Try Ons-Target

This past week when *hot* finally showed its face, I realized my wardrobe was lacking in HOT weather clothes. I can still do sleeves and cardigans at the office cuz we have arctic ac, but to go to Beach Hut with friends in the evening for a drink and some music…I had nothing. And since I was at Target doing the weekly stock-up on tampons and kitty litter…no one had to twist my arm to get me into the fitting room with a couple things to try on.

#1. Really cute army green lightweight rayon dress by Ava & Viv $29.99, size 4x. I wasn’t even minding the VBL (Visible Belly Line). But the pockets (and who doesn’t love pockets?!) were very…protruding. Can’t think of a better word. I should have taken a pic with my hand NOT in the pocket so you could see how obtrusive the pocket bump was.

green dress collage

#2 Black Sleeveless Popover with Pockets by Ava & Viv, $19.99, size 3x. Very flattering, have several bottoms I could wear this with. It has the same “sleeveless” issue I always have – too big an arm hole and my bra and side show. It’s the Bra Sideshow! Ha 🙂

black top collage

#3. Mauve/rose Ava & Viv tee shirt, CLEARANCE FOR $5.99 (I NEVER find the things on clearance at Target! I was so excited!), 3x. This was ginormous. I think the size was mislabeled. It would have been big for a FOUR-EX. Would be good over leggings or jeans for weekends or evenings out with the dog or to watch a sunset.

rose top

#4. Black and white striped tee by Mossimo, $16.99, 3x. This was nice and drapey but with a slightly more flattering fit than the mauve/rose top. I’ve been on a stripe kick for two years now and it shows no sign of abating.

striped top

Okay. I got two of the four items I tried on. Do you know which I bought??



2 thoughts on “Try Ons-Target

  1. Hey friend! I haven’t commented in so long and for that I apologize…I’m so much better at it once summer vacation hits. Too bad about the pockets; I really dig the olive green dress. I’m guessing you went with the last two tees. As far as the low arm holes are concerned how about a pretty cami or bralette over your regular bra so that when you move you arm you get a little shot of pretty instead of the “bra sideshow”…lol!

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    1. Hey, I was just thinking about you today! I took a sleeveless button-down ruffled-front blouse, and tried it unbuttoned over another piece like a vest…I don’t have quite the right thing to wear under it yet, but I think it might work as kind of a fun layering piece! I was channeling my inner Debbie!

      And yes, I got the striped tee and the black one…left the mauve on the clearance rack.

      I’m “cami underneath other things” challenged…maybe I just don’t have the right fit or fabric…

      Glad you stopped by!



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