What’s a Fashion Schlub?

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I’m a fashion schlub. I never quite have it altogether. I can have a great dress but not the right shoes. Or a lovely outfit but on a cold day I’m putting my dog walking jacket over it. Or everything is pulled together…and my hair is 6 months overdue for a grey-covering color. It’s been like this for my entire life. But It. Stops. Now. Or at least it *starts* to stop. My life is more than half over and I want to finish up better than I started out. So, I’m going to pay attention to things I really never paid attention to before.

fashion schlub 2.15.16 1

I’ve always loved fashion – fashion magazines, fashion blogs, searching out the big fashion week runway shows on some obscure cable channel. But it never seemed like it was something for ME. I was “too fat.” I didn’t have disposable income for things like trendy clothes. Even as a young (slim!) girl, I was not about fashion. I was a “horse girl.” I wore corduroys and flannel shirts and docksiders. As I grew up and out of “barn style,” I became a Mommy. Not like today’s Fashionista Mommies. Nope, just a nightgown-wearing, pony-tailed, socks-and-slippers, stay at home mom.


Once my daughter was in school and I found that a full-time job was not enough to cover the costs of a single-parent home, I started selling on ebay. First “stuff,” and eventually narrowing my niche down to clothing, and then to vintage clothing. And I was in LOVE!!! The best part was styling models for photo shoots to show the goods off in listings. I discovered I had more of a knack for styling *other* people than I did for myself! I developed my photography skills at this time, so I was both stylist and photographer, and that became another side business.

FS 2.15.16 2

I don’t do much with the ebay store anymore, and I’ve started trying to style *myself*! It’s *way* more challenging to make ME look nice than a 5’9″, slim, young adorable model, but…I’ve accepted the challenge. The challenge of moving from “schlub” to…well, not exactly “fashionista,” but certainly something in that direction. I want to be able to be proud of and confident in the way I look. And there are many lessons and skills to be learned to get there! And that is what this blog will be about. My journey from frumpy to fabulous (ha, I can barely say the F word without cringing!), one step at a time. Maybe you can learn some things from me, maybe I can inspire you to take some step, however small, as well…and maybe you can help me, too!


There’ll be outfit posts, health and beauty, maybe even some (gasp) fitness! And just general lifestyle of a 55-year old, plus size, budget-conscious, vegan, single woman. I hope you’ll join me!


So, what are these pictures about?? Last fall after seeing picture after picture of bloggers in whimsical tulle skirts, I declared on Facebook that I would like a tulle skirt but I had nowhere to wear such a thing. A photographer friend responded, “get it and we’ll do a photo shoot!” So, this is that shoot. Totally out of my comfort zone, but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? I felt silly but it was really kinda fun…and she was such a good sport and her pictures make me look way better than I thought I would! So thanks to JennyBean Photography for the wonderful pictures – give her a call if *you* want to
feel beautiful!

What I’m wearing:
* Blush pink tulle skirt from Target’s Exhilaration brand, size XXL
* Grey tee shirt from Burlington, by Femme Women, size 3x
* Cropped denim jacket from Maurice’s, size 3
* Taupe faux-suede wedge booties from DSW, by CL by Laundry
* The ring was a Christmas present from my beautiful daughter
* The brooch on my jacket lapel is a vintage moonstone pin that my sister gave me at my bridal shower many moons ago

See ya next time!



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