Week in Review: Week 128

I had a bit of computer/internet burnout this week. I had gotten most of my blog and Instagram stuff scheduled to post on the appropriate days, but…I didn’t get around to do my usual responding, commenting, linking-up, etc. So I apologize if you’ve taken the time to visit and I haven’t responded. I just needed a couple days.

I stayed home alone the first few days this week – in a little head funk – but by Wednesday I was ready for some fresh air and company and met up with a friend to try our hand at shooting the Milky Way. She’s been doing this for awhile, driving long distances to places with little ambient light, to sit and wait til the wee hours to maybe get a good picture. I don’t really have a lot of interest in this and definitely don’t have the right equipment for it, but it was nice to get deli sandwiches and sit down by the water and wait for it to get dark. Unfortunately it was a little hazy and cloudy that night and we could never spot the MW, let alone get pictures of it. But it was still a nice evening.

Dinner View
Star App – you point your cell phone up towards the sky and it identifies stars, planets, constellations, etc. Pretty cool. I’m Virgo.
My ghost friend.

Friday night we went down to the park to enjoy the live music. It had been hot and humid all day but in the evening there were stiff winds off the harbor cooling the area down…and lightning in the distance, speeding the musicians along. A lovely evening.


We headed to the ice cream shop afterwards, where I saw this sign. Might be interesting to check out. And Free Refreshments!


Went into Brooklyn on Sunday with a couple friends to check out on a new park on the Williamsburg waterfront.

dear nyc 8.19.18 resized

I have mixed feelings about all the new shiny fanciness in Brooklyn and Queens. I miss the grunginess. I worry about where all the people went who used to live in these inexpensive out of the way places that are now fashionable and expensive.

watson domino park 8.19.18 resized

I did like this community garden with the mondrian greenhouse.

mondrian greenhouse domino park 8.19.18 resized

Work in Progress


Outside where we had lunch.


Then we went to Bushwick Collective, a street art collective in what used to be a low-rent industrial part of Bushwick…and is now way more expensive than the likes of me can afford (I lived there before it was cool).


Giant Pug.


Big eyes and camo steps.


Some entertaining things I saw around the web this week…

A bear rug, literally.

This DIY is so lovely…and something I think I could actually do!

I’m a pudding LOOVVERR…how have I never heard of this??

The Most Beautiful Fish Ever.

And that’s all she wrote! The week started weak and ended strong.




Week in Review: Week 98

Well, THAT was an exciting week! Ha ha, just kidding. I’ve barely left the apartment since New Year’s Day. I had some sort of evil stomachey thing for two days and then we had SUPER SNOW BOMBOGENISIS so two snow days from work…and then the weekend! I HAVE to go out this morning because I’m out of everything…and to make sure the winds didn’t re-snow the car in since being shoveled out on Thursday. So, I’ve just been a hermit recluse, which is really my favorite way to be anyway (yes, I am my mother). But I really needed that. Tomorrow will be back to the real world.

So we start off with some pics from 2017 – the top nine pictures from my two Instagram accounts – the first is Fashion Schlub, the second is Bettye Rainwater Photography, in case you were interested in following.


I started off the new year with a nice day in Brooklyn with a friend. Breakfast at Egg, then driving around a bit in the bitter cold just seeing the sights. That’s one of my favorite things to do.



Then the snow came. I know this doesn’t look like much but I don’t usually have snow on my little porch at all. It was mad windy, yo. It just occurred to me I should find a new place to hide my spare key (I’m notorious for locking myself out) because right now it’s buried under a ton of snow. Oh gosh, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


The puppies were not concerned about the snow in the least. I’ve been dog-sitting this week so have many puppies.


Since it has been so bitterly cold they only go out for a few minutes at a time.


But I love the snow. I love the quiet when it’s falling. I love that it covers everything up at a time when things are brown and bare. I love that it slows down the world. And traps you inside. I *really* love snow days (ha ha). In Bettyeland it would snow heavily right at Christmas and the ground wouldn’t be seen again until the crocuses start to bloom in March/April.


And at the end of this week I had the surprise of being mentioned in a Ravishly feature on plus-size fashion in the workplace. That was kinda cool!


So that was my quiet week – just me and the puppies and the snow. Real life will start barging in today when the vet comes to check on Caleb…and I have to lug cardboard and online shopping returns out to my car…and grocery shop and pick out outfits for the week…and blah blah blah. Real life. Am grateful for my little respite from it.

And on we go….