy goodies, and I bought Janey a little brown plush squirrel that was supposed to have catnip in it. I kind of doubt it does because she’s barely looked at it, but *I* am surprised by it every day when I think it’s poop on the floor…and have to do a double-take to remind me that it’s not.

My life. So classy.

week 1 1

I got this feelin, somebody’s watching meeeee.

week 1 2

I could have sworn I’d already posted this picture of Caleb but…he’s just so cute, what can it hurt to post again.

week 1 3

Someone spilled their chickpeas in the parking lot.

week 1 4

Happy Easter, Bunnies.

week 1 5

Yes, it snowed. Again.

week 2 1

Poor little daffs trying so hard to be springy…

week 2 3

Cute house. Love the little moon cut-outs on the shutters.

week 2 4

Loving MoviePass. Saw Outside In – quiet, a little sad, but sweet. I liked it.

outside in

Rain washed most of the snow away.

week 2 5

My neighbor at the gas station.

week 2 6

Hi Janey.

week 2 7

I got an undeserved ticket.

week 2 8


week 2 9

Quiet afternoon.

week 2 10

Saw Finding Your Feet. Also sweet. I like nice movies.

finding your feet

Went for a little walk with a girlfriend then for coffee. Was good to get out in the world a bit and see some real signs of spring.

week 2 11

And now I’m winding down from my little mini-vacay (I had a couple days off this week) and am going to spend a quiet evening reading before heading back to work tomorrow.

Is it actual Spring where you are? Like with sun and warm breezes and birds chirping and no snow?? Can I come stay with you??

Week in Review: Week 109

Another week. Those suckers are really piling up, huh??



The podiatrist did magic and I had practically pain-free feet for a couple days. It’s wearing off now and I go back tomorrow to see what’s next.




The trees have eyes.




And more snow. Caleb had a really good week. I’m grateful.




The kids.


I went for a new mop-head, ie, Target is the Devil’s Work.


Lots of busy things in the week ahead – work is very busy, some things are going to get done around the apartment so I need to ready my space for that and I have another podiatrist appointment. I’m sort of feeling on auto-pilot, trying to get done everything that needs to get done without stressing. If I can get through to Friday this week I think I’ll be okay.

Hope you’re having a calmer week.

Week in Review: Week 108

WHY AM I SO TIRED ALL THE TIME?!? From the time I wake up in the morning, my main focus is just getting through the day so I can get back in bed when I get home from work! It’s a little pathetic, but…

Guess what we had this week?? MORE SNOW! And another snow day. Which was delightful as I just stayed in bed All Day Long. I have officially become my mother.


House turned business on Main St.


I had my 6-month scan. Drink the yucky drink. When they push the contrast dye into the IV it feels you’re peeing yourself all over your body, ha. Not sure when I’ll get the results.


Went to a really interesting exhibit at The Waterfall Mansion & Gallery in the city. We managed to mostly avoid St. Patrick’s Day Paraders but we wanted to blend in just in case.


My favorite exhibit was the doughnuts. They’re $950. EACH. Think I’ll stick to Dunkin.’ But they sure are fun to look at.



This girl in our tour group was so cute. She looks like she just walked off the pages of a fashion blog!


Tomorrow I’m going to THE FOOT DOCTOR, yay!!! Hopefully he’ll be able to do SOMETHING for me.

Not a very exciting week. But that’s what happens when all you want to do is lie in bed and read and nap.

Til next time…

Week in Review: Week 107

I love the charming older homes in my area.


I was sick for two days and didn’t get out.


My view from bed.



And then we had more snow!


And had another snow day, which we all love very much.



I’ve been looking for an etagere in just the right size since I moved here back in August, and finally found one on CraigsList. Guess I should have emptied my car out before going to pick it up. Fortunately I had some old computer cables in the back to tie the hatch down as it wouldn’t shut with the etagare legs sticking it. AND, fortunately, it was less than two miles from my house so I didn’t have to drive far after picking it up. It’s very hilly around here and I was afraid all my junk would start spilling out the back as I drove uphill!


In place.


I got a little neatening trim from Morgan at Posh. Now it looks more like an intentional style vs. growing out bald head.


Janey in the packing peanuts.


Shopping for comfortable black flats. I loved these but managed to control myself.


The final contenders.


Ooh, pretty! Should I??


New hair, new shoes, Gwynnie Bee dress – off to a wedding!




And today I slept on and off almost all day! Running errands all day yesterday and being out late last night took it’s toll on me and I could just not stay awake so I kept laying back down “for just 5 minutes” and would wake up hours later…until 4:00 this afternoon!!! Gah! I don’t feel ready to start a new work week yet, but…..that’s life.


Week in Review: Week 106

This was an extremely uneventful week. I will politely look the other way if you yawn while reading this.



Shopping my closet to put together some new spring outfits when we have unseasonably warm days.

Cream tee: Avenue (old) / Khaki green shacket (guh, stupid word): Rainbow / Cropped skinny jeans: Charlotte Russe / Pink velcro Vans: DSW

Sunset beach stroll with the dog. Which was apparently too much for him and he was really out of sorts for a few days  😦


I’d like this outfit with grey-green denim, also.

Striped tee: Rainbow (old) / Black duster cardigan: Old Navy / Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy / Trainers: Adidas Cloudfoam

The Ooh La La Spa – doesn’t that found fun?



A possible dress for a wedding next weekend. Looks especially nice with the slippers and no make-up, yes??


In honor of Caturday, this is a very (low-res!) old picture of my favorite cat, Jeremy Andrew. Yes, you are allowed to pick favorite children.


A print from an art photography book called Almost True by my talented friend Steven Bollman. Check out his work at www.stevenbollman.com


Did some more unpacking yesterday (finally). Now what am I supposed to do with this??


And that was my week. Have had an on-and-off earache all week…a little sore throat…I’m hoping to not have it turn into a real cold so I laid low all week. I don’t think I went out at all after work except for the one little walk with the dog.

Hope someone else is having a more interesting time. Are you??