Dressing Your Age…wh-a-a-a-t???

I’m going to turn 55 in September. I’m going to turn SIXTY in a little over 4 years. I keep seeing articles about “fashion over 50” and “tips on dressing your age.” I don’t know what that even MEANS. I don’t FEEL like I’m almost 60…so why would I focus on LOOKING that way??

bettye and katie 1991 california
Me at 31.

I actually think my “oldest looking” decade was my 30s. I was a new mother, I was doing Mommy Things, I wasn’t giving a whole lot of thought to my appearance (sorry, Ex Husband). I didn’t really give a you-know-what. But now I do…and I just want to look the way I want to look! The picture above is not *really* a good representation of how I looked at 31, I was visiting family out-of-state and you always make more effort then. And it was partly the style of the decade (90s), but I feel like like this is something a much older person should be wearing!

I don’t try to look younger when I dress…but I also certainly don’t want to look older! I will say I feel that I do see more young style influencers than my age – both in real life and on the internet. And that certainly can skew your taste. But I think that modern simple pieces are ageless. And if you don’t want to be modern and simple…but outrageous and colorful…then be that! However old we may be, life is too short to worry about what other people might be thinking about our clothing choices. Dress for who you want to be!

So I’m not wasting any more time reading “tips for dressing my age.” Will you??


2 thoughts on “Dressing Your Age…wh-a-a-a-t???

  1. Do I agree with you? In part! I do agree that one needs to be comfortable with the style they’ve chosen to dress in. You’re just a kid, so you don’t have to worry. When I think of people dressing “their age” I’m thinking of the folks my age (76) who are dressing like a teenager. Now, if they have the body, minus the wrinkles, that’s fine. But not many do. I don’t want to look like a frumpy old lady… don’t really want to look my age either, but I definitely don’t want to look ridiculous either. BTW, I’m talking to me and not you – you always look great and 55 IS just a kid!!! 🙂

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