Old Navy Mini Haul

I always loved Old Navy’s clothes and aesthetic…but since “going plus” (ha, I say that like it Just Happened. It DID Just Happen. In 1988.) and with me no longer able to find actual brick&mortar ON (Old Navy) stores with plus size sections for trying on, I’ve abstained from ON for quite some time. But recently I learned they’ve extended their sizing (they now carry up to 4x/26-28) so I thought I would give them another go. I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about THE DENIM DRESS, ha, but yes, they had a light wash Tencel (my heart, it’s the softest) dress in my size ON SALE, and as long as I was ordering that, I got a couple other things, too.

Here’s how that went.

Yes, Nightie has a little self tie which makes it look a little less nighty-ish but it also ruins the whole point of having a comfy loose-fitting dress. I’m still on the fence about this. Now I’m feeling bad for it and think maybe I’ll keep it. Maybe it would be good to start getting people used to the idea of me walking around town in my nightgown.

Now THIS was very disappointing. It’s super lightweight and stretchy, but too snug around the middle and upper-body. I definitely prefer the nighty style. I apologize for my grumpy expression, I was tired and it was hot and I was hurrying around to get a lot done that afternoon and I wasn’t really thinking that THESE pictures would make it into the blog. But. There ya go.

When I was in my early 20s I worked at several 7-11’s, back in the day when the clerk (ME) made the coffee for customers (not to mention SANDWICHES)…and I got a lot of “why don’t you smile? you’re so much prettier when you smile.” UGH. The fastest way to piss someone off and make them NOT want to smile is to say something like that. And I think of that Every Time I see a picture of myself where I’m not smiling. And you know what, I probably DO look better when I smile…but I’m not just gonna walk around town (in my nightgown) with a big dopey GRIN on my face! I smile when I have something to smile about. So there.

Anyway, that striped tee dress is totally going back.

And I saved the best for last…..

bike shorts 1

Gah! Shorts! But not just ANY shorts. No. These will be my BIKING shorts. So I can get back on my BIKE this summer. There. I said it out loud. ON THE INTERNET. Now I have to do it. And look….I’m smiling.


5 thoughts on “Old Navy Mini Haul

  1. Enjoy your biking! Good for you! I never learned to ride a bike as crazy as that sounds. I can soul cycle like nobody’s business…but no riding of the bike …turning was always my downfall …quite literally.


  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a natural šŸ™‚ I only like riding in optimal conditions…flat, cool, dry, no sand or cracks on road, no incline AT ALL. and it’s hard to find all that around here.

    I’ve heard reference to soul cycle, what is that, like a stationary bike exercise class??


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