Stepping WAY Outside the Box (in more ways than one)

I was trying SO hard to get an outfit post up this week as promised. I did a little shoot on Sunday…and then Monday found myself in the ER. I debated sharing my story vs not, but figured in the interest of “keeping it real,” I would. This is not a pity post, an attempt to garner “oh, poor you”-s, or even really a cautionary tale (Don’t Do As I Have Done)…it’s truly just a…What I Did This Week. With some outfit pictures!

So, I’m not always so good with adulting when it comes to the medical realm. If I’m not incapacitated or in unbearable pain, I generally avoid doctors. There’s also, at the risk of TMI, a financial aspect to this. Even with insurance all that medical stuff is EXPENSIVE!

I don’t want this to be too long and drawn out, so here’s the bullet point version:

  • Went to emergency room on Monday for blood transfusion due to anemia due to long-term heavy bleeding (of the female kind) – *I* thought due to fibroids.
  • How did I know I had fibroids if I never go to the doctor?  I DO go the doctor for kidney stones cuz those things are painful AF. And a kidney stone scan awhile back showed fibroids. So I just assumed they were the cause of the bleeding.
  • Wednesday they did a D&C to try and stop the bleeding and to do an endometrial biopsy to rule out cancer (hospital protocol) as a cause of the bleeding and other things.
  • After the D&C a blood clot (small) was discovered in my left calf and Vascular Guy recommended a blood thinner (even with the bleeding situation, cuz clot seems more significant than the bleeding. Clots are bad mothers. My father died from a blood clot. I’m doing what the doctor says).
  • All this took 5 days and I was just released today, Friday. There were some mix-ups with scheduling things and everything took longer than it should have and I spent MOST of the five days hooked up to one IV or another AND on a “no food or drink” order. I think I had 4 meals in 5 days.
  • I will follow up next week with the OB-Oncologist from the hospital, she’ll have the biopsy results and we’ll go from there.

SO – that was Part 1 of my Stepping Out of the Box post – seeking medical attention. I had NO IDEA I would be there all week. I thought I might be there overnight so I did pack some things in a bag – and have been making mental notes all week to comprise a list of Things to Bring to the Hospital. I’ll share the list with you guys when it’s done.


Meanwhile, Part 2, the more fun part, was this cute outfit! I LOVE this black-and-white striped top with the trendy bell sleeves. As I’ve mentioned, I was never really a trend gal, but I can feel that sort of changing. The REAL stepping out of the box element here was that the shirt was snug across my belly…and shorter than I normally wear shirts, so it showed my belly and butt more than I’m used to…or really comfortable with. BUT….I liked the concept of the outfit so much I wore it anyway. STEPPING OUT, BABY!


I wish I had more pictures, but it was really really cold and windy that day and I was not feeling so great, so…we got what we got.

There’s always one!


I love my red sneaks. I haven’t worn them in awhile cuz lace-up sneakers are so hard for me. My feet are so so so far away.

What I Wore:

  • INC International Concepts Stripe Bell Sleeve Top, size 3x, via Gwynnie Bee
  • Bongo black faux leather jacket, size 3x
  • Plus Size Refuge Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans, size 22
  • Red converse-style sneakers from Target

My friend Marcy from Fearlessly Just Me was my photographer du jour. She’s really doing a great job, don’t you think?


12 thoughts on “Stepping WAY Outside the Box (in more ways than one)

  1. Omg, what a week for you! Hope you are on the mend and feeling better. You look great in those pics! Those sleeves look so cute on you, but the thought of wearing that type of sleeve makes me crazy. I can’t stand three quarter sleeves, or sleeves that don’t push up, and stay up, properly. I can picture you having this same issue, but you seem to be OK with them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I have very specific sleeve likes/dislikes. I also hate the too loose 3/4 sleeves and sleeves that are too loose to stay when pushed up. But I love looseness around my wrists and hands – a jangly loose bracelet, an oversized watch, a purposefully loose sleeve that covers my hand.

      People are weird, right?? 🙂


  2. I do hope you’re feeling better and totally agree with you about the whole medical system thing. I avoid it at all costs! And yes, we have good insurance too but you still have to pay co-pays and deductibles and 6 months later you get a sketchy bill from someone saying you owe money for this thing that happened when you were in the medical system. This is the most frustrating, inefficient, anti-capitalist business in the US.

    Anyway, I love your jacket. Totally get what you’re saying about shirt showing too much of the booty and the fronty, but it looks good on you. I really like how the sleeves look under the jacket.

    Ok, well, I hope you have a great weekend and are feeling better!

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    1. Thanks, Julia! Yeah, medical system, phooey 😦

      In my mind’s eye, more of the ruffle would have shown under the sleeve. The jacket sleeves are a little on the loose side and I’ve debated whether the cost of having them taken in would be worth it. It’s not that great a jacket – it was my “starter” motorcycle jacket and was very inexpensive. I could certainly consider a new one this fall with a better fit…so then I could push the sleeves up and have them stay. I should see what it would cost to have them taken in first, though.

      The “booty and the fronty,” ha, I like that 🙂

      I’m enjoying your YouTube videos over at Over 40 Fashion for Women with Apple Shapes and Style – great content!

      xoxo Bettye

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  3. I think you look amazing with the fitted shirt and short length! Sometimes we have to take a chance or we will never know. I always have fun shooting with you and I have to say, I am so grateful that we met under “blogger” circumstances because I ended up with a great friend. Your blog posts always make me chuckle because I can hear your voice as I am reading it, LOL. Get better soon! There’s more adventures and fun times waiting for us!


  4. Oh my goodness, the notification to this post has been sitting in my inbox waiting on me and I’ve just now read it. Did see you were in the hospital but had no idea it was so serious. You are definitely in my prayers. I’m so glad you paid attention to the doctors – blood clots are surely not something to play with. Please do keep us posted on your health progress.

    That said you look great – and the outfit looks great on you.

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  5. Damn friend…that was quite a week you had. I kind of suck at the medical part of adulting too. I’m so glad you got it checked out though because that was some serious sh*t you had going on. Now on to the fluff…love, love, love that top on you! And hooray for stepping outside of the box; I often have to remind myself to do that.


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