Week in Review: Week 103

Greetings from beautiful California! I spent so much of my childhood here that, even though we never actually lived here, it has always felt like home. All my mother’s family was here so we came out every summer.

A few times she tried to jump the gun a bit and take me out of school even before the end of the school year in NY and put me in school here in SoCal for the remaining week or two. Oh, The Drama. I was very shy so to be plunked down into a classroom of strangers was just more than I could take and I would just cry and cry or complain of stomach-aches until they would call my mother to come get me. Eventually they just gave up and let me stay home. Score! Ha.

Anyway. I have not been back out here for 14 years. Which has made me very sad and I have missed people and places Very Much. But my darling daughter treated me to this wonderful trip and now here we are! We’ve only been here for 2 days so there will be more pictures in next week’s Week in Review, but let me get this show on the road, which starts back home in New York.

Last weekend some girlfriends and I got together and made vision boards. A picture of my completed project would have been a great idea, yes? Instead here’s a Valentines cookie. I’ve got my priorities.


I had one intense errand day to get ready for the trip. Visited Avenue for new black leggings and the elusive perfect white tee. This was not it. But the leggings came home with me.


I got my eyebrows threaded. They’ve filled in a lot since the chemo but while still a little sparse on the outer edges they were growing wide not dense and it was looking odd to me. Can you tell which is the before and which is the after? And why my face looks so crooked??

I’ve been sharing a lot of old pictures on my Bettye Rainwater Photography Instagram page and I’ve got a little “horse” theme going on.

Perks of early morning flights.


I flew from NY alone but….


Doing some sightseeing…


Met up with the amazing Annabelle (and, oh yeah, her mother and father) for lunch…


Pretty spaces.


Beach sunset.


Visiting my parents, grandparents and Aunt Bettie at the cemetery.



Urban Lights at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


My apologies for the poor formatting and lack of links. I’m doing this on my phone and my phone apparently hates me today as it is being QUITE uncooperative. So, until next time…!!!!




7 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 103

  1. Oh good you made it out of the snowstorm! I was so afraid you would be stuck! California! Urg, I guessed Florida. You look like you’re losing weight too. Not sure if you mean to or not or it’s a lasting effect of chemo but either way I hope this is your own choice. And your hair! Wow! It’s really growing in and looking sharp! Well, have fun with your gorgeous model, I mean daughter. Can’t wait to see more!

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    1. Was there a snowstorm? Oh gosh, it’s like the east coast ceased to exist the moment I boarded the first plane. Losing weight? Ha, I don’t think so. Maybe NOW cuz we’ve been walking miles and miles every day, but. Yeah, my hair is at a place where I feel comfortable going everywhere without the wig. I’m looking forward to having more soon.


    1. A GREAT time! Sometimes you just need to be around family. I’m so far away from all of mine and see them so infrequently. I really needed this. And a little escape from my real life. I needed THAT, too.


  2. Awwh I hope you enjoy your travels in California !!! How wonderful you have Mom and daughter time 💗 I’m also adoring the slightly older photographs with the horses.. they are such lovely creatures and you are so lucky !! I’m happy your hair is growing after having chemo, and I’m wishing you a lot of happiness on your trip 💗 and it’s good you found some leggings worth buying! I’m currently annoyed that my favourite ones are in the uk.. the ones I have in Canada right now don’t have the best material feel.. haha ughh leggings can be so difficult.

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  3. WOW, on your phone – that’s quite an accomplishment. Enjoyed the post and the pictures. Looks like you’re having fun. What a wonderful, thoughtful daughter you have. Tell her I’m proud of her 🙂 Still loving your short hair! Annabel is adorable. Enjoy time with your family.

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