It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas


The Christmas season has arrived…I’m just a littttle behind (shocker) with my decorating and my shopping…but I’ll be getting it together this week when my daughter comes home for the holidays. We always get a live tree and I’m so happy that in the new apartment I’ll be able to have a full-size one again. For the past five years I had to have sort of small narrow trees to fit in the space. But I love a big tree with tons of lights and ornaments and ribbons.

Here’s some trees we’ve had in past years…

madison tree 12.25.10 P

xmas tree trimming 12.16.11 27

I’ll share this year’s tree once we have it up.

But in the meantime, I’m enjoying decorations around town and on other people’s houses. Most days I take a slight detour on my way home from work to go up and down a couple different streets to see the lights and decorations. I have many sweet memories of driving around the neighborhood with my mother, looking at Christmas decorations. I love when my daughter asks to do that with me now.

I think reading blogs are sort of like driving around looking at holiday decorations. You see things that you may not wear (or do) but it’s fun to see them on others. Whether they’re fashion blogs, or beauty, decorating, cooking, photography, crafting, etc., they’re such a nice way to get a glimpse into someone else’s life, passions and talents. Even if I don’t necessarily learn something, I still come away inspired or motivated to try something new or different. And sometimes (alright, a lot of the time) I just like looking at pretty pictures!

And onto this week’s outfit!


While I love this color combo, the medium dark grey with the warm golden ochre color of this longline chenille cardigan, the too-long dress length really irks me! Isn’t it funny the difference just a couple inches can make??

Anyway, I’ve pulled the two colors together with this vintage skinny fringed scarf that was either my mother’s or sister’s, now I can’t recall. It’s 100% silk and drapes very nicely.


I think I prefer a brown boot with these colors but I can’t zip my brown boots up these days!


This is a super easy-to-wear, very comfy cozy outfit that I’m sure I’ll be wearing on repeat through the cold winter ahead!





Do you like decorating for the holidays or do you have other special traditions, like baking or making presents for loved ones? I’d love to hear about them.

What I’m Wearing:

Believe it or not, I’m still plugging away with vlogmas…they may not be works of art (yet!) but you gotta give a girl credit for not giving up!

I’m linking up today with StyleSplash and her Style With A Smile link-up. Check out all the other bloggers linking up there!

Photography by Robert Mitchell Photography


13 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

  1. The gray dress is really pretty. I have one very similar and it works with everything. We always get a live tree and go to this tree farm that has an old cabin and we tromp through the snow to pick one out. Not this year though. Instead I just bought a little norfolk pine indoor plant and I’m going to decorate that. We also bake cookies and hand out plates of a variety of cookies to the neighbors. Not this year though. Ugh! I’ve got to get settled in one place!


  2. I’ve wanted a grey dress FOR. EVER. And now I have TWO, ha! The other one is more of an actual sweater dress and has a mock neck and is sort of a marled knit so hopefully it will look different enough from the original dress that it qualifies as “different” 🙂 If not, it goes back. haven’t even taken it out of the bag yet to try on.
    I’ve always wanted to go cut down a live tree! It sounds so charming. Handing out cookies to neighbors is So Nice! I wish I was your neighbor, ha! Yeah, you’ll have one slightly unsettled Christmas, but by Next Year you’ll be back in business with all your usual traditions!


  3. I love how you styled that cardigan. I have an almost identical one that I purchased at JCP but I only wore it once so far. I’m pinning this so I have another idea how to wear it. LOVE your trees and your cute kitty!


    1. Thanks, Amy! And welcome 🙂 I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. Oh – that cute kitty is Mr. Madison aka The Puffy Cat. He is, sadly, no longer with us. But we still have Jane, The Stick Cat, and Caleb, The Best Dog in the History of the World…but he is so so old now 😦 Oh boy, this comment is taking a turn for the sad. Okay – can’t wait to get the new tree up! Bettye


  4. Love the cardigan, I have one that is almost identical and I can’t get enough of the chenille…it’s like wearing a big blankie all day long! Christmas lights are one of my favorite things about this time of the year. I have twinkle lights in various spots in my house all year long, but I love it when they are everywhere. And they’re even prettier when there’s snow outside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love the lights. But boy (here’s me finding the cloud around the silver lining), is it dreary come January when all the lights come down. I wish everyone would leave them up til we change the clocks back or flowers are blooming. Could we do that, people??


  5. Your Christmas trees in the previous years are so stunning, and I love how they look in your home! Beautiful photos! And the ochre is a nice colour you paired up with the grey for your outfit ❤


    1. Thanks, Emma! I’m still working in this year’s tree…it fell down the first night – fortunately with no ornaments in it yet – that’s the first time that has ever happened to me! Got my fingers crossed (and some wires anchoring it to the wall!) it doesn’t happen again! Thanks for visiting!


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