Week in Review: Week 101

Week One Hundred One. Seems sort of anti-climactic. Oh well. I have another big landmark coming up soon. Landmark? Is that the right word? That doesn’t sound quite right. I feel like I struggle with words lately. Words (or phrases) I know I KNOW, I just can’t retrieve them. Then there was the night I couldn’t remember how to turn the lights on in my car. That was a little alarming. There was something else just this past week…maybe with the computer at work…but I can’t remember what it was. Ironic. Ha ha. But not so funny when it’s happening to you.

ANYWAY, let’s see if I CAN remember something from this past week. I was definitely in a funk. I just needed a little break from the world. Of course, sometimes I just confuse that with “I’m reading a really good book and I don’t want to do anything else, just read the book.” And I had two of those in a row, so…that might be part of it. And I was tired. So who knows. But I needed to snap out of it cuz life. My trip is in less than 2 weeks and I’ve got stuff to do for that, and get things ready here for during my absence. So. Let’s get on with it.

Went back to the arboretum for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot.

planting fields camellia house 1.21.18 resized

A hair update. I’m going to go to the salon before my trip to get a little neatening shave around the back of my neck and maybe around my ears, not sure. It’s so grey!


Will also take the wig. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and trimmed into the bangs a bit yesterday and it’s SO much better…but I need a more skilled hand to do more than what I did and to trim the back up a lot. The ends have gotten so broken from brushing out rats’ nests. It tangles SO easily. It’s really not a recommended thing to do. If I ever needed one again I would really push for human hair or a much better quality one than this. But the bangs help 🙂


This is one of the sights from my town. These four 600′ tall red and white smoke stacks are part of a natural gas and conventional oil electric power generating plant and can be seen from as far away as Connecticut. This area is very hilly, and when you’re up high the stacks can usually be spotted.


This is a throwback to the days when Caleb could run…and man did he love bounding through the snow!


I spotted these figures a couple weeks back. I don’t know if they’ve always been there and I just never noticed them before (??) or if those people said, “gee it looks bland out there without the holiday decorations, let’s put up some characters from the Wizard of Oz??” (as one does).


Saw this on Instagram and thought YEP.


That was really it.

Oh, the books I was reading were Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, which is so not my usual kind of book, but she can really tell a story! And One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid, which was a light read with an interesting premise. Also well-told. I will definitely read more from both authors. And interesting, now that I’m looking at and thinking about both books at the same time – they both had a similar premise, that I hadn’t realized at the time. But you’ll have to read them to know what that is!


And now it’s time to work on my blog post for Tuesday – one week off was enough – and then go horizontal for a Sunday afternoon movie. Ooh, speaking of movies, I’ve seen some good ones recently. “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” which is currently on HBO, but you can watch the trailer on Amazon here. And “Frantz,” which is free on Amazon Prime and you can see the trailer here. Not sure what I’ll watch this afternoon but if I like it I’ll share with you next week!

Last week of January ahead!


Week in Review: Week 93

Thanksgiving is behind us and now we’re racing ahead to Christmas – and if not Christmas, what holiday (if any) will you be celebrating this winter? I feel like every year I hear about more different holidays, and really, growing up, I only heard about *my* holidays, and since that’s all my family celebrated, that’s all I knew there was. I’m so grateful that school-children these days are being taught about many different ethnicities and what they celebrate. That’s a big step towards future inclusivity.

It’s weird, in some ways I feel we’re – humanity as a whole – getting so much better about accepting that there are people that are different than we are and accepting them as just as valued? Entitled? Not sure of the right word there, but…that we ALL have a place here. No one is more entitled than anyone else…and no one is less entitled. In theory. Because in many ways I feel we’re going way off the rails as far as valuing everyone equally, and treating  them equally. And *I* certainly don’t know what the answer is – but education is a big part of it.

Whoa. That got real serious real fast. Just thinking of the holidays got me started.

Anyway. This week!  The highlight was definitely doing a photo shoot with Jennifer of Peanut&Pip Photography…with Caleb. Her photography is amazingly beautiful and I’m thrilled with the outcome (it looks like WordPress is mucking with photo quality here). My boy is getting so old and while I have tons of pictures of him, I don’t have any nice pictures of us. And I will treasure this forever.


It’s getting more and more challenging for me to catch sunsets these days, but I did get to see this lovely sky on my way home that day.


Work outfits for the week ahead.


My weekly hair update, ha. It’s coming in…interesting how varied the color and growth rate is all around my head.


Really making an effort to see as many sunsetty skies as possible. It gives me a chance to just take a moment and go, ahhhhh.


I loved this cardi from Gwynnie Bee. You’ll see it more in an upcoming blog post.


Up early working at the computer…and the kids were hanging out behind me.


Another OOTD from this week. I realized I was wearing a lot of solids on solids and they needed something to break up the big expanse of “solid colored boob area,” either a necklace or a scarf. After this summer I certainly have no shortage of scarves, so…Plus, it was an exceptionally balmy day for November and I got one more day of bare legs in. Yay.


Say it with me now….AHHHHHH.


The current state of things. I’ve still got some boxes around but at least they’re pretty. My goal is to have the living room totally devoid of boxes before the Christmas tree arrives. I better get on that!


And my Big News (ha)…I’m doing Vlogmas this month on my Fashion Schlub YouTube channel. Now, I’m almost embarrassed to mention it cuz the production quality is so so bad…BUT I really hope that by doing a vlog Every Single Day for the next 24 days I will have improved, at least in some areas. Anyway, the quality has nowhere to go but up, so…that’s something to look forward to! They’re short, just sort of a look at my day, a little fashion, a little miscellaneous. If you’re interested, here’s Vlogmas Day 1 (please have very low expectations, ha). And I would love if you would leave a comment on the page or a “thumbs up”!