My Week(s) in Review: Weeks 19 & 20

The weeks are passing so quickly…I’ve been so busy I feel like I haven’t had much time for fun things…and a sad event stopped me from posting last week. I lost my puffy kitty, Madison. I really got him for my daughter for her 11th birthday, but she moved out and away from us 6 years ago when she left for college and then the world beyond, so in my heart he is really mine. But shortly after his 16th birthday in March, he started for the first time to really age…and then in the last week his body just gave up and out and he passed away quietly in the comfort of his own home. He was a sweet kitty, a good kitty…and my apartment and life feel a little emptier without him.


I had a couple photo shoots…


My daughter helped me move a pile of stuff to storage so there’s a little more breathing room in the apartment…


I have not really *mastered* Snapchat, but I do have fun playing with the photo filters.


I have a friend at work who likes to rename people. He calls me Black Betty (after the 1977 Ram Jam song “Old Black Betty”) but he originally dubbed me “Sweaty Betty,” which I did not much care for. So it was funny to see a band playing at the beach last week by that name!


I have not been in much of a picture-taking mood lately, so things are sort of passing by unseen…and unremembered.

Do you ever feel like life is sort of passing by you and you’re not quite keeping up with it?


3 thoughts on “My Week(s) in Review: Weeks 19 & 20

  1. So sorry about your kitty. He was beautiful. I have a tattoo of the actual paw print of the best dog EVER a.k.a. my boy Titus which I had done after I lost him several years ago.
    Ya, I can see why you weren’t a fan of “Sweaty Betty”, but how hilarious there’s a band named that…lol! I hope your feeling better now…xo

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  2. Thanks. I still look for him…he was always appreciative of a little pat.

    Paw print tattoo! Brilliant! I have no tattoos but my two office-mates at work both have tattoos of their pets faces wreathed in flowers and they are SO lovely…it has me wondering if I might like something similar of my heart-boy Caleb….I’ll have to share pictures of theirs.

    Most days I AM Sweaty Betty, I just don’t really want to be CALLED that šŸ™‚ Black Betty is interesting enough.

    Thanks for stopping by!



  3. My loyal border collie passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago. He always followed me everywhere and gave his love freely and was such a good companion for me. He had a good life and was loved every day so I remember that whenever I lose a pet (living on a farm that happens a lot). Have you changed your hair lately? You look really nice and I can’t put my finger on what it is that is different. Don’t want that to sound creepy — just that I haven’t checked your blog in a couple of weeks and I thought you looked nice. And I am definitely a sweaty Betty this August!


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