What Am I Going to Wear This Week??

So, THIS is a terrifying thing. I’m sharing my first real vlog with you today. Have patience. Be kind. I was going on the “don’t go live til everything is perfect” model but realized…I will NEVER go live! So here goes, for better or worse…

I know there are some issues. Focus is going in and out. The focusing sound the camera makes is quite loud. I feel like I roll my eyes a lot (ha) and I sound a little nervous. I have to figure these things out. And it *will* get better (dammit).

The video explains my process for putting together a weekly wardrobe, so I don’t waste precious time every morning when I could be sleeping or scrolling through my Instagram. Maybe everybody does this already, but maybe it will help *someone,* and that is my hope. It also talks a bit about how I organize my closet so putting outfits together is easier.

If you enjoy the vlog I hope you will give it a thumbs up and comment and even subscribe. Tell me what you liked and didn’t like about it so I can make future videos more helpful and interesting.

Okay. Here goes nuthin’!!!

Ha ha, nice picture, Bettye! I have to figure out how to make a nice thumbnail!


11 thoughts on “What Am I Going to Wear This Week??

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I’ve been so stressed about letting it go live! I already have ideas for the next couple…I just need to figure out how to improve production quality.

      Thanks for watching it! I kept thinking, “what if I post a vlog and no one watches it?” 🙂



    1. Thanks, Mochi. Yeah, I was filming with the dslr camera…I think most vloggers use either an iphone or a point’n’shoot camera and I guess then don’t have the focusing issues? I’m not really sure but as long as the answer is not “buy different equipment,” I’ll get it figured out 🙂 And that was actually Muggles “next door,” not Caleb 🙂 I think Caleb was laying on the floor between me and the camera, sound asleep.



  1. Wow, that was great. And what good ideas. I have my closet arranged by colors – never thought of doing it your way, but think I might try it. And, picking outfits ahead of time – it always takes me forever to decide what I’m going to wear, possibly because I usually buy what’s on sale, not necessarily what will “go” with something else. Should have learned by now, but… Anyway, loved it, thanks for the great ideas. Btw, got used to the camera noise and it didn’t bother me.


    1. Thanks for watching, Iris! I used to arrange my clothes by color and it *looked* nice but didn’t really work for me. I *do* have my BOOKS arranged by color and that works just fine as over the years I guess I’ve memorized spine colors of all my books so I’m like “Paris Apartment Style”? PINK! And there it is 🙂 Weird, but it works for my very visual mind.

      I try very hard to not buy anything that’s not on my “things I need to go with things I already have” list. Ha, I have a lot of lists. But they help save me from myself when it comes to shopping.



  2. Love it! I like your technique. I sometimes just know what I want to wear and other days I stand there as if the outfit will jump out at me. Yes, you could hear a clicking noise over and over… is that the camera focusing. Sounded like typing.


    1. Yes, the sound is the focus motor trying to find focus on my face as I move around. Some vlogs will be easier as I can be more stationary…but in one like this where I’m moving around a bit, I can either lock focus but then you’ll hear the motor searching for me when I move…or it will just be out of focus when I move but you won’t hear the sound. Personally I’d rather hear the sound but see the subject in focus, but…REALLY I’d like focus AND silence! Ha ha, I just want everything! Will keep working on it.

      Thanks for watching!



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