My Week in Review: Week 26

26 weeks! Fashion Schlub is Half a Year Old!

Okay then.


We took the dogs to a favorite spot with little marshy inlet on one side…


And the large Long Island Sound on the other.


Poor baby horseshoe crab.


The next day we went hunting for a large sunflower field for a photo shoot but all we found was a small patch in a very busy area. Not quite right.


That’s the Bettye of sunflowers, standing off by herself.


We did stop at a horse rescue farm and admired the kids.




We found some crazy hairy cows. They’re Scottish somethings. Their coats are certainly not suited to humid Long Island weather, I’m not sure why they’re here.


We happened upon some little secret places where we were able to sit by ourselves and just enoy the sound of the water. There was definitely more tidal action while Hermine was off the coast of Long Island, even though we never actually got the storm.


Monday was my birthday and I spent the afternoon with my daughter just exploring around. I love just driving around and turning down new roads to see what’s there. Sometimes you’re surprised with something wonderful, you never know.


She treated me to dinner. We got churros to take home…and little magic dolls to sleep with under pillows to take away bad things. Or something like that.


We saw a bit of rainbow…


…and a mermaid…


…and a lovely sunset.

The next day I went back to work after a week’s vacation. Yeah, you know how that is.

I did wear the same dress to work all week, that was sort of sneaky fun. Guess I should wear something different this week ahead!

And now it’s September, no long vacations til Christmas and the days are getting shorter SO quickly, I hate when that happens. There’s less “outdoor” time and that’s what rejuvenates me. So while people all around me are rejoicing YAY FALL IS COMING, it’s a little bittersweet to me. Yes, fall is lovely…but it’s so hard to give up summer.

What do *you* do to refresh and re-energize yourself?


2 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 26

  1. Ha Ha, I thought YOU had been around for much longer!!! Isn’t it funny how we always think other people are further along, doing better, WINNING…when we are just plodding away at our own little seemingly slow pace?!? The Curse of Comparison!

    We’ll celebrate BOTH our One Year Anniversaries in 6 months!



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