My Week in Review: Week 18

The summer was sort of getting away from me and I realized I wasn’t getting out in the evenings as much as I would like, so I’ve been making myself turn off the computer and get outside more after work.

Last Sunday Caleb and I went to the local college athletic field…I sat in my beach chair and read, while he meandered around looking for snacks in the grass. It was a big sky. Then campus security kicked us out. We’re real trouble, my dog and I. Good to keep riff-raff like us out.


The next morning when I got up, Caleb couldn’t. He couldn’t stand up or walk without my being a human sling for him and lugging him outside to potty and back inside to eat. He’s had Lyme disease twice before so I figured this was that again and I made an appt at the vet.

He puts on his best I’m a Big Brave Dog act at the vet’s office always, so the dr doesn’t usually see what I see. But they did some tests and then we just had to wait.


The next day he was even worse, in addition to appearing as though he’d had a stroke, listing to one side, being unable to get his balance/footing, falling over…he was anxious and agitated and restless…the look in his eyes was heartbreaking as he seemed so confused and scared. I was afraid he was going to die overnight.

But he was still with me in the morning, the testing had come back positive for Lyme Disease, we went to pick up the antibiotics, and within 24 hours he was SO much better. Not BETTER, but relatively better. Calmer, able to settle down and rest…but still losing his balance and falling over.

I know wonderful people…and over the course of the next day at work, a little pile of gifts appeared on my desk: a nonslip mat for Caleb to lay on, some cucumbers from a friend’s backyard garden, and a Hello Kitty cuz…Hello Kitty.


I got to spend one evening at a quiet beach with Caleb and my daughter. We ate dinner there and watched the sunset. Caleb had to stay tethered to us to keep him from wandering off and falling down.

I did a couple photo shoots…

I received my first order from I was very excited as Lovesick is an off-shoot of Torrid, which has a great range of sizes…but a little more on the “boho” side. I got this dress in a 3x, the largest size available at the time, which from Torrid would have been just right or a little large…and it was too small. Too short and too small. I also ordered a kimono…but they sent the wrong one, sadface…and given the week’s vet bills, I just returned it without trying to get the right one sent to me. I do see that since my order was placed, they have expanded their sizing up to 5x, yay, so I’ll give them another shot in the future because I really like their styles.

lovesick dress collage

I appreciated the color combinations in the border along the front of the bank.


And Friday night I met up with a friend for a sunset show…


It was a stressful week, with the dog’s condition, and trying to get all my work done while distracted…but things are calmer now and hopefully the coming week will be a more peaceful one.

How is your summer going?


4 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 18

  1. Awww…Caleb, the poor sweet boy. I swear there is nothing worse then when your pup isn’t feeling well. You can’t explain it or verbally comfort them, all you can do is cuddle them and hope it helps. I hope the antibiotic continues to help him feel better. There was a period of time a few years ago when Jaida, our minpin, was having seizures. She was so terrified and all I could do was hold her and whisper in her ear. The vet never did figure out the problem, but they eventually stopped. See, I too can make everything about me…lol!
    Love the sunset shots, they’re gorgeous! And too bad the dress didn’t fit because it’s really pretty, I love the color. Hopefully you can try again and get the right fit.


  2. Oh goodness, I saw a brief post on facebook about Caleb, but didn’t realize he was that bad. I feel like I know him (and you) and he’s such a sweetie. What a thoughtful gift the non-slip mat was. He is definitely in my prayers.

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    1. Thanks, Iris. This bout is nothing like the other two times…that one night was bad and scary…but the antibiotics have kicked in very quickly and he FEELS better…even though he still loses his balance and falls down a lot. I’ll give him a hug from his Aunt Iris 🙂


  3. Oh no! Poor Caleb. I had an issue with my cat, Steve, about 6 years ago, who was falling over and things like that. After many tests, the vet finally discovered a tumor in his ear. Sadly, Steve passed as a result, but I total understand how distressing a ailing pet can be. Especially when they can’t even tell us what is wrong. But I am glad to hear that Caleb is doing better with antibiotics.

    On a more cheerful note, that black floral kimono is everything! I love black florals and I am a huge fan of kimonos, and I can’t seem to find a floral one to add to my closet (insert sad face). But yours is fabulous!


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