Week in Review: Week 126

It was…a pretty good week. A work event was behind us, and it always feels good to move beyond the mad rush leading up to an event. I got some good photos for the blog I do at work, and that felt good. I had a good mix of social evenings and “at home alone” evenings. My only real complaint (well, besides a friend who is ignoring my emails, grr) would be the weather. It is just SO so hot, I don’t even want to go sit at the beach in the evening and watch the sunset. I just want to go home to the aircon (ps, I’m watching too many UK youtubers and watching too much British tv, I’m starting to pick up and use some of their slang without even realizing. and even when I do realize, I like it, and keep doing it).

Sad flowers.


Fashion Schlub was included in Gwynnie Bee’s Best Member Moments of July post. I’ve shared this tidbit umpteen times. Whee, I’m a narcissist!


While I’m still on the subject of ME (!!!), I’ll also mention that FS was also included in Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode Summer Round Up Party: A listing of fashion bloggers (below) you might want to check out. I love looking at accounts I’ve never seen before and finding new favorites (I’m definitely going to take a look at that second one!).

My friend Linda and I went to a cool open studio gallery thing in Brooklyn – it was a huge space with art exhibits and installations, appies and wine and interactive workshops/sessions.

I got a kick out of this artist (I picked up her card and now I can’t find it!). She combined crochet (aka yarn bomb torture activity) with lighting and 3D images.


It doesn’t come across in the photo but the leopard in the center of the piece is actually 3D. How do people come up with this stuff? I’m so ashamed of my mind when I see things like this, like why can’t you ever come up with anything original?? 


Vintage tin ceiling tiles and moss.


Scraggly yarn (?) curtain in front of film of hand.


This put me in mind of Noah’s Ark.


we become everything we love


We did marbling. Mine’s on the left, Linda’s on the right. It was so cool. I wanted to do more.


I’m a sweaty Bettye poodlehead

We did the most amazing meditation. In the past when I’ve gone to meditation classes they were Buddhism-based, and I liked them very much. And a couple times a week I use a guided meditation app on my phone and just do a 5-10 minute breath-based meditation, and that’s fine. But this was like…SOUL meditation. Heart meditation. The woman who led it had us think on different things and there were different movements we did…it was just very different and it really moved me. Tears were streaming down my face halfway through. I wish I could go to her for more but she’s all the way in Brooklyn and that just doesn’t fit for me right now. But…wow. It was memorable.

This was the note on the chair I chose…that’s a pretty good message. For all of us.


Then there was a photographer taking portraits of people in a dark room with crazy lighting…

bric 1 8.1.18

Everything about the evening was…I would say “perfect,” which is a term I rarely use…but for the HEAT. And humidity. The venue was air conditioned but it wasn’t even touching me, I was drenched the entire time. But other than that, it was really really really good.

Oh, this was one of my favorite things. Super tacky (intentionally?), but I love the beaded saying:

I play the game where I imagine my friends as old and silver. I like this game the most. Because in it we survive the hateful, warful years, all of the terrible things that will inevitably happen.

She is at @emilyoliveirastudio on Instagram if you want to see more.


It was one year ago this week that I had my head shaved 2 weeks into chemo. THAT was a day, oofah. A year later I’m still going to Morgan at POSH to have her try and shape my crazy curly regrowth. This is what it looks like when I get up in the morning (!).

IMG_2389 (1)

The sides and bangs are pretty cooperative. It’s that poodle top bit that’s so crazy. It’s long enough to curl up and frizz in the humidity but not long enough to get my curling iron around to smooth. So at best, it’s smooshed down waves. Not cute like a “best short haircut” post on Pinterest.

Okay, here’s a thing I’m doing (ohhh I’m not happy about this but)…for the month of August – NO MCDONALDS SWEET TEA. I forgot I’d planned to make this resolution til Friday so I missed the first couple days…and Normal Me would say OH WELL, TRY AGAIN IN SEPTEMBER…but Trying to Be Better Than Normal Me is going to try and stick with it for the rest of the month. I was going to do “no sweet tea OR chips” in August but. I’m having a hard enough time getting my head around the tea part. Let’s just see how this goes. Chips can be the next step. BABY STEPS.

I have A Big Project on the agenda for this (Sunday) afternoon. If I complete it I’ll post a little before&after video. If I don’t, I’ll delete this paragraph and through the magic of television you’ll be none the wiser.



This is the kitchen table I wanted, but…not happening.

Image result for saarinen table

Okay, that’s it for this week! I’m going to to watch the last episode of Last Tango in Halifax (I didn’t realize when I started watching that it was only on for 3 seasons!) and then bed.

Wishing everyone a cool, dry, peaceful week!



Week in Review: Week 125

Well, I fished my wish this week for sure. I complained last week was too full…and this week was a big goose egg of nothingness!

I went to storage. By myself. I hate going there by myself. A) It’s creepy.


B) It’s hard to navigate alone. Things are stacked high and deep and the towers are a little precarious. I was looking for a box of photo albums to find a particular picture (for the post on white dresses). I was excited to see the white box right smack in the center of the photo labeled “PHOTO ALBUMS,” but after rearranging everything to get it out, the photo was missing from the album. I’ve moved So Much over the past 10 years I no longer have a sense of where many of my belongings are. Some have been packed and unseen since I sold my house in 2009. Sorry, storage always makes me oddly emotional.


I had just spotted an antique car show at the park in town…and then I got an Uber ride request. By the time I got back they were leaving and only got a few pics.


A cute lil house with a daylilly walkway.


We lost our Madison (aka The Puffy Cat) two years ago this week.


Monkey Money! The child is headed to Costa Rica with her sister and cousins.





We had our second annual Brew-B-Q fundraiser on Saturday so I worked all day. And It Was Hotter Than It Has Ever Been in the History of the World. And 99% humidity. Crazy times.

My daughter is in Costa Rica living la vida loca. She’ll probably be mad at me for posting this pic BUT she probably does not read my blog, so…Living La Dangerous Loca.


Someone gave me a work-around to try with my computer and it worked, woohoo! I have to use it now every time I start it up so I still think there’s an issue, but for now – I’m back on. And I’m going to invest in a subscription to Carbonite so every file I create and save will be automatically backed up to The Cloud…so if it happens again I don’t have to be SO panicked as I can retrieve my files and work on a different computer somewhere else til I get sorted out at home.

The obligatory Janey picture. The window could use a washing!


Wow, we’re reaching all new depths of uninterestingness here. The coming week should be a little better 🙂

Hope you’re all surviving this insane heat…or whatever weather you’re having where you are. Thinking good thoughts for the week ahead.

Week in Review: Week 124

This was the kind of week I DON’T like – when every evening is planned up. While I liked doing all the things I did, I would have liked it better had they been spread over a couple weeks so I could have had a little more down/me time. AND, even worse, I didn’t even really get fun pictures from the things I did, so. It might be a bit of a boring Week in Review. As opposed to all the other ADVENTURE-PACKED weeks I share with you.

I went to the beach right after work again on Monday. That is a nice way to start the week, with something lovely to look forward to at the end of the day. The sun is a little lower in the sky by 4:45 and there’s a nice breeze. Most of the hordes of people have gone so we’re not all on top of one another (one of the cons of Long Island beaches).


I had a little time to myself to read my book.


Tuesday evening I went to the ALS Walk Kick-off event with my BFF. She lost her brother far too early to ALS a few years ago. The walk is actually in September, but the summer kickoff is a gathering with food and wine and fundraising updates and reports and telling people how to register for the walk and how to create their own fundraising pages. I know you don’t know me or my friend (who is the loveliest, most optimistic, warm person) or her family…but just in case you were so inclined to make a donation towards the cause…you could do that right here. Anyway, we met the loveliest couple who I actually kinda enjoyed talking to (“kinda enjoyed” is high praise for me, I have some social anxieties in person so tend to not do a lot of talking). And I got a mint 🙂


Wednesday I did a little fitting room try-on at Loft. Unsuccessfully, as you know if you’re a regular reader.

loft tryon Collage 7.18.18

Thursday I got this dress in the mail from Gwynnie Bee. I kinda (that seems to be the word of the day) thought it was cute…in theory. In reality, the mock turtleneck was kinda (!!!) limp (don’t you hate when that happens??) and the arm holes spread forward into the side boob area…so I could only wear it under a cardigan, and then it’s just Another Dress Under the Black Cardigan outfit and WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP?!?!? Back it went into the mailer to be returned the next day. I should have something to replace it in a day or two.


Friday night I went with some friends to Earth Arts, a pottery painting place, for “Ladies Night Out: Chocolate Edition.” I was not feeling too inspired so picked the smallest thing I could find and just painted a dopey flower. Ha. It’ll look better after it’s fired. Usually I paint sayings on dishes, like “Maybe I’ll Die Today” or “Hoping for the Best but Expecting the Worst” or some other profound but slightly (you say tomayto) pessimistic sentiment. The flower is a real departure for me. Oh, one time I painted a fertility bowl that I gave to a newly-married friend. They’re already divorced. Yeah. Pottery painting. I really want to go to a regular paint night but no one else wants to do that (MOCHI). Anyway, I’d wanted to get a  picture of the 4 of us but I hit the wall hard well before quitting time and excused myself early, so never got a pic.


And this weekend has been weird because I based my plans/lack of plans around the weather and then the weather did a 360. But today I’m taking some boxes over to storage…I’ve been here almost a year (Aug 24) and I still have unopened boxes around. And I’m looking for something that I hope is in storage and I can find it. And maybe I’ll turn on the Uber app for an hour or so after storage. Oh yeah, I started that like 2 weeks ago, have only done 3 rides because it’s been such a busy time…but I’m trying to get all my blog stuff for the week ahead done today, then I can Uber for an hour or so every day after work this week that I don’t have other plans (and so far there’s nothing). Ubering is interesting, I might write a blog post about it soon.

And that was my week.

Week in Review: Week 123

Ooh, Week 123, I like that!

Well, as First-Weeks-Back-to-Work-After-Vacation go, this wasn’t a bad one.

First day back to work I skedaddled right to the beach as soon as I was free. It was a warm afternoon with a breeze and a friend joined me for a beach chat. We discussed the pros and cons of living in your car and ideas for home-based businesses.  Assuming your car is not your home.


An ice cream shop in town went out of business. Trust me, we are not at a loss for ice cream now, there are several other shops still remaining. But this one was so cute with a carousel horse in the window.


I got the Filthmobile washed and detailed in preparation for my new side gig as an Uber driver. I’ve taken two fares so far and have not been murdered or car-jacked. It’s all good.


Janey and the polka dots.


On Friday the 13th a raven/crow (there’s been some discussion as to which this is) landed on the roof of the building just above me as I headed into work. Then I boosted a Facebook post for an event we’re having and you put in how much you want to spend for the duration of the promotion and for how many days you want to run it…and it came out to $6.66 per day. Fortunately, it is now Sunday the 15th and as I mentioned, I have not been murdered or car-jacked, so…I think I survived the bad omens.


Getting ready for a photo shoot.


Saw this sign during the shoot and I couldn’t resist getting one pic with it.


After the shoot I was so so hot, I drove around the area cooling down before I turned on the Uber app. Saw this little pond. It looked nicer in real life.


Wish I’d had my camera, the phone camera was not my friend while shooting these snowy egrets.


Always looking for photo opps and interesting future photo shoot locations.


They may not look like much now, but I see a blue photo background, a black one and a pretty terra cotta one.


Oh! Almost got through the day without paying homage to the Very Important #NationalIceCreamDay !

national ice cream day

Went to the park at the end of the day to see this…


…and this 🙂


And that was my week. Pretty anti-climactic after last week, but…..you know, life. Already have a couple beach afternoons planned this week as rain this morning kept me from going today. Got anything fun planned for the week ahead?

Week in Review: Week 122

My vacation week is quickly coming to an end…but I had a very full, fun, productive and anxiety-free week, which I really needed.

I started the week having to say goodbye to my baby…again, boo hoo. Our visits our so short and so far between. I won’t see her again til Thanksgiving, when we’ll both go to my sister’s house in South Carolina.

Katie and my ex’s King Shepherd, Hunter. I want them both to come stay with me for ever and ever and ever

I had a beach day with my bestie. It’s been a loooong  time since I’ve gone to the beach for realz. Last year was just…no. I almost didn’t go this day due to stupid anxiety, but I powered through and had a great day.


I didn’t do #ootd this week because, really, this dress below and the bathing suit above were what I wore almost every day. Kept it simple and cool.


Photographed some plus size items to list on ebay. I’ll post a link to my shop when they’re up.


I hadn’t planned to go to see fireworks (cuz traffic people walking) but as I was driving around Wednesday afternoon looking for pictures for my @NorthportEveryDay Instagram account I noticed a bunch of cars parked along a road where usually no one parks. Then I noticed people sitting in lawn chairs. Hmm. I quickly googled “fireworks in Northport” and sure enough, there was to be a local fireworks display and the locals knew where to park for the view but to avoid the crowds and traffic. I was in! I always have my beach chair in the car and I had my camera, iced tea and a book cuz I was planning on sitting in the park for sunset…so I just set up camp with the other people and waited for it to get dark. It was nice, no annoying bugs, just charming fireflies, I listened to people chatting, we enjoyed cooling breezes off the Sound, it was a lovely evening.


Ooh! Ahh!


Of course, afterwards, there was a long line of traffic waiting to get out on the one lane road. I just sat in my car playing Words with Friends til the road was clear 🙂


The next day, back to the beach. Looks kinda like the desert til you get past the dunes.


That’s a hard job.


Friday we went to a lavender farm. You’ll see more pictures in this week’s blog post.



IMG_5898 resized

Made all the obligatory “out east” stops and took the corresponding pictures – farm stands, beaches, shacks, flowers, gnomes, etc.

out east 7.6.18 1 resized
If you look closely you’ll see two osprey on their nest at the top of the tree.
out east 7.6.18 3 resized
Miniature-sized models of the North Fork light-houses at Orient Point Beach

out east 7.6.18 2 resized


Stopped on the way home for dessert (she had apple crumb pie and I had almond cream pie, yum) and mashed turnips to go, cuz they’re supposed to be the best!


My daughter used to make fun of the things I brought home from thrift stores (like 60s silver clutch purses) in my ebay days…now she wears them out. Mm-hmm.



7.7.18 northport every day resized.jpg

I got myself flowers.


And that, my friends, was my wonderful vacation week. Now I have to get ready to go to a wake (sadness) and start to prepare for the work week ahead.

Hope you all had a nice week! xoxo


Week in Review: Week 121

It’s Sunday evening, I’m inside with the ac on as it was a very hot day…I can see the sky is looking beautiful down towards the harbor but I don’t have it in me to drive the 5 minutes to see it. I was going to try and shoot an outfit tonight by myself but…not happening. Summer comes and I just go to hell in a handbasket. Now that’s an odd expression! Okay, the week.

First of all, it was camp week at work, which means only a handful of our usual kids were there and many unfamiliar kids were there instead, for a week of…well, let me just show you. I can’t share the pictures here but I can give you the link to the camp week blog post I did -> Camp NSSA 2018

Monday night I saw the Mr. Roger’s movie “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” Very endearing. Sad that he’s gone.

Image result for won't you be my neighbor

Tuesday I had dinner with friends…



Then we went to a little nearby beach for a short walk and sunset.


Wednesday was National Sunglasses Day…


And I found this little peekaboo view of the harbor through someone’s yard.


I watched the sunset and a g’boy sat near me doing the same.


Thursday night I was pooped and came home and just crashed on the sofa in the ac. For hours. It was delightful.

I bought half a pie.


I made it through the work week to Friday…and now I’m on VACATION!!!

Saturday, Katie and I drove into Brooklyn for Smorgasburg. We tried to do a photo shoot and it was ridiculous. There were so many people, it was so so hot, I was dripping and red faced and about to keel over. It’s like the worst photo shoot ever, ha. So, you have that to look forward to on Wednesday.




On our way to dropping Katie off at her friend’s apartment in the city we drove alongside protesters against Trump’s immigration policies marching across the Brooklyn Bridge. All we could do in the moment was honk, thumbs up and WOOHOO them in support. Thanks to Katie for the video.

It Was Very Hot.


It took me THREE HOURS to drive home cuz Long Island.

Today I did work in the morning (was uncharacteristically productive) then went to the ex’s for his daughter’s graduation party. It’s too hot for me to be out among the people anymore. I can be 1) in the air conditioning or 2) at the beach. Those are my options til like mid-September. See ya then 🙂

OH! I totally forgot to include my 1 Second Every Day video in yesterday’s Month in Review post, so it’s going right here.

Hope y’all have a nice week!


Week in Review: Week 120

Busy Busy Busy. Work was busy, evenings were busy. Busy so busy. Whoa. And yet, sadly, not a lot of pictures to show for it. OH WELL.

Monday I had dinner with an old friend. We ate outside on the patio and it was NINE MILLION DEGREES I am not exaggerating. After dinner we went down to the park by the harbor and a pre-storm wind-picked up, which was lovely. We just sat on a bench and chatted and caught up. Nice.


Tuesday I got my hair cut pretty short for summer.


Then we did a photo shoot outdoors at a museum, you can see it in its entirety here. It was another hot day but we were able to find shady spots to shoot in.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 6.19.18 3 resized
Pink top by Andree Unit, similar vibe here and here in plus size, here and here in straight sizes. Super comfy cognac slides by Steve Madden

Wednesday I met some friends at Beach Hut, this is a franchise of beach-front spots that serve food, drinks and have live music every night throughout the summer season. You can sit in their dining area if you want to order their food or you can just plunk your chair down in the sand with your own refreshments and still hear the music. So it’s a nice low-cost summer option and we do this pretty often. Last year they got in trouble for tax evasion and this year the franchise is back with new owners and a new name but they’ll always be Beach Huts to me.


Uhm, okay.


I’ve been cleaning my car out for a long time now…there was a LOT of stuff in there. I’m finally down to the last of the Stuff That Shouldn’t Be There (as opposed to things like jumper cables, beach chair, water bottles, etc), and once it’s all emptied out I’ll get it super-duper cleaned at the car wash…in preparation for my new endeavor – I’m going to be an Uber driver, woohoo. Ha. I’m stalling a bit cuz I’m a little nervous but I think it will be a good way to bring in some additional cash on my own timetable.

Anyway, this week I found these items. I just don’t know how some things wind up in there! My daughter’s high school graduation program from nine years ago (note: she graduated on the day Michael Jackson died) and…


…this weird little hot dog cookbook ?!? Ha. If you’re a hot dog lover, I saw this article online this week about spiralizing hot dogs.


Friday was the last day of Secret Friend (aka Secret Santa) Week at work and I got my final gift (Starbucks gift card!) and found out who my secret friend was, whee!


Another great surprise that day was a little chipmunk waiting for me on my steps when I got home!


AND…getting to see MY BABY!!! She’s in NY for a little bit and we did a quick blog photo shoot (here’s a sneak peek) AND…


…sat on the beach with spiked slurpees and watched the cloudy sunset.


And I’m trying, ONCE AGAIN, to do Outfit of the Day every day. Even on casual days when I’m not really “dressing,” I’m just throwing on clothes to leave the building. Like today. I’m just running out to pick up breakfast then I’ll probably be home the rest of the day. I’m opting to skip the Fun Things with Friends (FOMO much?) to do some much-needed blog and apartment work. The day we went to the alpaca farm I had really intended to stay home and get work done, but…alpacas. So…if I get it all done today, I can play all the coming week without guilt. 

Army green tee from Asos, no longer available, similar here and here in plus sizes…and here and here in straight sizes. Khaki linen blend pants from Jessica London, no longer available, similar here. Footbed slides by Mephisto (LITERALLY 20 years old), no longer available, similar here

And now it’s Sunday evening, time for some dinner, picking out my outfits for the week, then maybe a movie before bed. And tomorrow we start all over again!

What are you up to this first full week of summer??

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Week in Review: Week 119

It was a week. I’ll give the Mon-Fri portion a 50 out of a possible hundred. And the weekend a 91. Would have been better if I felt better – but I’ve had this low-lying cold for almost two weeks now. Missed one day of work when I was fevery/achey, but now it just keeps moving between my throat, nose and chest. So I’m feeling exhausted and easily winded today…cancelled this morning’s photo shoot because the thought of changing and posing and sweating and coughing while trying to look good was very unappealing so I’ll be scrambling for photos again this week.

Confession, the photo below is not from this week but it went astray for a bit and I just found it this week, so. It’s actually from that lovely beach evening I had a few weeks back, on our way out the sun was just hitting the water under the bridge so we pulled the car over quickly and jumped out for a quick pic.


So much greenery. And such a pretty herringbone pattern in the brick sidewalk.


Every Friday evening from May-August there’s live music in the park at the end of Main St. This week was a bluegrassy singer named Willie Steele. I went down there by myself and just enjoyed listening and people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 3 resized

I love people-watching.

happenings on main 6.15.18 4 resized

Saturday we drove about 70 miles north to Yorktown Heights, NY to a lovely place called Faraway Farm Alpacas, which is an alpaca ranch! We got a tour from proprietor Leda, who was very welcoming and full of information. She let us go in one of the pastures with “the girls.” They’re inquisitive but a little shy and not so fond of petting like a dog or horse might be…

alpaca 2

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 8 resized


But Layla lay down in the shade right where we were standing and obligingly let everyone take selfies with her.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 resized
My friend Linda who does a lot of the photographs on this blog!

There were also a couple Icelandic horses who were happily munching grass.

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 6 resized

Come on, who can resist those anime-like eyes and those eyelashes!

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 4 resized

It’s definitely a worthwhile stop if you’re in the area, email in advance to schedule a tour. There was also a little shop on-site that sold handmade things using the alpaca hair shorn here on the farm. We’re already planning another visit, but next time we’ll go back earlier in the year, pre-shearing, when the alpacas are at their foofiest. Note, alpacas do not actually wear little hats like this (though it would be super cute if they did!).

linda and alpaca faraway farms 6.16.18 7 resized

A little side story (isn’t there always??), back when I was married my ex and I spent a couple days in North Carolina looking for property to buy and someday build a retirement home on. I can’t recall now how it happened, but we wound up at a llama farm and convinced ourselves we were going to start breeding llamas and eventually this business would supplement our retirement income. I still had the horses in the backyard at that time so it wasn’t an entirely preposterous thought, but…eventually we came to our senses and did not add any llamas to our already sizable menagerie. But I did love them.

Me & my llama love

We got lost like six times driving in and out of the alpaca farm, but we found this nifty bridge…


And went for a very short walk at Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve.

turkey mountain

And today I rested.



Week in Review: Weeks 117 & 118

I stayed in most of the long Memorial Day weekend…but got out on Monday for my nephew’s (actually my ex’s son but I’ve always been Aunt Bettye, which is nice) birthday party. It was a nice day to sit outside….


And have birthday cake.


I have frequent bunny visitors in my yard.


Got to see the last minute of sun.


Frog Fountain at the diner.


Went to a Garden Conservancy Open Garden.


Cheese shop.


Tiny morsels with entertaining history.


Storm clouds over the river. Bay? I’m never sure what all the bodies of water are around Long Island.


Farm stand cobwebs.




Fence goals.


Time to clean out my car.


One of Caleb’s frisbees 😦




Farmstand peonies.


Made it just in time.


Flower Power birdhouse.


Pink house.


Inspirational greeting card sky.


Had a surprise meet-up at the Bike to the Beach rest stop!


Peony shatter.


Staten Island Cultural Center: Snug Harbor. Gardens.


Chinese Scholar Garden. This was lovely til we got caught in the rain.

The End.

Week in Review: Week 116

It was finally warm enough to wear The Nightgown Dress. Which I am really “over” wearing it with this little white crochet cardi. Maybe it’s the cardigan I’m over. It’s feeling a little too “twee” for me these days. Will have to figure out a better topper. The dress is such an easy wear favorite but I don’t feel right wearing sleeveless to work so it needs something over it there.

Tencel dress from Old Navy, no longer available, similar here or here in plus size, or here in straight size
The town is starting to gear up for Memorial Day weekend.


This was the sort of thing I was finding in the plus-size section at Saver’s this week. I’ll have to double-check but I don’t believe chartreuse sequined muscle tank is on my list.


I had one glorious beach evening. The light was beautiful, the temperature was gentle, the sand was soft and cool, the water was bracing, there was hardly anyone there. It’s the first really good feeling I’ve had since Caleb.


I took this picture for someone who is obsessed with the American flag. He has taken it upon himself to be the flag police and contact businesses, government agencies, etc., that are flying the flag incorrectly or in an unsuitable condition. I don’t know that this is either of those things, I just thought he might like the picture. This person is no longer in my life but I still take pictures for him that never get sent.


One afternoon I met a friend in town and we got ice cream then walked to the harbor to see the sunset. For those of you who are thinking “I thought she was going to lose weight,” please focus on the word “walked” and not the words “ice cream.”


I’m puppy sitting this weekend. He’s mental telepathying his mother, “please come save me from Aunt Bettye who is taking up the entire sofa forcing me to lay on the hard hard floor.” I found him in my bed later so, don’t worry, he’s not suffering too much.


Now it’s Sunday. A lovely grey spring rain is falling so I am excused from having to go “out in the world.” I can read one of my new books, nap, watch movies or play with my new watercolors.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. And I am thinking of and grateful for those who have died while protecting our country. Did you know about the National Moment of Remembrance Act? It encourages people to pause each Memorial Day at 3pm local time to remember the brave men and women who died serving this country. Major League baseball games will stop play for a minute at 3:00 and Amtrak trains will toot their horns.

I just heard a cat miaow outside. I need to investigate.