I Wanna be a Cowgirl

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When I was little I didn’t want to be a nurse or a teacher or a “Mommy” like other girls my age in that era. Whether it was from my love of horses…or as a result of spending many of my formative years in a cowboy-and-bucking-bronco theme wallpapered bedroom….I was pretty well set on being a Cowgirl. No one could talk me out of it, and for Christmas and my birthday, any horse or character from the Johnny West series, or a Breyer model horse, was far more requested than Barbie. We eventually moved out of that house and to the faraway land of Long Island and I soon realized there was not a lot of opportunity here for cowgirls. Much to the dismay of my parents and guidance counselors, me “coming to my senses” about my future career goals consisted only of the dream morphing from “cowgirl” to “riding instructor.” And that I did for many years. And I loved it. And was good at it. Until I *did* become a Mommy and then horses took a backseat to bottles and strollers…but the cowgirl dream in me never entirely died. My heart still does a little pitter-pat when I find myself close enough to plant a kiss on a horse’s velvety nose.

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And my heart *also* skips a beat when I see clothing that seems somehow connected to horses or the “wild west.” When I first tried on this tribal-print cardigan I immediately envisioned myself “cowgirling” it up! And I believe I did just that, with a denim shirt and some big chunky turquoise jewelry. And my co-models – Beau the horse, Amaretto the mini horse, Zeus and Rambo the English Mastiff puppies (yes, PUPPIES), and my boy Caleb (who spent most of the time protecting me from the babies).

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The turquoise necklace is very dear to me. For most of my early life, I rode the train every year  from New York to Los Angeles with my mother to spend summers with her family. On about Day 2½ of the 3-night trip, the train would stop at a large station in Albuquerque, NM for an hour or so. Just long enough to peruse the turquoise and silver jewelry, Kachina dolls, and beaded leather moccasins laid out on blankets on the ground and watched over by the Native American Indian ladies. Each year my mother would buy me one or two pieces and I eventually amassed quite a large collection of 70s Indian jewelry. I can’t recall exactly what happened to the whole collection, I probably sold off a piece here and there at a yard sale, until all I have left is this favorite necklace, a wonderful memory of traveling with my mother all those years.

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The earrings are from RocksBox, a subscription jewelry box service. I did the 30-day trial membership and have gotten to wear some beautiful pieces…but they’ve all gone back without purchasing…as these will as well.

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What I Wore:

  • BB Dakota Cherilyn Cardigan via Gwynnie Bee
  • Black Kate Hill dress. I’ve had this dress a long time – I think I got it for my daughter’s Sweet 16…and she’s almost 25! It’s one of those wonderful items that is really just a conveyance for whatever accessories you’re inspired to wear with it. Alone, it’s nothing.
  • Sonoma denim shirt from Kohl’s
  • Brown stretch belt from Full Beauty
  • Vintage turquoise chunk necklace
  • Kendra Scott turquoise earrings via RocksBox
  • Brown Avenue boots

Once again I will thank Linda of Linda Asparro Photography for her patience in shooting me again, last time in the freezing cold, this time in the midst of the 3-ring cowgirl circus!


4 thoughts on “I Wanna be a Cowgirl

  1. Caleb looks very fierce in one photo. Enjoyed the bit of your history. Riding instructor? I’m totally impressed. I only rode a horse one time – he threw me, knocked the wind out of me and I thought I was going to die. I’ll just pat them from a standing on the ground position from now on.


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