Grab a Spoon!

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All my life I’ve lived where other people wanted to – my parents, my (ex)husband, my daughter…and I never gave it that much thought until one day when I had several hours to kill in Park Slope, Brooklyn…and I fell in love with it. There was just an energy about the place, the people were different, it was just DIFFERENT. And as a single person whose daughter was on the verge of leaving my home for college upstate, I decided that very day, that Brooklyn would be my home when she left for school.

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Nothing dampened my resolve over the next few years, not friends and family who thought I was being reckless or foolhardy, to move away from everyone and everything I knew, to go someplace completely foreign to me. But for me, That Was the Point! I wanted to do something completely different, to be in a new environment, to meet new people who didn’t know The Old Me…so I could be A NEW Me!

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In the very first episode of Friends, there’s a scene where Joey explains to Ross that it’s a ridiculous notion to think that there is just one person for everyone. He said people were like ice cream – Rocky Road, Strawberry…BING Cherry Vanilla…well, watch the clip, it’s just about a minute long…I’ll wait here.

After my divorce, and after my daughter left for college I wanted to Grab the Spoon! I wanted to try all the flavors I’d never had and find new favorites. When I did, finally, move to Brooklyn, I went to a craft fair and saw this necklace – this spoon. I had to have it. It spoke symbolically of me Grabbing the Spoon and entering a new phase of my life. This is that spoon.

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I’m not in Brooklyn anymore (sadface), but I still try to Grab a Spoon whenever I can. Like jumping into this blog, and trying to wear new and different kinds of clothes. If you’d told me ten years ago that someday I’d be wearing ankle booties and an above-the-knee dress, I’d have thought you were nuts. And yet…here I am.

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PS – thank you to my wonderful BF Stacey who “shot” (pew! pew!) me for this post. She’s not a photographer but maybe she should be! Thanks for always having my back when I need you xoxo

What I’m Wearing

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Modeling is hard. I lose my balance All the Time. And it makes me laugh.

12 thoughts on “Grab a Spoon!

  1. Hi! This outfit looks fab on you, I love every piece! And your hair is so pretty wavy. Your “spoon” spoke to me, I like having things that remind me of a feeling. And good job Stacey!


    1. Thanks, Donna!

      I’ve always worn mostly jewelry that were gifts from someone so I’ve had some emotional connect with it. There’s something about wearing something that lays on your skin, close to your heart, that is very…powerful.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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