My Week in Review: Week 27

Whoa. I think I lost a week somewhere. Does that ever happen to you?? I can’t seem to account for the week since I last posted here. Was I asleep? Was I binge-watching The Walking Dead? I obviously wasn’t blogging! I’ve hit a clothing dead-end. Sorry about the dearth of outfit posts lately. I’ve just started ordering a few things for fall so hopefully I’ll have some new outfits to show soon.

Sometimes the only way I can remember what I did last week is by looking at the pictures on my phone.


I watched a sunset. Shocker. Sometimes I think sunsets are my salvation. This one was particularly dreamy.


Turnip King.


Found a place I’d never even heard of before. I love when that happens.


And returned to an old favorite, Welwyn Preserve. For the…you-know-what.


Cat in the Box.


The current read. It’s okay. I’m maybe a third of the way in and hope it picks up in…compellingness. Is that a word? If you know what I mean, it’s a word now.


A dress I liked that did not fit. More on that in the next blog.


Who sees the barn owl face?


Yet another sunset. I hope you like sunsets as much as I do cuz there are a lot of them. I’m constantly on the hunt for new and different locations from which to shoot them. I especially like sunsets over the water cuz then I can also listen to the sound of the water as I watch the sun set and the sky change.

Maybe not everyone realizes that the “after” sky is often better than the sunset itself. If there’s any sort of nice color in the sky at all (and usually clouds), then you should really give it 30 minutes. You’ll find the sky and colors just get better and better. I see so many people snap their shot of the sun touching the horizon and then jump in their cars and drive off…and they’re missing the best part 😦


Turning around from the colorful sky above…I saw these pier cats.


Harvest moon. I usually catch sight of these while I’m driving, but for once I planned ahead and managed to be at the right place at the right time. Next time I need to borrow a longer lens…and I want something better in the foreground. It’s so hard to know exactly where it’s going to come up but….therein lies (one of) the challenges of photography!

Do you remember what you did this week? Am I the only one who forgets??

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I’m really going to try and remember this week!!!


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