Winter Cardigan Style Guide

I love cardigans. I love wearing things over other things. I like adding a “topper” of some sort to the base outfit. In the cold weather: cardigans, blazers, light jackets. In the summer, kimonos, lightweight dusters, oversized blouses.

But for today, I thought I’d share some style tips I’ve learned (or made up!) about wearing cardigans.

One of the easiest cold weather outfits is pants and a light sweater or knit top. To me, that feels a little unfinished, so I like to put a cardigan over top.

Charlotte Russe blanket cardigan 3x, Old Navy Rockstar jeans 22, silk-trimmed long-sleeved tea from Avenue 26/28, Avenue booties

With pants I always like a cardi (or blazer, kimono, etc) that’s at least a little longer than what you’re wearing underneath.

I also prefer when the top layer is darker than the underneath layer. This might just be me, but to me colors have weight. Dark colors carry more visual weight than lighter colors, and wearing the lighter over the darker just always feels “off” to me. In this case they’re kind of close, they’re both grey, but the long sleeved tee base top is a lighter grey than the cardigan over top.

Here’s an example of the opposite…and it’s not TERRIBLE (fortunately my closet is not full of too many “don’ts”!). Lighter over darker. I’d have to really be down to just a few things in my closet to opt to wear these pieces together.


Another favorite outfit of mine is a cardigan over a dress. In this case, I like the two to be almost exactly the same length. This can be more difficult to arrange unless you’re buying both pieces at the same time, so it’s especially nice when it works out like it does here.

Michael Kors blue cardigan 3x, Alice & You swing dress 22/24

I didn’t have a good example to show from my winter closet, but I really only like shorter or cropped cardigans over a dress with a defined waist. With a loose trapeze or swing dress like the one shown here, I opt for an equally long, loose and swingy overpiece. I feel like when the bottom hem lengths of the two pieces are too disparate that it can cut the body horizontally too many times – and most bodies don’t benefit from horizontal chopping. Does that make sense?

Here’s an example of wearing a top that is shorter than the bottom piece. Again, imagine the bottom piece as even longer, like a tunic – I had to work with what I currently have!

Mustard yellow cardigan old, 3x; Avenue cream silk-trimmed long-sleeved tee 26/28; Charlotte Russe Refuge jeans 24 short

Who wants multiple horizontal lines cutting across their butt?? Not this girl!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really enjoying the athleisure trend. In the past, I would have only thought of a sweatshirt or zipfront jacket over leggings but now there are darling hoodie cardigans to wear. My “rule” in this case, is to be sure that either the under or over piece covers your butt when you’re wearing leggings. That said, if you’re tall and slim this rule does not apply 🙂 But for us mere mortals it’s nice to have some guidelines.

All items (except Adidas sneakers) from Avenue: grey waffle-knit hoodie 22/24; cream silk-trimmed long-sleeved tee 26/28; navy cropped pima cotton leggings 22

Another type of cardigan is the oversized wrap. My little rule with this is: baggy on top, snug on bottom. If you’re wearing an oversized piece on top, then wear skinny jeans or leggings or slim tailored pants or a pencil skirt on the bottom. Below I’m showing another “don’t.” These jeans are just too baggy and wrinkled at the knees to look their best with this oversized cardigan. My black skinny jeans would be a much better choice.

BB Dakota blanket cardigan via Gwynnie Bee 3x; cream Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans 24; Avenue grey silk-trimmed long-sleeved tee 26/28

It’s important when putting outfits together to not just think of what colors go together, but what scales work together, and what the lines of the clothing are doing to your body.

All that said, WHO THE HECK AM I? Ha! Anyone who knows me knows that “Bettye Breaks the Rules,” so read what I’ve written and then put your own spin on it. These are just things I’ve learned that work for me, that when I can, I apply to my wardrobe. But you do you 🙂

I like to really analyze outfits I see that I like…and try and understand WHY I like that one, and not another one. It’s more complex than just “ooh, that baby pink looks so pretty with camel.” Color can be the most obvious characteristic of an outfit but I wouldn’t say it’s the most important. Scale, balance, ratio, fabrics, line, style: all extremely important. And ha, this is “do as I say not as I do!” With this body I often have to take what I can get – based on what fits, so even *I* am not able to follow all my guidelines all the time. But I’m always mindful of them. And I hope after reading this you will be too.


My Week in Review: Week 18

The summer was sort of getting away from me and I realized I wasn’t getting out in the evenings as much as I would like, so I’ve been making myself turn off the computer and get outside more after work.

Last Sunday Caleb and I went to the local college athletic field…I sat in my beach chair and read, while he meandered around looking for snacks in the grass. It was a big sky. Then campus security kicked us out. We’re real trouble, my dog and I. Good to keep riff-raff like us out.


The next morning when I got up, Caleb couldn’t. He couldn’t stand up or walk without my being a human sling for him and lugging him outside to potty and back inside to eat. He’s had Lyme disease twice before so I figured this was that again and I made an appt at the vet.

He puts on his best I’m a Big Brave Dog act at the vet’s office always, so the dr doesn’t usually see what I see. But they did some tests and then we just had to wait.


The next day he was even worse, in addition to appearing as though he’d had a stroke, listing to one side, being unable to get his balance/footing, falling over…he was anxious and agitated and restless…the look in his eyes was heartbreaking as he seemed so confused and scared. I was afraid he was going to die overnight.

But he was still with me in the morning, the testing had come back positive for Lyme Disease, we went to pick up the antibiotics, and within 24 hours he was SO much better. Not BETTER, but relatively better. Calmer, able to settle down and rest…but still losing his balance and falling over.

I know wonderful people…and over the course of the next day at work, a little pile of gifts appeared on my desk: a nonslip mat for Caleb to lay on, some cucumbers from a friend’s backyard garden, and a Hello Kitty cuz…Hello Kitty.


I got to spend one evening at a quiet beach with Caleb and my daughter. We ate dinner there and watched the sunset. Caleb had to stay tethered to us to keep him from wandering off and falling down.

I did a couple photo shoots…

I received my first order from I was very excited as Lovesick is an off-shoot of Torrid, which has a great range of sizes…but a little more on the “boho” side. I got this dress in a 3x, the largest size available at the time, which from Torrid would have been just right or a little large…and it was too small. Too short and too small. I also ordered a kimono…but they sent the wrong one, sadface…and given the week’s vet bills, I just returned it without trying to get the right one sent to me. I do see that since my order was placed, they have expanded their sizing up to 5x, yay, so I’ll give them another shot in the future because I really like their styles.

lovesick dress collage

I appreciated the color combinations in the border along the front of the bank.


And Friday night I met up with a friend for a sunset show…


It was a stressful week, with the dog’s condition, and trying to get all my work done while distracted…but things are calmer now and hopefully the coming week will be a more peaceful one.

How is your summer going?

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini



But I went to the beach this week for the first time this year. That’s really late for me. Usually I start beaching by Memorial Day! But this spring was a little on the cool side, and I’ve been so busy with other things, I hardly noticed it had gotten to be JULY and I’d yet to put on a bathing suit.

BATHING SUIT. Now, I’m not one of those gals who’s all “Oh, I can’t wear a BATHING SUIT out in public, people might SEE ME,” and ends up sweating the day away in shorts and a tee or a sundress, refusing to go in the water in her clothes. No, I’m probably more comfortable wearing a bathing suit on a crowded beach than a short or sleeveless dress to work or to the market. At the beach, who gives a crap what a stranger thinks about the way I look? If they don’t like seeing my body, TURN YOUR HEAD THE OTHER WAY. That’s THEIR problem, not mine. But of course, they’re STRANGERS. I DON’T care about a stranger’s opinion. But to go sleeveless (GASP!) at work, THAT was a big deal.

People are funny, no??

Anyway, I put on my suit this morning, this is its 3rd summer…and while the suit is essentially fine (other than me just being a little weary of it), the straps are very stretched out and not doing such a good job of keeping the girls in place. And I spend a lot of time in the water and can get knocked around a bit, so I need Good Straps.

SO. It’s That Time. Bathing Suit Hunting Time. And it’s late in the season for it. Every year I say I’m going to do this early in the year when there’s a good selection of suits in the stores. And I always end up shopping in July or August. Sigh.

But I went to the mall tonight in the middle of a disgusting humid drenching downpour…to try on some suits. First, Macy*s, which had ZERO for me to even try on. Ruh-roh. Usually Macy*s is my go-to for the mid-summer suit. Next, JC Penney’s…BINGO. I didn’t LOVE anything I saw in my size, but at least there WERE suits in my size that checked off enough boxes for me:

  • 1 piece
  • skirted
  • relatively modest
  • super stretchy snug fit
  • very very supportive straps
  • not a fortune

This is what I found to bring into the fitting room with me – a mix of size 18s and 20s.

suits all

I’m really weary of black, black and white prints, and what I call “pool liner blue.” But, sigh, that’s all there was in my size.

Unfortunately 2 of these turned out to be tankini tops. I am not enamored of the tankini as so many others are. I do too much ocean time getting tossed around, I can’t afford to wear something that could flip up…or get pulled down. The daisy one was so tight I couldn’t even get it up past my hips anyway.

This one was also tight – size 18 – but I managed to wriggle myself into it. Everything was pretty smooshed in and down. I like a snug suit, but this was a little TOO snug.

suit 2a

This one felt just right. Stretchy and snug without being TOO snug. The straps aren’t going anywhere. And the print…eh, whatever. At least I won’t be flashing my fellow-wave divers at the beach when my suit falls down. That’s more important than color or print to me.

suit 1a

Success. Disappointed there wasn’t more of a selection, but that’s totally my fault for looking so late in the year. Amazed that I found something after only two stores.


NEXT year I’ll start my hunt earlier so I have time to shop online where there are SO many more options. Some places I’ve seen cute plus-size suits online are (they *all* have more options earlier in the season):

The tag price was $96 (wh-a-a-t?!) but it was 50% off AND I had $7.57 (ha) left on a JCP gift card from 2012. So, not too bad.

Both suits were by Azul.

See ya in the surf (ooh, corny)!

Ask Me How I Am

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 3 resized

Go on. Ask me.

“Okay, how are you?”


In the field.

Ba dum-bump. Sorry. I hadda. Corny Daddy jokes run deep in my veins.

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 1 resized

Anyway, just a simple outfit post here. But can I just say that a year ago I would NEVER have worn a sleeveless top out in public. Never. Ever. Never ever.

So, this is the chosen tunic top from the Target try-on haul a couple days ago. I’m wearing a black cami under it due to the ginormous arm holes. I’m not happy about it but I’m doing it. I WILL prevail over the cavernous arm holes on sleeveless tops. I will (shakes fist at sky).

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 4 resized

This was nice to wear. Ava & Viv from Target, lightweight rayon, size 3x. Nice drape. I could even wear it unbuttoned over a black tee or dress as a vest-type thing. Ooh, lookit me with the layering creativity!

And *speaking* of layering creativity, my new friend Debbie (aka The Queen of Layering) over at Fashion Fairy Dust has been been nominated for Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Of The Year. Whoa! The Pittsburgh Style Week (hope I’m saying this right!) recognizes the leading men and women in fashion, business, and the arts and honors them for their extraordinary accomplishments. If you have just a moment and could trot over to the voting page, take a look at the nominees, then Vote for Fashion Fairy Dust (cuz, you know, she’s the best), that would be amazing and I will be your very best friend.

Style Week Pittsburgh <- Vote there! Scroll down a-ways to “Meet the Nominees – FASHION & LIFESTYLE BLOGGER OF THE YEAR” and give Debbie your vote.

fashion schlub plus size 6.29.16 2 resized

And ps, my amazing daughter has been doing some of my photo shoots lately…like this one! She’s doing a great job, don’t you think??

And THAT, my friends, wraps up my 30-DAY BLOG EVERY DAY CHALLENGE!!! I kinda can’t believe I actually did it. I kinda think Pittsburgh should give ME an award, too!

While challenging, it was actually kinda fun. And it was very exciting to see how many new followers I got during the 30 days. Thanks You Guys, for reading and following and commenting. I felt I little alone here back 30 days ago…and now I feel like I’ve made some new friendships…and rekindled some old ones. But now I will let myself off the hook a bit and return to a more manageable, 3ish times a week.

See you in a couple days!!!

What I’m Wearing:

Old Navy Mini Haul

I always loved Old Navy’s clothes and aesthetic…but since “going plus” (ha, I say that like it Just Happened. It DID Just Happen. In 1988.) and with me no longer able to find actual brick&mortar ON (Old Navy) stores with plus size sections for trying on, I’ve abstained from ON for quite some time. But recently I learned they’ve extended their sizing (they now carry up to 4x/26-28) so I thought I would give them another go. I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about THE DENIM DRESS, ha, but yes, they had a light wash Tencel (my heart, it’s the softest) dress in my size ON SALE, and as long as I was ordering that, I got a couple other things, too.

Here’s how that went.

Yes, Nightie has a little self tie which makes it look a little less nighty-ish but it also ruins the whole point of having a comfy loose-fitting dress. I’m still on the fence about this. Now I’m feeling bad for it and think maybe I’ll keep it. Maybe it would be good to start getting people used to the idea of me walking around town in my nightgown.

Now THIS was very disappointing. It’s super lightweight and stretchy, but too snug around the middle and upper-body. I definitely prefer the nighty style. I apologize for my grumpy expression, I was tired and it was hot and I was hurrying around to get a lot done that afternoon and I wasn’t really thinking that THESE pictures would make it into the blog. But. There ya go.

When I was in my early 20s I worked at several 7-11’s, back in the day when the clerk (ME) made the coffee for customers (not to mention SANDWICHES)…and I got a lot of “why don’t you smile? you’re so much prettier when you smile.” UGH. The fastest way to piss someone off and make them NOT want to smile is to say something like that. And I think of that Every Time I see a picture of myself where I’m not smiling. And you know what, I probably DO look better when I smile…but I’m not just gonna walk around town (in my nightgown) with a big dopey GRIN on my face! I smile when I have something to smile about. So there.

Anyway, that striped tee dress is totally going back.

And I saved the best for last…..

bike shorts 1

Gah! Shorts! But not just ANY shorts. No. These will be my BIKING shorts. So I can get back on my BIKE this summer. There. I said it out loud. ON THE INTERNET. Now I have to do it. And look….I’m smiling.

When It Rains, It Pours: Part II

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 10 resized

And here is the other denim dress (if you’re new here, see yesterday’s post). They’re actually both Tencel chambray, which is a lovely light super soft “denim” fabric.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 6 resized

Interestingly, after *wearing* them both for the photo shoot, I thought this dress was the clear winner. It has a little more modest neckline, flows away from my body a little more, just seems more like a “Bettye dress.” However, when I got home and looked through the pictures, I think the other one LOOKS better…and this one actually reads as a little “nightgownish.” Which is not *necessarily* a bad thing – who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve got their jammies on all day!?

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 11 resized

I could keep both dresses, I think they’re different enough. Yesterday’s dress skews a little more modern, and would be accessorized accordingly. And this one is a little more “pretty/sweet,” and would accessorized very differently than the other one.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 7 resized

So what do you all think? Keep one? Keep both? Keep neither? Does the lighter one look like a nightgown to you guys, too?

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 12 resized

I did finally get to wear my colorful earrings with the light dress.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 8 resized

Old Navy Dress:


  • SO comfortable
  • loose easy fit
  • better neckline
  • more lightweight, appropriate for summer


  • Looks like a nightgown!

What I Wore:

  • Old Navy tencel pintuck dress, size 3x. Out of stock. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size.
  • White crochet cardigan from Avenue, size 3x. Out of stock. Comparable here and here in plus size and here in straight size.
  • White Keds Champions sneakers

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.


Thinking Outside the Size Box

fashion schlub plus size 6.10.16 2 resized

I have a friend who once asked me, when I was having so much trying to find something that fit, why I keep shopping at “Jr.” stores.

fashion schlub plus size 6.10.16 1 resized cropped

It’s not that I shop just at junior stores, cuz I don’t…I shop EVERYWHERE. I’ll try ANYTHING to find Just the Right Thing. Jr stores, “mature” stores, plus size sections, straight size sections, thrift stores, vintage shops, etc.

fashion schlub plus size 6.10.16 3 resized

This kimono is from the straight size section of Forever 21. It doesn’t close in front…but it doesn’t need to!

Think about how you’re going to wear an item:

  • If it doesn’t need to button or close in some way in the front, you can go with a smaller size than you typically wear.
  • Certain shapes, like swing and trapeze dresses, are roomier than a shift or fit’n’flare, so you can maybe get away with a smaller size there.
  • A knit fabric with stretch can cover a lot of territory, so give a straight size a try.

fashion schlub plus size 6.10.16 4 resized

Try not to limit yourself to only shopping in certain kinds of stores or certain sections…always make at least a quick check of the other areas…you never know what you might find!

What I’m Wearing:

Many thanks to my wonderful daughter who spent this day with me and stepped in as photographer as needed. xoxo


Try Ons-Target

This past week when *hot* finally showed its face, I realized my wardrobe was lacking in HOT weather clothes. I can still do sleeves and cardigans at the office cuz we have arctic ac, but to go to Beach Hut with friends in the evening for a drink and some music…I had nothing. And since I was at Target doing the weekly stock-up on tampons and kitty litter…no one had to twist my arm to get me into the fitting room with a couple things to try on.

#1. Really cute army green lightweight rayon dress by Ava & Viv $29.99, size 4x. I wasn’t even minding the VBL (Visible Belly Line). But the pockets (and who doesn’t love pockets?!) were very…protruding. Can’t think of a better word. I should have taken a pic with my hand NOT in the pocket so you could see how obtrusive the pocket bump was.

green dress collage

#2 Black Sleeveless Popover with Pockets by Ava & Viv, $19.99, size 3x. Very flattering, have several bottoms I could wear this with. It has the same “sleeveless” issue I always have – too big an arm hole and my bra and side show. It’s the Bra Sideshow! Ha 🙂

black top collage

#3. Mauve/rose Ava & Viv tee shirt, CLEARANCE FOR $5.99 (I NEVER find the things on clearance at Target! I was so excited!), 3x. This was ginormous. I think the size was mislabeled. It would have been big for a FOUR-EX. Would be good over leggings or jeans for weekends or evenings out with the dog or to watch a sunset.

rose top

#4. Black and white striped tee by Mossimo, $16.99, 3x. This was nice and drapey but with a slightly more flattering fit than the mauve/rose top. I’ve been on a stripe kick for two years now and it shows no sign of abating.

striped top

Okay. I got two of the four items I tried on. Do you know which I bought??


Only Got a Hundred Years to Live

fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 3 resized

When I was in my late-30s I had a little pre-mid-life event…I lost about 180 lbs (aka got a divorce) and decided that by 40 I wanted to be the best I’d ever been.

It didn’t quite happen.

In my mid-40s I decided I wanted to be the best I’ve ever been by 50.

I didn’t quite make it.

Are you seeing a trend?

fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 2 resized

Now I’m almost FIFTY-SIX and I’m thinking maybe I should start making some effort to be better than I’ve ever been by 60.

SIXTY. It hardly seems possible that I could even BE 60. Grandmothers are 60, knitting in a rocking chair with a purring kitten in their lap and a cup of tea by their side. That’s what 60 looked like when I was young. FORTUNATELY that doesn’t HAVE to be what 60 is and I have no intention of knitting or rocking (in a chair, anyway) at 60.

fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 4 resized

I’m feeling very inspired by the women in this article like Linda Rodin and Diane Keaton. And I think I definitely should start coming up with some sort of plan for HOW I’m going to be better…because right now, while “Fabulous at 40” and “Fearless at 50” seem like great plan titles for those decades, the only thing in my head for the next one is “Scared
Shitless to Turn 60” !!!

fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 1 resized

I’m already trying to present myself better to the world in some ways – like clothing, and trying (TRYING) to stay on top of hair cut and coloring so I don’t end up again with Crazy Old Lady Hair…but an even bigger (no pun intended) issue is my weight…and not just for weight’s sake, but for two things (for me), 1) fitness and 2) being able to fit into the more readily available clothing sizes. I don’t even mean “straight” (aka Not Plus) sizes, I mean that I’m challenged now to even find clothing that fits me at most plus-size clothing stores or departments. I want to at *least* get down to a solid 3x. It’s been so long since I’ve tried to buy many clothes, it was just now so struggling to build a better wardrobe that I’ve discovered just how out of the readily-available commercial plus sizes I am. And that is very frustrating to me. And fitness – for the sake of being able to do things I like without having to throw in the towel early because I’m exhausted or my hip hurts or I have a pain in my side or my feet hurt or I’m sweating like crazy (I work with someone who at times calls me Sweaty Bettye. I know he means it affectionately, but still.). I LIKE going on walking tours in the city or on art gallery crawls in Brooklyn and for little hikes in the woods with the dog, but sometimes the thought of all that walking puts me off from doing things that I like. And I don’t want to be like that anymore.

fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 5 resized

For the record, I’m not talking about losing half my body weight and being THIN. That may be the PC goal, but…I’d rather keep it real and say my goal is to be more comfortable with moving around and to fit more easily into a common size of clothing. I don’t feel it’s about a number, I think I’ll know when I get there…and then I’ll reassess.

fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 6 resized

And what does any of that have to do with this dress? Ha. It’s all about transformation and trying new things…and this dress is way more “saucy secretary” than I usually dress, and the dress more form-fitting than I usually wear. Is this The New Me? No, ha. But I gave it a go. Trying new things can sometimes help confirm what you *don’t* want so you know
better what you DO want.

Photography by Linda Asparro Photography.

What I’m wearing:


fashion schlub plus size 4.29.16 2 resized


Gwynnie Bee: It’s Not Just a Subscription Clothing Service, It’s An Adventure!

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.14.16 2 resized

Finally! Spring-like weather! And it seemed like perfect timing that I just got this dragonfly print City Chic dress from Gwynnie Bee.

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.14.16 5 resized

So, Gwynnie Bee. I’ve mentioned it a lot, and have worn clothing from their rental service for many blog posts. People have asked me what exactly it is, so….

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.14.16 6 resized

Gwynnie Bee is like Netflix for plus-size clothing. You pay a monthly subscription fee based on how many items you want out at a time (from one at a time all the way up to ten!). Then you go to their website and look through literally thousands of items in sizes 10-32 and add pieces to your virtual “closet.” Once an item is in your closet, Gwynnie Bee
knows you would like to receive it, and when a new piece is due you, they will select something from your closet and send it to you. So it’s *sort* of a surprise when you get a package, because you don’t know what you’ll get in any particular shipment, but you *do* know it is something you’ve chosen and added to your closet. Which makes it different (and better!) from many other monthly box subscription services, where you have *no* idea what’s coming your way and you can be horribly disappointed. The other difference is the Gwynnie Bee clothes are for you to *wear,* not just try on and buy or return in 5 days. So you really get to try things you may never have worn before and see if they really fit in your day-to-day life, are they truly comfortable for a full-day of being you, etc. Just trying on clothes for 5 minutes in a store fitting room can be misleading. Can you *sit* in that body-con dress? Does it ride up? Does that wrap-front open up and show the girls to the world in a less-than-appropriate setting? Can you walk in that wrap dress without flashing thigh? You get the picture. So you wear your rented item for as long as you like and then either send it back to get another item sent to you, or you can buy it at a discounted price. You pay no shipping either way. You don’t even have to wash things! Gwynnie Bee does it all!


So, that’s the TECHNICAL explanation of Gwynnie Bee. But this is how it is EMOTIONALLY significant. It gives you the freedom to really try new things. To be a different person. To dress in ways you might never have ventured to try if you had to plunk down your hard-earned money to *experiment.* Yes, there is a monthly fee…and while in the beginning (and I’ve been a member since January 2015) I considered it a luxury (I’m currently on the one-out-at-a-time plan for $35/month), now I really understand the value of paying that monthly fee. For $35/month, depending on how long I keep items, I can have 4-5 different items a month to wear. I could never BUY 4-5 items a month for $35!!! And these are really nice, name-brand and mid- to high-end designers like Johnny Was, Karen Kane, Universal Standard, City Chic, etc. I could *never* afford to buy items from them at full cost. And now I can have them in my life for as long as I want!

Being a Gwynnie Bee subscriber has changed my whole outlook on personal style. It’s in part what prompted this blog! Another really wonderful aspect of Gwynnie Bee is the community! There’s an Instagram hashtag #sharemegb that people use when sharing pictures of themselves wearing items from Gwynnie Bee, and I’ve received (and given!) tons of support from other members using the hashtag. And there are entire Facebook groups dedicated to subscribers of the service. I belong to several but my favorite is Gwynnie Bee Fans. We share our outfits, we post pictures of “home tryons,” ask opinions of one another of what works and what doesn’t, share styling tips and “outfits of the day,” and more.

Am I gushing? Yup. I really *really* love the service and the clothes and confidence and new people that it has brought into my life. And here’s a wonderful thing – you can try it out for a month for FREE by clicking the link below. I hope you try it and have as wonderful an experience as I have had! If you do, share your story in the comments below!


fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.14.16 3resized

Thanks again goes to my new photographer friend, Amy Frushour Kelly, for putting up with me and taking beautiful pictures for the blog!

* Note: I pay for my own Gwynnie Bee subscription and am also a proud Gwynnie Bee affiliate. There are affiliate links in this blog post.

What I’m Wearing:

  • City Chic Sweet Dragonfly dress via Gwynnie Bee, size XXL
  • Black ruffled handkerchief cardigan from Avenue (old), size 24
  • Black flats from Christian Siriano at Payless