Fresh Florals

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In the 80s (as a 20-something) I wore A Lot of Florals…it was the era of Laura Ashley and overscale floral dresses with hairbows and pastel flats…this eventually turned into 90s grunge and ditsy (read: tiny) floral prints over boots and sneakers with tattered denim…and then I was a MOM and everything was just STRETCHY. And I felt sort of “over” florals. They felt dated and too stuck in my mind as being part of that MOM look.

ootd 7.20.16 1

But now I’m trying to add some florals back into the wardrobe mix, in a more modern way. I think a non-repeat pattern is important…and I also like a lot of white space in the design. These are not hard and fast rules of course…they’re just more like guidelines I’m following as I try to put a little “pretty” into my wardrobe. I also like to set them against something patterned – a stripe or dot or geometric – and/or pair them with something not so “girly.” Like jeans opposed to a skirt. I’m not a girly girl.

ootd 7.20.16 3

This is a Bobeau floral top. I think Bobeau is a Nordstrom house brand. I like their items, I currently have a few. The quality is very nice and the price point is reasonable. I’m not getting a dress for $7.99 like at Rainbow, but…it’s still in my price range to have several items. Check them out (no I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just like recommending things I sincerely like).

I don’t even give “sleeveless” a thought anymore, after a LIFETIME of refusing to go sleeveless in public…but I do need a cardigan or kimono in my chilly air conditioned office.

Are there any types of things you used to wear a lot…that at a certain point you got sick of and omitted entirely from your wardrobe?

What I’m Wearing:


5 thoughts on “Fresh Florals

    1. Yeah, I was SUCH a floral girl back in the day. Agreed, florals and stripes are a good “starter” exercise in pattern mixing. ANYTHING and stripes are a good way to ease into pattern mixing – florals, polka dots, plaid, penguins 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!



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