When It Rains, It Pours: Part II

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 10 resized

And here is the other denim dress (if you’re new here, see yesterday’s post). They’re actually both Tencel chambray, which is a lovely light super soft “denim” fabric.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 6 resized

Interestingly, after *wearing* them both for the photo shoot, I thought this dress was the clear winner. It has a little more modest neckline, flows away from my body a little more, just seems more like a “Bettye dress.” However, when I got home and looked through the pictures, I think the other one LOOKS better…and this one actually reads as a little “nightgownish.” Which is not *necessarily* a bad thing – who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve got their jammies on all day!?

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 11 resized

I could keep both dresses, I think they’re different enough. Yesterday’s dress skews a little more modern, and would be accessorized accordingly. And this one is a little more “pretty/sweet,” and would accessorized very differently than the other one.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 7 resized

So what do you all think? Keep one? Keep both? Keep neither? Does the lighter one look like a nightgown to you guys, too?

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 12 resized

I did finally get to wear my colorful earrings with the light dress.

fashion schlub plus size fashion 6.20.16 8 resized

Old Navy Dress:


  • SO comfortable
  • loose easy fit
  • better neckline
  • more lightweight, appropriate for summer


  • Looks like a nightgown!



9 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours: Part II

  1. I understand you were not thrilled with yesterday’s dress having the lower neck line and space under your arms. Would a light cami work under yesterday’s dress to make it more comfortable for you?


    1. This morning I was fully prepared to send back the lighter one, the nightgown one. I really wouldn’t feel comfortable at work in it, I don’t think. But now I’m thinking maybe it’s a good summer alternative to leggings and tee, just to throw on when running errands on the weekend. If strangers at the market think I’m shopping in my nightgown, what do I care??


  2. I’m behind on reading so just read both posts back to back. KEEP THEM BOTH! They’re different enough and I love both on you. As has already been said, they’re both nice for different reasons.

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    1. I’m still on the fence, ha. Which means I’m keeping it. I KNOW it looks like a nightgown, I KNOW I will probably not be able to wear it to work, but I still love it and it feels good. so there 🙂


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