My Favorite Bloggers

Just one letter away from Vloggers, but…

Plus Size

  • Fat Girl Flow – Yup, Carissa is also a favorite blogger. She’s a favorite everything. Body positivity, yup. Fashion hauls, yup. Shopping recommendations, AMEN.
  • This is Ashley Rose – Ashley Rose is LOVELY. She has a classic casual style that is so appealing.
  • Plus Size Princess – Yes, she was also on my favorite vloggers list. She’s. That. Good.
  • Suits, Heels & Curves – She’s adorable and showcases a lot of work-type outfits.
  • Curves, Curls, & Coffee – A relatively new blog, she is UH-DORABLE. Reading her posts about her life and boyfriend and acting, etc, just makes me smile. You like to smile? Check out her blog.

Straight Size

  • Fashion Fairy Dust – I can’t even. The layering QUEEN. She has the most amazing PIECES. She takes incredible SELFIES. She tells wonderful STORIES. I want to live next door to her and be her best FRIEND.
  • Fake Fabulous – She’s no fake. She’s just fabulous. She can put together an outfit like nobody’s business.


  • The Small Things Blog – hair tips, makeup recommendations, adorable family.
  • Bleubird – THE most adorable family. Like EVER. I have followed this gal, James (could you die? even her name is adorable), for like 10 years since her days as a vintage clothing seller on ebay. At the same time I was. She was one of the sellers I looked up to and tried to emulate. But Just Couldn’t Quite Do It. sadface. Anyway, I feel like I’ve watched the evolution of her family, ups and downs, growth, changes, moves, new businesses, etc. She just has that way, that everything she does is lovely.

Good Writing

  • Hearts Everywhere – this is a new favorite, I just enjoy reading her views and her writing style. Give her a go.


  • Shutterbean – she really falls into the Photography/Lifestyle category, but it’s really her photography that made me fall in love with her blog, so I’m keeping her here. My favorite feature is “My Everyday Life,” her week in a series of photographs. Her week in a series of photographs is always so much lovelier than MY week in a series of photographs. I’m a little jelly.

I know there’s more but I’m growing weary. I do hope that if there are any blogs here you’ve never looked at, that you give them a try. I didn’t even GO to the decorating blogs. Seriously. I have work tomorrow.