The Comfort Zone

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First off I have to say…OH MY GOSH!!! YOU GUYS!!! The support and kind words I got in response to my first blog post…it blew me away. It really did. I thought like 3 people would see it…and honestly, there was some security in that. I felt that if it grew slowly, I’d have time to make newbie mistakes and learn through trial-and-error before anyone was really here to see anything. But No! You guys shared the CRAP out of that first post and I have a bunch of followers and fans and all sorts of wonderful people waving hello and….sigh. Thank you. That was a really nice welcome.

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And here I am writing post number 2…and I wanted to talk a little about finding your clothing comfort zone. I’m not even talking “style,” not yet. This is Comfort with a big ‘ol capitol C. Especially when you’re plus-sized. It can be hard enough just carrying around your own body – why select clothing that’s working against you??

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Browsing around the interwebs I see amazing curvy gals wearing all sorts of things, and the ones that most impress me are the ladies who wear snug-fitting body conscious clothes. That takes a crap-ton of self-confidence. I AM IN AWE OF YOU, LADIES!!! For me, I’m baby-stepping my way into this…and right now, my favorite style of dress is the swing dress. It just floats easily down the body, skimming over the lumps and bumps…and feels a little swishy and swirly and flirty. Nothing is tight or snug or restricting. It’s about the only style of dress I’ll wear with nothing over top, like a cardigan, vest, or blazer.

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This dress here in our snowy, post-Valentine’s photo shoot is a swing dress in a stretchy slinky jersey and I could have a dozen of this style in all different colors and patterns and be a happy girl. I wonder if I could find someone to do that for me…? Hmm. I’ll do a little research and get back to you. My mother used to tell me how when they (my mother, father, and sister) lived in Japan in the 50s they had someone who made their clothes for them – the seamstress would take measurements…my mother would select fabrics and BAM, custom wardrobe! Can you imagine – such a luxury! Besides Oprah, does anyone do that anymore??

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I think it’s important to find what is comfortable for you and not just be a slave to trends. What style are *you* most comfortable wearing??

I have to thank another wonderful photographer friend for taking these pictures. Linda says, “but I don’t shoot people!” I don’t know. I’m a people and I think she did a pretty nice job! What she *does* shoot is beautiful New York scenes – skylines and parades and beaches and more. Take a look at her website at Linda Asparro Photography.

What I’m Wearing:


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