The Definition of Insanity

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 1 resized

Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 4 resized

I keep falling in love with a dress because of the PRINT, and overlooking the STYLE. I know there are styles that look good on me…and styles that don’t. And you’d think that would be useful knowledge – We Have the Technology…Never Look Bad Again. But do I put that knowledge to use? Uhm. Not so much.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 2 resized

Elastic waist dresses. NO. No, Bettye, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Stop the insanity.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 6 resized

This dress – the print, the colors, DARLING. I hadda have it. The elastic waist? NO. My big belly means that the smallest part of my torso is NOT at my waist, but right below my bra-line. So every elastic waist becomes an empire elastic waist, and it’s like a big line in the sand with flashing red arrows and neon letters screaming BIG BELLY BELOW!

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 5 resized

So the next time you see me trying on an elastic waist dress, please, smack me upside the head. Because know matter how cute the print, I do not like the look of this dress style on me.

fashion schlub plus size 7.26.16 7 resized

That said, this IS a super cute dress and I know it will look darling on SOMEONE.

What I’m Wearing:

I know I talk about Gwynnie Bee a LOT, but I really do love it…and if you’re a plus size gal, I think you might love it, too. You can get a 30-day free trial by clicking the link below. Just to be totally transparent, if you end up signing up for Gwynnie Bee, I do make a little commission






4 thoughts on “The Definition of Insanity

    1. The pattern IS beautiful…it IS a good length…and I AM so pretty (hee hee). But I look (to me) and feel better in some styles than others…and every time I try this style, I’m reminded that I don’t like it on me. I love a LOOSE (or just not stretchy) empire waist. I find THAT very flattering for my body type.

      Surely there are items/colors that you feel are unflattering on you…?



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