Week in Review: Week 85

Well, I’m finally starting to feel a little better…so I can get out a little more and not end up so house-bound and cranky!

It’s so good to have near-by places that I can get to in just a few minutes and see something pretty or just people- or dog-watch. This is a VERY doggy town! Anyway, I caught the local crew team finishing up their practice just before sunset.


Caleb got to stroll around a bit. It’s harder now to let him off lead as he’s so deaf that he doesn’t hear me call him and he’s so dotty that he forgets to look for me and just wanders off. So it was nice that he was able to have a few minutes of freedom on this deserted spot on the beach.


Another day we tried to catch sight of the harvest moon as it rose up over the horizon. It’s always a guessing game as to where the best spot will be. I still think this is a good spot but it was so cloudy that the moon didn’t show anywhere til it was high in the sky much later.


My friend and I went to a lake to try and get some pretty sunset shots but it was a very nothing sky. So we did an Outfit of the Day instead and then went to Denny’s for brinner. Man, do I look tired!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size blogger 10.4.17 1 resized
Loft dress, Old Navy cardigan, Vionics shoes, vintage scarf

Friday night I went to our work event “A Special Night for Our Special Kids” to take pictures for our blog and newsletter. An entire amusement park is closed to the public for the evening and is open to families with children (and adults) with autism. The park is less crowded, quieter, lines are shorter or nonexistsent – all to make a nicer time for these kids for whom noise, crowds, waiting, etc., can be a real challenge.


1.resized face blurred

Saturday I planned a custom tour for myself of Red Hook, Brooklyn. I really needed to get out of Dodge but I still can’t do a lot of walking, so I planned in lots of little stops where I could drive to The Thing, walk just a short distance to The Thing, then go back to the car to do the next thing. It was perfect. Red Hook is a small, quietish, waterfront neighborhood in Brooklyn. There are no subway stops there so there’s less hustle and bustle than other areas.


There’s a couple good street art areas…




Some nice gardens…


A little garden space at Pioneer Works, a multi-cultural space, with plantings to attract wildlife.


Some very interesting homes. I love how the one shutter on the window is actually the twin towers.


This was my schlubby outfit of the day. Oofah those pants are horrendous. But so comfortable.


I got a key lime pie. I’ve never even HAD key lime pie so I’m not sure what possessed me. I just had to have it. It’s very good but too tart to ever be a favorite of mine.


Views of the Statue of Liberty.


red hook brooklyn sunset statue of liberty 10.7.17.jpg

And great sunset views.


And yesterday I was exhausted and barely moved! But it was a good exhausted cuz I’d had fun the day before. Today I’m off for Columbus Day and the goal is to get a few more boxes unpacked and things put away and organized. My body is saying NO! NO GOALS! SOFA! But…I’ll try to do SOMETHING productive.

Hope y’all are enjoying the three-day weekend and have a good week ahead.

Bettye xoxo


8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 85

    1. Oh, Maggie, those pants, ha 🙂 They make it look like my belly hangs halfway down my thighs. My problem with any “non-skinny” pant is that I have to get such a large size to accommodate my hips/belly that then the legs are SO large. And these pants are Tencel, which I LOVE, but they stretched out in the waist really quickly that now they’re droopy drawers. Ha. I’m really on the hunt for some non-skinny jeans – just a nice tapered straight leg, but MAN is that a challenge!



  1. Bettye, first of all, Caleb is the handsomest furry fellow I have ever seen! And second, that blue dress is adorable! I love the pairing with the red shoes. And key lime pie is my all time favorite ever dessert in all the world! And it is always so hard to find a good one. Now I am upset with myself that I was in NYC on Saturday and didn’t find myself some fab pie! Great photos. It looks like a fun day of adventures. And I am glad you are feeling better.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, now you’re my very best friend cuz you complimented Caleb 🙂
      And yes, I really enjoyed my little adventure day. It’s so good to get out of your usual “box” – and you did the same this weekend!
      PS – I have a LOT of pie left, ha. A little of that goes a long way!


  2. I love these touring photos! Always so fun to see what you’re up to. And Caleb reminds me of my dog Laura. She can barely see and hear and gets disoriented so easily so I have to walk around with her to get her out of the house. Dotty is a good way to describe it. Well, enjoy your day off and get some rest!


    1. It’s so nice to be up to ANYTHING right now!

      Oh, sorry to hear about Laura 😦 It’s heartbreaking to watch. Caleb was the brightest, most intuitive, gentlemanly dog I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some really good dogs!) and to see him become so DUHH? is just killing me. I don’t recall seeing Laura on the blog….

      Sunday was a good relaxing day but then Monday I did some more unpacking and moving stuff around and tuckered myself out again! And now it’s back to work for the week.

      Congratulations on your good house news!



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