Week in Review: Week 79

Phew! THAT was a week! I finished up packing (just barely), had chemo #3 of 4, and moved to the new apartment. All hands were on deck for moving day so things went very smoothly, for which I’m grateful.

I’m on the hunt for a new office chair. Could this be it??

Ready to cash in the coin jar. How much do you think is in here??

My handsome nephew helped move my old sofa to the dump, yay!

And we’re in the new place!

The day after moving was a rest day…and today my daughter and I spent the day together, not doing anything packing or cancer related. It was really nice. 

And now my legs are screaming from doing too much today but it was so nice to just get away for a little bit. Unpacking can wait.


9 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 79

  1. Yay for getting number three done and yay for moving! Two big things done! Of course, unpacking will be a pain, but you’re at least there! What a smart idea for you and your daughter to do something fun together. Enjoy your time and put your feet up tonight! xx Julia


  2. SO happy you took time to relax with your awesome daughter. FYI I miss her and love her so much. Cant wait to see pictures of the new place. It was great to see you if only briefly. Friends and family don’t judge. I love you very much.


  3. Hi there it looks as if your new garden will be a nice place.Had janey had a go at your settee as a scratching post ? Looking forward to see the new place when finished. xx


  4. You are starting your next adventure in your new place. It is cute, adorable and is filled with happy memories to come. Wishing you many years of health and happiness in your new apartment. By the way, LOVE the picture of you and Katie.

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