Week in Review: Week 89

This past week gives a little preview of the cold season to come with fewer outdoor activities. Between some colder temps, a 2-day power outage, and a big work event…I didn’t do much this week.

I finished up last week’s challenge to take a black-and-white photo of my life every day.


Sometimes I think he’s dead. And my heart stops.


I swiped this pic from my niece. It’s my adorable GRAND-niece in her Halloween pj’s. I can’t even.


Trick-or-treater sighting.


The troublesome tree.


Had dinner with friends one night. My food was horrible but Carvel made up for it. Some people have never heard of Cookie Puss. Have you?


Saturday night’s work event.


And now it’s another rainy Sunday, which I’m grateful for as I don’t feel obligated to go out and do anything on a dreary rainy day. And it’s going to get dark extra early this afternoon…and forevermore. Did you remember to set your clocks back??