Throwback Thursday

REALLY throwback. Way way back. I’m going to do something a little different today. And maybe every so often. I thought I’d share some pictures from throughout my lifetime, show the different stages I went through – we all go through so many stages…of life, of style, whether intentional or not. Some pretty, some not so much, ha, but it’s all part of the process.

So here we go.

Aww 🙂 I must have been 1-2ish. We lived in a little house right on the beach in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Sadly, I have no memory of this as I was so young and we were only there about a year. Funny how little girls’ dresses were so short!

A couple years later living on Long Island the first time. This is my adorable teenager sister, isn’t she so That Girl-esque?? And why the ruffles on my tights? Why? Why?

A big jump to my late teens-early 20s. I was very horsey. Most of the time I wore jeans and sneakers or boots and breeches.

Then I got girly. And I loved me a white dress! My mother and I used to take the train every summer from New York to Los Angeles to stay with her family. The train made an hourlong stop in Albuquerque and all the Indian women had blankets laid out at the station with their wares showcased – dolls and moccasins and turquoise jewelry. Every year she’d buy me a new piece. Sadly I only have one piece left now but it’s always a nice memory for me.

This was on a weekend trip my ex-husband and I took to Puerto Rico. I’ve always been a barefoot girl. Probably part of the reason my feet are so bad today!

Another big jump to my late 30-early 40s. I call this picture “I Give Up.” I was selling vintage clothing on eBay at this time and was going into easily a dozen thrift stores a week. And if I came across something that fit on my body, I bought it. It was a very sad style period for me.

But then! I discovered Gwynnie Bee! And truly, it changed my life. I tried things I never would have tried before, and started developing a personal sense of style.

And I had to share this picture from 2015, because, purely coincidentally, I am wearing the exact same outfit this afternoon!!! I really get my money’s worth out of the clothes I buy!

And that is our little walk down clothing memory lane…hope you enjoyed it, or could at least commiserate! Do you have equally horrifying pictures of your past fashion-self?


12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Fun! What a jump from your sad time to your bright Gwynnie Bee outfit! I hope you’re getting a commission or referral for Gwynnie Bee b/c you probably just sold the service to a couple of people. Love your horse pictures. I think we had the same horse!

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  2. Hi!
    You were such a cute little girl on this first picture! I am literally melting.
    You are right about the changes, I think I read somewhere that a statistic person changes “personality” every 7 years. That includes changes in taste (both in food and in clothes), changes in life approach and generally in character. That is why the older we get the more we like broccoli and olives, which as far as I remember I hated when I was a kid.
    It was a really nice post, you should definitely post something like this more oftern.
    Have a nice Friday,

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  3. I really enjoyed seeing these photos. From a beautiful horsey, girl to the lovely woman you’ve become. I thoroughly enjoyed this pictorial journey.
    I am so glad that you embraced your beauty and bold fashion sense. Your sense of color is wonderful and inspiring.

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    1. Thanks, Danielle. Yeah, I mostly like neutrals…but every once in awhile I’m drawn to something with a lot of color and I feel really good in them! What about you – do you prefer neutrals or colors?


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