My Week in Review: Week 6

This week started out EXHAUSTINGLY…and then I pretty much took it easy the rest of the week.


I work for Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism and Saturday was our biggest fundraising event of the year. I was there all day to help set-up, and all night to take pictures and help pack-up at night’s end. It’s a long exhausting day and my feet (and hips. and side.) were not too happy with me but the event went really well and we made money to help us continue the programs and services that people with autism so desperately need.



Set-up went so smoothly this year we actually got to take a little break out on the patio. THAT was a lovely thing.


The next day I got to meet my new nephew, Hunter, a 7½ week old King Shepherd. Isn’t he the cutest?


Here’s the whole gang – my Caleb, my niece with Hunter, Hannah the Golden Retriever, the 2 8-month-old English Mastiffs, Zeus and Rambo along with another niece. And a goat photobomb (Rosie) in the background.


The first day this year warm enough to go bare-legged. It always feels so weird!


Caleb and I went for a little sunset stroll.


Tuesday was Primary Day in New York. I voted aqui!


I did a little online torture exercise class with CeCe Olisa at Plus Size Princess. I’m not a big fan of “exercising,” but I’ve been very sedentary this winter and I really need to get working this body a bit. Her class was SO GREAT because she had really good THOUGHTFUL modifications for *everything.* I usually hate classes and going to the gym, etc because it sucks to be The Fattest Girl in the Room AND The One Who Can’t Do The Things. CeCe made it EASY to do ALL the things! So, while I was out of breath and sweaty, I was also excited and happy that there is something I can finally actually DO. If you want to give it a try, she has exercise videos on her YouTube channel and a subscription fitness/exercise/health/sparkle rainbow goodness  PSP Boot Camp that looks pretty awesome.


I attended another sunset with some girlfriends. Ahhhh.


I met up with an old friend and while standing in line for a Starbucks iced tea, I was asked if I would like to sample a red wine! I know some Starbucks were going to start serving wine but I had not actually witnessed it yet. Interesting.


A new Avenue opened up by work so I stopped into their grand opening in hopes of good sales. I thought this top was really cute, but the “sleeves” felt weird so I passed on it.


Happy Friday.

How was *your* week?

(let’s just end on a puppy note, shall we??)



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