Weeks in Review: 68-74

Week by week it doesn’t feel like I do much…in fact, I’m doing a whole lot of Not Much. But when I looked back at the past 6 weeks since I last posted a Week in Review…yeah, there’s some stuff. So I’ll share.

I finished radiation. 28 treatments. That really felt like an accomplishment. I hope to never be back for more.


I got my appetite back.


I was so sure this baseball tee dress was going to be a win. But it wasn’t. I thought it would be cottony but it was more polyestery. And too long.


This floral silk Lucky Brand top from Gwynnie Bee was a win.




Got my blood clot filter taken out.


I left on a jet plane. I did come back again.


Florida! I stayed overnight with my daughter in her cute Tampa apartment.


Cool bathroom where we had brunch.


Katie found Tommy.


I found the ocean. I floated and bobbed for hours. A manatee swam right past us!


There was a beautiful sunset every night.



My fambly ❤


My grand-niece Annabelle is the sweetest.


My boy was happy I finally came home.


I got a present!


And started real chemo.


Meet Bruce: IV site gone wrong. One of several unpleasant issues. 9 days out from Treatment #1 I’m back to feeling almost normal. Just tired.


Caleb got some new meds and feels good.


Janey had a bath.


And today I will be…PACKING…because my exciting news is I’M MOVING!!! More details and pictures to come….


6 thoughts on “Weeks in Review: 68-74

  1. I really love the floral top. Looks like one of those throw on and go tops perfect for summer. And you’re moving? Exciting! Staying in the same area? Complete move across country? I’m dying of curiosity! Either way, good luck moving and I hope you’re done with radiation forever and ever! Can’t wait to read the next post!

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    1. Hey Pauline, would you believe I’ve had that dress for like 15 years? And I got it from a thrift store, not even new! I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of that one! It’s Mossimo from Target.


  2. You’ve been a busy bee, and moving in the middle of chemo – brave lady. I painted my kitchen (not recently, in the middle of chemo)… it was just something I needed to do to say to the world, I can still do what I want to!! Am excited to hear all about your move and see pictures. Take care of yourself and rest often. 🙂


  3. thanks for sharing this. you really have been very busy! i love the floral top. shame about the baseball dress. with the hem taken up it really could have worked but i know what you mean about that terrible poly fabric feel. sending white light your way and hopes that you are healing every day.


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