The Invisible Dress

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How great is this dog?!? This is Zeus. Or Rambo. I never know which is which. They definitely have differences, but when they’re just milling around you (with 2-3 other dogs), bumping you over or sticking their head under your dress, it’s hard to have the presence of mind to recognize their identifying pictures.

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INVISIBLE DRESS?! You see a dress, you say? Well yeah, I didn’t mean it in an “emperor’s new clothes,” way, but it’s like this. This dress is like tofu. It’s pretty much flavorless, it just takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with. Without some sort of seasoning…or ACCESSORIZING (keep up with me now, we’re gonna connect the circle verrry soon), it’s INVISIBLE. But it can be sweet or savory or tangy, depending on what you put with it. Like this dress (bam). It’s just a basic black swing dress. I can ath-leisure it with a chambray shirt and sneakers…or prep it up with a khaki linen jacket…or be a little boho chic, like today, with a kimono and pendant necklace.

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I started the season building a wardrobe of essentially “invisible” clothes. Things that go under things…now I’m at the fun part when I’m starting to collect the seasoning…the spicy personality pieces to wear on top. And I love me a kimono. I’m such a cardigan girl in the cold weather…kimonos are a perfect warm weather alternative – they’re generally lightweight, inexpensive, and yet add a real pop of pow to an invisible base.

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I paired this up with a mint green druzy pendant necklace from Charming Charlie’s and some gold dangle oval hoop earrings handmade by an artisan in Brooklyn.

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I REALLY need to color my hair!!!

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What I’m Wearing:


17 thoughts on “The Invisible Dress

  1. Okay…love, I mean literally love the kimono! But I’m not gonna lie; when I saw that first picture I was like dog…kimono…dog…kimono…I couldn’t decide what I wanted to look at more…lol! Zeus/Rambo whichever he is, is a beautiful boy! I just wanna kiss his face. And steal the kimono.

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  2. I love this look as well. Having basics and changing them with special pieces is what we all should be doing.
    And I think you have learned that you look great in color!

    Liked by 1 person

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