Week in Review: Week 81

It was a quiet week for me…in a good way.

Tuesday was my birthday and my lovely office-mates got me oodles of goodies!



I got a bunch of emails from 1969.


Caleb enjoying his new view.


I’m enjoying my new view, too.


Nature dancing on my wall.


Wig shopping.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size blogger 9.8.17 11 blogsized

After pouring spoiled milk over the last bowl of cereal I had to improvise breakfast.


What I’m reading now. Janey loves when we stay in bed all day.


Thinking good thoughts for all the people in the world being hit hard by weather these past weeks…hoping they all get the help they so desperately need…grateful (selfishly?) that my loved ones are safe. Hoping for an easier week ahead for everyone.



5 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 81

  1. Well, I like your views and the shadows on the wall. I did remember your daughter (and other relatives, right?) lived in Florida so hopefully she’s not too affected. Can’t wait to see which wig you pick. I’m sure it will be interesting and not at all old ladyish. That could be a fun post of you trying them all on. Well, anyway, glad you’re getting rested and fall is here and it’s the prettiest time of year. We do have that!

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    1. Hey Julia! Fortunately, my daughter (and her cat!) has been up in NY and traveling around a bit for the past month, so she has missed all of Irma. Thank goodness! Purely coincidentally, she was also in St. Martin for a week last month, so again, lucky timing as far as NOT being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      And GMTA, I had Katie photograph Wig Shopping and once I have one, that will be a blog post.

      This Friday is my last chemo treatment and I’m counting down the days to FEELING NORMAL – am figuring 4-5 weeks (based on how long it took after radiation to feel normal and like I actually wanted to MOVE).

      Speaking of moving, how is yours going?

      As always, thanks for stopping by!



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