30 Days to a New Life

30day challenge 1
30day challenge 2

Sometimes it takes just one single event to change your life, or your outlook on life. For me it was a (what seemed silly at the time) photo project last fall that I called “30 Days of No Repeat Outfits.” It was a personal challenge to really use all the clothes in my closet* and see how many different outfits I could come up with. I’d gotten lazy and had 3-4 favorite outfits that were easy and comfy and I just kept cycling through them. Who cared what I looked like?? I felt like I couldn’t really look good no matter *what* I did, so why make any effort at all??

30day challenge 5
30day challenge 4

Part of the project involved photographing all the outfits. Photographing ME. Me, who had managed to avoid being in pictures for a long time because it was such a shock to see myself as the world sees me – FAT. But during the project I was having to look at myself in photographs Every. Single. Day. At first it was brutal. But slowly, I got more used to seeing myself – to seeing what I really looked like. And by the end of the 30 days, I was actually looking at pictures and thinking, “hey, I look kinda cute today!” I was finally not just seeing FAT. I was seeing ME. And Fat Me can look schlubby or I can try and look cute. And Cute Fat Me is definitely an improvement over Schlubby Fat Me.

30day challenge 3
30day challenge 6

So this seemingly silly project made me able to see past the fat when I looked at myself…when I *thought* of myself. And I actually had so much fun sharing the images on Instagram that I wanted to keep doing it – and that’s how the idea of this blog was formed. It wasn’t just about the pictures and the positive comments. I’m discovering there is such a strong community of plus-sized women on the internet. It felt good to be part of a group of women who had such self-confidence – who didn’t judge themselves based on their weight but on their abilities and loving hearts and kindness and strengths. It felt empowering to be meeting these kinds of women, and I wanted to “stay in the hood,” so the blog (and the Facebook…and the Instagram!) was created.

And for those who weren’t around for The 30-Day Project…here’s a look back at the photos from the challenge…The Good, The Bad…and The Kinda Ugly, ha. Hey, we all gotta start somewhere!

*caveat: A lot of the clothes “in my closet” are not *my* clothes at all, but are from a plus-sized rental service called Gwynnie Bee. But that’s a subject for another post!

PS: GAH that’s a lot of pictures of me in one place! THAT doesn’t feel weird at all (note: sarcasm).


8 thoughts on “30 Days to a New Life

  1. As a not plus size who is still a fat 10 year old in my head, I so appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for making it ok to be comfortable in your own skin no matter how you look or think you look.


    1. Aww, I think we’re all kinda fat 10-year-olds in our head! I read these stories about top models thinking their thighs are fat or their knees are too knobby or *something,* and it pains me to think that we ALL are so HARD on ourselves – based on our appearances! I wish we could all be as “there” and loving and accepting of ourselves as we are of our friends and families.

      Thanks for reading my little blog, Barbara!


    1. Thanks, Maggie! I’m so glad you’re here 🙂

      Maggie and I go way back to our days of selling on eBay so it’s fun to have an old friend here.

      I do remember the days when plus-size clothing was mainly dark, solid colors. They’ve come a long way…but still have a long way to go!

      Thanks for stopping by xoxo b.


  2. Bettye, you look great. I thoroughly enjoyed your 30 day adventure. I’m not nearly creative enough to do that, and I’m like you were, I have a few favorites (that are the most comfortable) that I wear all the time. Do keep it up, I’m enjoying your new blog.


    1. Thanks, Iris! It was challenging, but fun! I might do another one as we get closer to spring. It’s a little bit easy during the transition of one season to the next cuz *normally* you can start out the month in cold and end it in warm – that gives you two different types of clothing to choose from. The fall was tough cuz it didn’t get cold til so late! It was like 70 on Christmas Day!!! But maybe winter-spring will be more cooperative. Thanks, as always, for the kind words. I’ve loved watching little Koda’s puppyhood!

      xoxo B.


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