My Week in Review: Week 17

It’s hard to know how to behave when a week like this happens. I’m so disheartened to see my country being so divisive. From election events to now…these many deaths this week. There are so many issues at play, I am hardly an expert on the reasons behind any of these things. I just know the sadness I feel at so much hatred, fear, prejudice being spoken of and acted on – from all sides.

My heart goes out to *all* this week’s (and past) victims and their families. I don’t want there to be a line in the sand between This Group and That Group. We Are All Human. I wish we could see everyone as our brothers and sisters. We are not all good. We are not all bad. We are all human. Let’s all try harder.

I leave you with just one image today. I’ll catch up with other things another time.

I am grateful for an evening this week I got to spend with my daughter…just sitting quietly together, sharing a meal, Feeling Safe…watching an amazing sky.

sky 7.6.16 hobart beach eatons neck ny



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