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Sometimes an outfit post is just an outfit post.

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Sometimes the hills are alive.

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Sometimes I’m ready for my close-up.

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Sometimes the wind can be a jerk.

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Sometimes I look like an escaped mental patient* from the 1950s.

My Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless and I went down to the beach to do outfit pictures but THAT DARN WIND had us seeking higher ground. This is one of those outfits that has me going I REALLY NEED TO GET A FULL-LENGTH MIRROR. Lately, in the absence of said mirror, I have been taking full-length cell phone selfies with the timer. I think that image is even better than a mirror. Sometimes while looking at your picture in your mirror you can sort of rationalize your way into believing you look better than you really  do. You move this way and that, you smile, you inject a little personality into the reflection and you feel prepared to leave the house thinking, “I’m looking pretty cute today.” And then you see a PICTURE. And it’s like those dreams where you’re at school naked and you’re all WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME I FORGOT TO GET DRESSED THIS MORNING cuz you suddenly realize that it looks like you’re wearing a nightgown to work???

It’s really a very sweet little dress. It’s not the dress’ fault. I’m sure if a willowy blonde with protruding hip bones wore it with a tiny black leather motorcycle jacket, it would be all over the street style blogs as The Only Dress You’ll Need This Summer. And it was delightfully comfortable. The thinnest lightest silky poly, sleeveless loose-fitting shift. The print was adorable. But now that I’ve seen the photographic proof, I feel I should make a disclaimer to everyone I saw yesterday, “I WAS NOT WEARING MY NIGHTGOWN, I SWEAR.”

Fortunately I did not invest money to OWN this dress, I merely rented it from Gwynnie Bee and now I can send it back and get something more appropriate for wearing outside in the general population.

What I’m Wearing:

* I hope “mental patient” is not one of those newly politically incorrect terms. I don’t mean anything derogatory towards them. I apologize if I’ve once again made an inappropriate and tactless comment (making inappropriate and tactless comments is my special gift).

You can get a FREE 30-day trial of Gwynnie Bee by clicking the link below. Just to be transparent, if you join through a link from my page, I do make a little commission from Gwynnie Bee.




6 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Blog post reply


    You keep sending back the great dresses.

    The dress looks great on you and it is “the only you would need for summer,” because it’s fun and versatile, in that, you can wear the dress to work or to play and have fun in the wind.

    I really like the full length shot with your hand on your hip and wearing the sandals. You look cool, hip and confident.

    It’s a great summer look and your legs look great.👊🏾

    P.S. Great blog and great writing. I need to start one for my law office.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, thanks for the kind words, Torrie! I do send back 99% of the dresses I get from Gwynnie Bee, not necessarily because I don’t like them but because it’s a rental service and “wear & return” is the basic premise 🙂 If I bought every dress I liked I couldn’t afford to pay rent!!!

      You definitely should start a blog for your law office! It’s a great way to inform clients about what’s going on or attracting new clients.

      Thanks for coming to check out the blog, I hope you’ll follow me!



  2. First of all…I wrote a pretty lengthy comment on your most recent post and it disappeared…wth??? I was going to attempt to rewrite, but I was afraid it would show up and I’d look like some crazy stalker person…lol! I’ll try again later.
    I actually like the dress, but that’s the problem with floaty shapeless type dresses; sometimes they come off looking, well, shapeless. I often run into that problem since I love tunics and tunic type dresses. They don’t always play well with my girls. I too have suffered from “outfit regret” once I see the photos; live and learn, right?!


  3. So, I believe the mirror more than a photo because the photo is one stale shot. The mirror shows you moving like you will be IRL. You are always moving so one dumb angle shouldn’t negate 99 good angles and smiling in the mirror shows you what people will be looking at — your smile. I will, however, say that when a dress feels like a nightgown to me it does not go out of the house (though it usually is quite comfortable to wear in the house!) because I don’t feel like I’m looking my best. Hope your dog is feeling better. Bummer about dog and cat so close together.


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