Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini



But I went to the beach this week for the first time this year. That’s really late for me. Usually I start beaching by Memorial Day! But this spring was a little on the cool side, and I’ve been so busy with other things, I hardly noticed it had gotten to be JULY and I’d yet to put on a bathing suit.

BATHING SUIT. Now, I’m not one of those gals who’s all “Oh, I can’t wear a BATHING SUIT out in public, people might SEE ME,” and ends up sweating the day away in shorts and a tee or a sundress, refusing to go in the water in her clothes. No, I’m probably more comfortable wearing a bathing suit on a crowded beach than a short or sleeveless dress to work or to the market. At the beach, who gives a crap what a stranger thinks about the way I look? If they don’t like seeing my body, TURN YOUR HEAD THE OTHER WAY. That’s THEIR problem, not mine. But of course, they’re STRANGERS. I DON’T care about a stranger’s opinion. But to go sleeveless (GASP!) at work, THAT was a big deal.

People are funny, no??

Anyway, I put on my suit this morning, this is its 3rd summer…and while the suit is essentially fine (other than me just being a little weary of it), the straps are very stretched out and not doing such a good job of keeping the girls in place. And I spend a lot of time in the water and can get knocked around a bit, so I need Good Straps.

SO. It’s That Time. Bathing Suit Hunting Time. And it’s late in the season for it. Every year I say I’m going to do this early in the year when there’s a good selection of suits in the stores. And I always end up shopping in July or August. Sigh.

But I went to the mall tonight in the middle of a disgusting humid drenching downpour…to try on some suits. First, Macy*s, which had ZERO for me to even try on. Ruh-roh. Usually Macy*s is my go-to for the mid-summer suit. Next, JC Penney’s…BINGO. I didn’t LOVE anything I saw in my size, but at least there WERE suits in my size that checked off enough boxes for me:

  • 1 piece
  • skirted
  • relatively modest
  • super stretchy snug fit
  • very very supportive straps
  • not a fortune

This is what I found to bring into the fitting room with me – a mix of size 18s and 20s.

suits all

I’m really weary of black, black and white prints, and what I call “pool liner blue.” But, sigh, that’s all there was in my size.

Unfortunately 2 of these turned out to be tankini tops. I am not enamored of the tankini as so many others are. I do too much ocean time getting tossed around, I can’t afford to wear something that could flip up…or get pulled down. The daisy one was so tight I couldn’t even get it up past my hips anyway.

This one was also tight – size 18 – but I managed to wriggle myself into it. Everything was pretty smooshed in and down. I like a snug suit, but this was a little TOO snug.

suit 2a

This one felt just right. Stretchy and snug without being TOO snug. The straps aren’t going anywhere. And the print…eh, whatever. At least I won’t be flashing my fellow-wave divers at the beach when my suit falls down. That’s more important than color or print to me.

suit 1a

Success. Disappointed there wasn’t more of a selection, but that’s totally my fault for looking so late in the year. Amazed that I found something after only two stores.


NEXT year I’ll start my hunt earlier so I have time to shop online where there are SO many more options. Some places I’ve seen cute plus-size suits online are (they *all* have more options earlier in the season):

The tag price was $96 (wh-a-a-t?!) but it was 50% off AND I had $7.57 (ha) left on a JCP gift card from 2012. So, not too bad.

Both suits were by Azul.

See ya in the surf (ooh, corny)!


8 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

  1. The suits weren’t bad at all for mid summer! I was always the one not wanting to wear a bathing suit in public. Or shorts. Sleeveless was fine, but I didn’t want to show my big legs. Thank goodness, I’ve got past that. I won’t wear shorts to Wal-Mart yet, but don’t mind the bathing suit at the beach or pool.

    As usual, that could have been me speaking. I don’t like tankinies, either. My belly would always make the bottom roll down. And yes, top coverage is a must. A couple of years ago at the beach I got knocked around by some strong waves and flashed the only other person out there, besides my daughter. Yes, it was guy with nothing else to do but watch the fat little lady exposing her boob. Oh, and I was chastised last year by my daughter for wearing a black, one piece just like every other old lady at the hotel pool. So this year I found a coral one. 🙂


    1. They weren’t *bad,* I just always hope for something a little different – as your daughter said, no more “old lady black.”

      Yeah, shorts are a whole other story!!! Not sure I’m venturing THERE this summer.


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