Week in Review: Week 107

I love the charming older homes in my area.


I was sick for two days and didn’t get out.


My view from bed.



And then we had more snow!


And had another snow day, which we all love very much.



I’ve been looking for an etagere in just the right size since I moved here back in August, and finally found one on CraigsList. Guess I should have emptied my car out before going to pick it up. Fortunately I had some old computer cables in the back to tie the hatch down as it wouldn’t shut with the etagare legs sticking it. AND, fortunately, it was less than two miles from my house so I didn’t have to drive far after picking it up. It’s very hilly around here and I was afraid all my junk would start spilling out the back as I drove uphill!


In place.


I got a little neatening trim from Morgan at Posh. Now it looks more like an intentional style vs. growing out bald head.


Janey in the packing peanuts.


Shopping for comfortable black flats. I loved these but managed to control myself.


The final contenders.


Ooh, pretty! Should I??


New hair, new shoes, Gwynnie Bee dress – off to a wedding!




And today I slept on and off almost all day! Running errands all day yesterday and being out late last night took it’s toll on me and I could just not stay awake so I kept laying back down “for just 5 minutes” and would wake up hours later…until 4:00 this afternoon!!! Gah! I don’t feel ready to start a new work week yet, but…..that’s life.



Week in Review: Week 106

This was an extremely uneventful week. I will politely look the other way if you yawn while reading this.



Shopping my closet to put together some new spring outfits when we have unseasonably warm days.

Cream tee: Avenue (old) / Khaki green shacket (guh, stupid word): Rainbow / Cropped skinny jeans: Charlotte Russe / Pink velcro Vans: DSW

Sunset beach stroll with the dog. Which was apparently too much for him and he was really out of sorts for a few days  😦


I’d like this outfit with grey-green denim, also.

Striped tee: Rainbow (old) / Black duster cardigan: Old Navy / Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy / Trainers: Adidas Cloudfoam

The Ooh La La Spa – doesn’t that found fun?



A possible dress for a wedding next weekend. Looks especially nice with the slippers and no make-up, yes??


In honor of Caturday, this is a very (low-res!) old picture of my favorite cat, Jeremy Andrew. Yes, you are allowed to pick favorite children.


A print from an art photography book called Almost True by my talented friend Steven Bollman. Check out his work at www.stevenbollman.com


Did some more unpacking yesterday (finally). Now what am I supposed to do with this??


And that was my week. Have had an on-and-off earache all week…a little sore throat…I’m hoping to not have it turn into a real cold so I laid low all week. I don’t think I went out at all after work except for the one little walk with the dog.

Hope someone else is having a more interesting time. Are you??


Week in Review: Week 105

All the feels from my glorious trip to California are being buried underneath time, mundane tasks and the ugliness of Long Island in February. Life goes on and we have to live the one we’re in. I’ve been a little reclusive so there aren’t a lot of pictures but sometimes that’s what I have to do to get through.

It’s staying light a little longer and we had some mild days this week so Caleb and I did some short walks and saw some sunsets.


More bald eagles are returning to Long Island every year and now there are two nesting in the town next to me. I went with some friends to try and photograph them (from a distance) and the best shot I got was of goose butts.


And a serene view in the other direction.


One quick flashback to California. Katie and my great-niece Annabelle playing on Venice Beach. The real Golden Girls.


My sister and brother-in-law. She’s having a tough time right now. Hopefully it will be behind her soon.


Staying true to my “pamper myself” resolution, I finally used a groupon for a mani-pedi I bought over a year ago (ha ha). And I almost wish I hadn’t. I’d had such a good experience in CA with my niece, that this paled in comparison.


Plus, this happened 😦  Had to redo myself the next day and I’m just not that good at doing nails.


I’m trying to keep something blooming in the apartment at all times…


Saturday’s outfit of the day. I’m really loving my white jeans. For the summer I want a cropped pair, but these are fine for winter, though I would like a pair of light grey sneakers to wear with them vs. these black ones – it’s such a harsh contrast. And white sneakers with the white jeans looked too nursey.


I’ve lived in NY for 49 years and until today, had never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Shocking! Today we saw the William Eggleston Los Alamos exhibit  I really like the photography of the 60s and 70s in the early days of color photography and I just like the landscape of that era – the cars, clothing, storefronts, etc…so I really enjoyed this exhibit.


We also saw and enjoyed the David Hockney exhibit. I’d only been familiar with his swimming pool paintings, but there were a lot of other things there today. It’s good to see things you’re unfamiliar with and to see an artist’s progression of work.


This one reminds me of the days I come home from work and just lay on my bed, not napping or reading…just laying there awake.


And of course walking from place to place in the museum you see other things that catch your interest…

An impressionist painting that just looked so appealing. I don’t know why there are so many butts in this post! It was not intentional. This just looked like a nice time, splashing about in the water.


This cool black and white graphic wall was a great backdrop for photos.


This pearl lily-of-the-valley arrangement reminded me of my mother. She always had little porcelain and jade flower arrangements in the living room. Of course, hers came from the cheap asian import shop and this one was worth a gajillion dollars.


I love this verdigris bow window we saw walking back to the car.


And this wildcat print dress in a shop window.


And now it’s Sunday night. I just had a big salad for dinner and think I’ll lay down and read for a bit before calling it a night. Tomorrow is back to work for a full 5-day week. Why is that a thing?? I have a nothing in particular to look forward to right now, besides the weekends. The next work vacation isn’t for 5 weeks and I’m only taking a few days off. So I need to come up with something else. Does anyone else do that? Live from one “thing to look forward to to another” rather than just living for the moment?


Week in Review: Week 104

I’m a little behind since my trip. Not jet-lagged, just BEHIND. And, at the risk of being morose, very very sad. I have none of my family here. My nearest person is my sister and she’s in South Carolina, all the way down by the Georgia border. So that’s an overnight road trip. My daughter is in Tampa, Florida. Even further. And pretty much everyone else (bar a stray cousin or two) is in California. Mostly southern, but there’s one rebel up near San Francisco. It was so so good to get to see all the California contingent. And to be back in California, which I love. It’s like Brooklyn but shinier and brighter. Energetic and bustling. I love that. I felt like I was being driven to the boondocks on my ride home from the airport Friday night. It was so dark. Everything was closed. Everyone was asleep. I saw no neon lights. Sigh.

This will last awhile. Sorry. I hope to get out there someday to live for real…but due to everything it will not be for quite some time. In the meantime I just need to adjust back to my actual life.

That said, I had a wonderful time. I did a million and one things, walked my feet off, ate tons, wore almost everything in my suitcase 🙂

My cousin and I dropped Katie off at the path to walk 3 miles up to the Hollywood sign (she didn’t get that from my side of the family!), then we went down below to an easier incline. Oh yeah, I didn’t even take the wig with me.


We walked, instead, to The Bat Cave from the 60’s (POW! KABOOM!) TV Batman show.  I got a new phone just the week before I left and didn’t have time to play around with settings much and realized after taking a ton of pictures out there that it was set to shoot in HDR. Not a fan.


Anti-gravity rocks.


That night we had Mardi Gras themed dinner at another cousin’s. We had New Orleans style food and a King Cake, from which Katie pulled the baby, dubbing her the Queen of Mardi Gras. I am not allowed to share her photo. Sadface. Aren’t they all great? Don’t you wish they were your family??


The dessert table.




What I wore. Isn’t her house so pretty??


She’s been collecting shells forever.


The next day Randy took us to Dohini Castle (Mansion? I forget). It was lovely, the grounds reminded me of Old Westbury Gardens but with a much better view.


Then onto the Getty Center.


Went to Mexican dinner (yay yum) with my niece, great-niece and nephew.


Annabelle helped herself to her first tortilla chips.


It’s the Year of the Dog.


Had French food at The Grove/Farmer’s Market with my cousin and aunt (Yes! The Fun at Home one!!!)


I bonded with Puck the Dalmatian.


On Thursday Katie and I parted ways. She was continuing onto San Diego for a few more days while I had my last day in SoCal.


We had mani-pedis, did a little shopping, my lovely niece got me an “anti-depression” parting gift. I had another breakfast with my cousin Robin on our way to the airport. And then…trying as hard as I could not to cry (slight fail there), I left.

Sigh. Goodbye, Pacific Ocean (the better ocean). Goodbye beautiful mountains majesties.


Pictures from the air.


And then home. Got myself flowers right away to make the apartment not feel so quiet and lonesome.


Watched the kooky neighbor sitting out in the snow.


And am missing people terribly…

jen + annabelle venice beach 2.10.18 1 resized pink tint

And now am on my way to get my taxes done, wish me luck. This is no longer the magical time of year that it used to be for me. I just have to hope that the amount owed isn’t crippling.

Bye for now.


Week in Review: Week 102

Annnnd it’s February. Soon will be March, and spring. I’m hoping for One More Snow Day. Last year we had two snow days in mid-February, so there’s still hope. Today I have a million things on my to-do list as it’s my last day off before going away next Friday…but I didn’t sleep well last night and I do my best sleeping from like 5-11am (which is unfortunate given most job’s schedules) so I’m just getting moving now.

This past week was uneventful so I’ve been doing a lot of flashback posts on my Instagram accounts and I’ll share some of those here as well.

Still peeking around corners.


Pottery Garden


We had a little snow this week, enough for a delayed opening. It was so pretty the way it clung to all the trees, I wish I could have played hooky and just taken pictures all day.


Pretty yellow house.


Sometimes he misses the point of the dog bed.


I’ve being doing a little biopic of “cars from my past” in the absence of anything new to share on Instagram.

This was my first car, a 64½ Ford Mustang. It cost $500 in 1979. There were holes in the floorboards so your feet got wet when it was raining, the reverse lights were on a switch so you could terrify the drivers behind you, and actual fans and an air conditioner unit mounted inside for temperature control. It went through oil like crazy and the muffler pipe was usually dragging on the ground. I adored it. That’s my first dog, Airehart, in the lower lefthand corner. I always thought the picture was kinda funny in that dog and car are facing the exact same way like they were both looking at some kids down the street.


When I totaled that car I moved onto this one, a 1967 Mustang. My friend’s little brother made that “DEATHMOBILE” sign which stayed taped on til the tape yellowed and curled up and the sign fell off. I believe there might be a picture of the car he drew to go along with the sign. I’ll have to look for that.



My father passed away in 1982 while this was my car and I seized the engine right around that time. I started driving his car, a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL that he’d bought in Germany while he was still overseas in the Navy and shipped to Florida when he returned home to the states a few months after I was born. My mother was unsure what to do with his car after he died and I begged her to let me have it. It still ran, but he had pretty much jerry-rigged every part of it, so he understood it but I don’t think anyone else could have. Anyway, at the time I was working at a barn in an area with very steep hills, some of the highest on Long Island…and really the only experience I had with driving a stick was my friend Larry giving me lessons in his Chevette in parking lots. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. After maybe the third time of having to call a tow truck to come rescue me from the overheated car stuck on a steep hill, my mother said enough and consoled me with this offer: sell my father’s beloved car and use the money to put a new engine in my Mustang and get the body fully restored and painted. I couldn’t really turn that down. Still, sadface.

Mustang #2 after all the work was done to it. Somewhere I’d seen this ever-so-slightly metallic, ever-so-slightly lavender-tinged grey body paint and I searched dozens of body shops and car dealers across Long Island looking for that exact paint. She was a thing of beauty.


This is the car that had to be sacrificed for the greater good. It was the only car he had the whole time I was alive until he died in 1982. It was a great car. Always smelled like cigars cuz he was only allowed to smoke them in the yard and in the car. For some reason my mother granted permission for him to smoke his pipes in the basement (his man cave). I thought they smelled wonderful, too. But I can’t stand cigarette smoke.

That’s my mother and father in the car when we lived in Ponte Vedre Beach, Florida when I was a baby. We had a little house right on the beach. I don’t remember it but I have pictures.


Speaking of my mother, this week, February 2, would have been her 96th birthday. She died when she was 68…and I was 30…and I had Katie the following year. That was poor planning 😦  She’s the one in blue. I’m the short one. Look, I have the same haircut now!


Caleb went to work with me one day this week and go to meet the president of his fan club 🙂


That seemed a little more “life in review” than week in review, but…

I’m currently reading two books…neither has really grabbed me yet but I’m still optimistic. Interesting that, like last week, they have a common theme – different cultures in other countries. But that’s where the similarities end. Anyone read either of these?


Alrighty then, time for me to a get a move-on. Lots to do. Have a good week, y’all!


Week in Review: Week 101

Week One Hundred One. Seems sort of anti-climactic. Oh well. I have another big landmark coming up soon. Landmark? Is that the right word? That doesn’t sound quite right. I feel like I struggle with words lately. Words (or phrases) I know I KNOW, I just can’t retrieve them. Then there was the night I couldn’t remember how to turn the lights on in my car. That was a little alarming. There was something else just this past week…maybe with the computer at work…but I can’t remember what it was. Ironic. Ha ha. But not so funny when it’s happening to you.

ANYWAY, let’s see if I CAN remember something from this past week. I was definitely in a funk. I just needed a little break from the world. Of course, sometimes I just confuse that with “I’m reading a really good book and I don’t want to do anything else, just read the book.” And I had two of those in a row, so…that might be part of it. And I was tired. So who knows. But I needed to snap out of it cuz life. My trip is in less than 2 weeks and I’ve got stuff to do for that, and get things ready here for during my absence. So. Let’s get on with it.

Went back to the arboretum for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot.

planting fields camellia house 1.21.18 resized

A hair update. I’m going to go to the salon before my trip to get a little neatening shave around the back of my neck and maybe around my ears, not sure. It’s so grey!


Will also take the wig. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and trimmed into the bangs a bit yesterday and it’s SO much better…but I need a more skilled hand to do more than what I did and to trim the back up a lot. The ends have gotten so broken from brushing out rats’ nests. It tangles SO easily. It’s really not a recommended thing to do. If I ever needed one again I would really push for human hair or a much better quality one than this. But the bangs help 🙂


This is one of the sights from my town. These four 600′ tall red and white smoke stacks are part of a natural gas and conventional oil electric power generating plant and can be seen from as far away as Connecticut. This area is very hilly, and when you’re up high the stacks can usually be spotted.


This is a throwback to the days when Caleb could run…and man did he love bounding through the snow!


I spotted these figures a couple weeks back. I don’t know if they’ve always been there and I just never noticed them before (??) or if those people said, “gee it looks bland out there without the holiday decorations, let’s put up some characters from the Wizard of Oz??” (as one does).


Saw this on Instagram and thought YEP.


That was really it.

Oh, the books I was reading were Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, which is so not my usual kind of book, but she can really tell a story! And One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid, which was a light read with an interesting premise. Also well-told. I will definitely read more from both authors. And interesting, now that I’m looking at and thinking about both books at the same time – they both had a similar premise, that I hadn’t realized at the time. But you’ll have to read them to know what that is!


And now it’s time to work on my blog post for Tuesday – one week off was enough – and then go horizontal for a Sunday afternoon movie. Ooh, speaking of movies, I’ve seen some good ones recently. “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” which is currently on HBO, but you can watch the trailer on Amazon here. And “Frantz,” which is free on Amazon Prime and you can see the trailer here. Not sure what I’ll watch this afternoon but if I like it I’ll share with you next week!

Last week of January ahead!


Week in Review: Week ONE HUNDRED!!!

Today, on a Very Special Fashion Schlub, the one HUNDREDTH episode will be filmed before a live studio audience. Oh MAN, why didn’t I ACTUALLY think of doing that! Before right now when I’m sitting down to write the post that’s ALREADY a day late! Oh I’m just a mess. But I did have a fun week.

Last week started with a trip to the greenhouses at a local arboretum. We’re very fortunate on Long Island to have So Many really good arboretums and public gardens. This was Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay.

Oops, you’re a little tipsy.







IMG_9674 (1)


Then onto Nassau County Museum of Art for the “Fool the Eye” exhibit.






This happened.


I swiped this off my niece’s icloud stream. Cuz come on…is my great niece not the sweetest???


My family. Far far away.



Okay…went to an art lecture (a first for me, so A New Thing) at Hecksher Museum of Art on Andy Warhol and the Pop-Art Culture. Very interesting.


I guess it would have made sense if I’d taken pictures of the pop art on display instead of these. D’oh!


Flower shop.


The big thaw.


Gothic architecture in Sea Cliff, NY.


Cold Spring Harbor, NY. I really got around this week!


Not one fashiony reference in this post, sorry! Sometimes I put some Outfits of the Day (OOTD) in the Week in Review, but I already put them all in the “What I Wore This Week” video so it seemed redundant to post them again here.

Tomorrow is back to work – and I have not one fun thing planned for this week yet, urgh. It looks like a lot of rain, so bleh. I really need to take down my Christmas tree…yeah, maybe that will happen this week.

Okay kids, have a good week! xoxo



Week in Review: Week 99

The week began with snow on the ground and puppies all over the apartment. Shocker. Ha 🙂 It was a full week back to work after the holidays and being sick and snow days.


It was still cold.


So, for better or worse, I was super bundled up.


In the interest of my “pamper myself more” resolution, I did get flowers from Trader Joe’s for the apartment. In case you don’t live near a field of wild flowers or your city’s floral wholesale district, I believe that Trader Joe’s is THE best source for a large selection of reasonably-priced, healthy cut flowers. For $12 I have flowers in the bedroom, bathroom and living room. I’d have split them up even more but I still have not unpacked all the vases (because there’s nowhere to put them when I do). I usually buy three different varieties then mix them all together into bouquets.

flowers pampering 1.9.18 1 pm

The street I usually turn up to come home was closed off at both ends so kids could sled. How sweet is that?


One more present under the tree. See those starburst lights? Fun, right? It’s an app called kirakira+. It was .99 but that felt worth it to me for all the Christmas pics I take.


Still snow.


Remember a couple months ago I did that photoshoot with Jennifer from Peanut&Pip Photography? I got the rest of the pictures and am In Love with them! These are my favorites…

me+caleb j beitchman 1.9.18 2 screenshotIMG_9557IMG_9556

Gorgeous, right?? She does such beautiful work…if you’re local and want family portraits…she’s your gal.

That was my week. Lots of snow and puppies. Not expecting much different in the week ahead. Well, maybe mud and puppies.



Week in Review: Week 98

Well, THAT was an exciting week! Ha ha, just kidding. I’ve barely left the apartment since New Year’s Day. I had some sort of evil stomachey thing for two days and then we had SUPER SNOW BOMBOGENISIS so two snow days from work…and then the weekend! I HAVE to go out this morning because I’m out of everything…and to make sure the winds didn’t re-snow the car in since being shoveled out on Thursday. So, I’ve just been a hermit recluse, which is really my favorite way to be anyway (yes, I am my mother). But I really needed that. Tomorrow will be back to the real world.

So we start off with some pics from 2017 – the top nine pictures from my two Instagram accounts – the first is Fashion Schlub, the second is Bettye Rainwater Photography, in case you were interested in following.


I started off the new year with a nice day in Brooklyn with a friend. Breakfast at Egg, then driving around a bit in the bitter cold just seeing the sights. That’s one of my favorite things to do.



Then the snow came. I know this doesn’t look like much but I don’t usually have snow on my little porch at all. It was mad windy, yo. It just occurred to me I should find a new place to hide my spare key (I’m notorious for locking myself out) because right now it’s buried under a ton of snow. Oh gosh, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


The puppies were not concerned about the snow in the least. I’ve been dog-sitting this week so have many puppies.


Since it has been so bitterly cold they only go out for a few minutes at a time.


But I love the snow. I love the quiet when it’s falling. I love that it covers everything up at a time when things are brown and bare. I love that it slows down the world. And traps you inside. I *really* love snow days (ha ha). In Bettyeland it would snow heavily right at Christmas and the ground wouldn’t be seen again until the crocuses start to bloom in March/April.


And at the end of this week I had the surprise of being mentioned in a Ravishly feature on plus-size fashion in the workplace. That was kinda cool!


So that was my quiet week – just me and the puppies and the snow. Real life will start barging in today when the vet comes to check on Caleb…and I have to lug cardboard and online shopping returns out to my car…and grocery shop and pick out outfits for the week…and blah blah blah. Real life. Am grateful for my little respite from it.

And on we go….



Week in Review: Week 97

This is the final post of 2017. I’m not doing a “year” wrap-up right now…I’ve got stuff going on right now, getting ready for a friend to come for dinner and the day has been very hustly-bustly…for now I’ll just do the usual Week in Review…

I realized once I looked back at my phone for pictures for the week, that I didn’t do much besides work…and Christmas. I may have said before that I am usually off from work the week between Christmas and New Years, but not this year as I had used up all my paid time off being sick earlier in the year. Usually I spend this week recharging, regrouping and reorganizing…and sleeping late 🙂  So I’m feeling a bit behind the 8-ball already and its only the first day of 2018!

Anyway, mostly Christmas pics this week…


IMG_9444IMG_9440christmas 2017 9 resizedchristmas 2017 7 resizedchristmas 2017 6 resizedchristmas 2017 5 resizedchristmas 2017 4 resizedchristmas 2017 1 resized

Ha ha, my one organization project was cleaning out my purse…pretty thrilling stuff here on Fashion Schlub!


And Mother Nature running a very tight ship this year…we had such a lovely mild autumn and literally The First Day of Winter and the temps dropped down into the teens and 20s and have been there ever since!


And that was the last full week of 2017.

I have just a little video “card” for you for New Year’s….

See ya next year!