Week in Review: Week 116

It was finally warm enough to wear The Nightgown Dress. Which I am really “over” wearing it with this little white crochet cardi. Maybe it’s the cardigan I’m over. It’s feeling a little too “twee” for me these days. Will have to figure out a better topper. The dress is such an easy wear favorite but I don’t feel right wearing sleeveless to work so it needs something over it there.

Tencel dress from Old Navy, no longer available, similar here or here in plus size, or here in straight size
The town is starting to gear up for Memorial Day weekend.


This was the sort of thing I was finding in the plus-size section at Saver’s this week. I’ll have to double-check but I don’t believe chartreuse sequined muscle tank is on my list.


I had one glorious beach evening. The light was beautiful, the temperature was gentle, the sand was soft and cool, the water was bracing, there was hardly anyone there. It’s the first really good feeling I’ve had since Caleb.


I took this picture for someone who is obsessed with the American flag. He has taken it upon himself to be the flag police and contact businesses, government agencies, etc., that are flying the flag incorrectly or in an unsuitable condition. I don’t know that this is either of those things, I just thought he might like the picture. This person is no longer in my life but I still take pictures for him that never get sent.


One afternoon I met a friend in town and we got ice cream then walked to the harbor to see the sunset. For those of you who are thinking “I thought she was going to lose weight,” please focus on the word “walked” and not the words “ice cream.”


I’m puppy sitting this weekend. He’s mental telepathying his mother, “please come save me from Aunt Bettye who is taking up the entire sofa forcing me to lay on the hard hard floor.” I found him in my bed later so, don’t worry, he’s not suffering too much.


Now it’s Sunday. A lovely grey spring rain is falling so I am excused from having to go “out in the world.” I can read one of my new books, nap, watch movies or play with my new watercolors.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. And I am thinking of and grateful for those who have died while protecting our country. Did you know about the National Moment of Remembrance Act? It encourages people to pause each Memorial Day at 3pm local time to remember the brave men and women who died serving this country. Major League baseball games will stop play for a minute at 3:00 and Amtrak trains will toot their horns.

I just heard a cat miaow outside. I need to investigate.




19 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 116

  1. Your beach walk looked so serene. Are you close enough to just walk home then? It must have been pretty dark then. Is your town a busy or safe enough one that you feel fine walking in the dark? I’m not being worried about you, or paranoid, I’m just curious about your town. The sweater is pretty but I can see it could look “little old ladyish” too. Enjoy your peaceful day. It’s sunny here so I feel obligated to do something productive even though it’s hot and muggy. I still have 25 more bags of mulch to distribute…. or I can do computer busy work!

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    1. My land-friend walks to town and back all the time. It’s less than a mile from my apartment to the park by the harbor, BUT…I live at the top of a hill, so every road that leads down into the town requires a VERY steep return, I am not up to that. I would drive down a couple days a week with Caleb to do a short lap of the park then sit on a bench and watch the sky turn and darken…but I still have not quite gotten over my discomfort of “walking without a dog.” I know people DO it…but I really never have. It’s a goal – both walking dogless and navigating the steep hills.

      And I definitely feel safe enough here to walk after dark. It’s very neighborly and has its own village police department that patrols constantly.

      To be clear, I live near the harbor in the second sunset picture, not the beach in the first picture. I mean, I’m not FAR from that beach – at its widest point, Long Island is only 27 miles across. I usually meet two of my friends who live on the south shore (I am living on the north shore) weekly, so at that point, that beach is *not* far at all.

      Oh, I do not relish the muggy days ahead. I’m actually feeling a little motivated to do a clean up/decorating project later today.

      25 more bags! Oofah! Where are those girl children of yours??

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    1. In the cooler weather I could wear a denim jacket over the dress…but generally don’t wear this dress in cooler weather because I wear it with bare legs.

      Does everyone have as many issues with things as I do? Ha.


    1. Thanks, Pauline. It’s such an easy dress to wear, super lightweight and the fabric is so soft with almost a velvety feel to it. Someday if it gets a stain that I can’t get out, I can see it become an actual nightgown, it’s that comfortable.


    1. In theory, that sounds great 🙂 But in actual application the challenges are: 1) In spite of searching for years, I do not own a plain white crew-neck tee – I only have a v-neck and I wouldn’t like that under the slit neck of the dress, and 2) while I almost always wear “things over things,” I do not really like wearing “things under things,” and while it may seem like those are the same things, it’s not.

      I used to have a sleeveless denim dress that I treated as a jumper and did wear a white tee underneath, but the dress was a heavier material and had a round neckline.


  2. I’ve been following you for a while and admire you so much. I need help with my wardrobe- totally overwhelmed—- have lots of individual pieces I like -but I don’t know how to start organizing so I have outfits not just stuff! You may have written a tutorial on how to start but before I started following you. Any words of wisdom? I refuse to buy or consider buying one more thing until I get this worked out!

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    1. Sheryle, I certainly empathize with your struggle! For years I had SO many pieces of clothing – in the closets, in the drawers, in the attic space, in bags, in tubs…but very few OUTFITS. I’ve finally learned to look at potential clothing through the lens of “outfits” not “pieces.” You can have the cutest shirt/shoes/skirt/sweater/etc in all the land, but you can’t go out of the house in just that one thing!

      I’ve written several posts on this topic and have some youtube videos as well…”Creating a Spring/Summer Clothing Shopping List” at https://wp.me/p7dPSO-2qk … and “I Don’t Know What to Wear” at https://wp.me/p7dPSO-2os and “Using Base Layers to Build Your Wardobe” at https://wp.me/p7dPSO-2fL . I hope this might give you some helpful guidance – let me know!



  3. A month ago we had snow on the ground and ice chunks still floating in near by lakes. Now we have temps in the 90’s! Whew, please come back Spring! I also love being by the water. It’s so soothing.

    Love the dress. Does it need ironing. I’ve bought a couple new clothing items that need to be ironed after washing. Ugh! Have a great week.

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    1. The weather is CRAZY!!!

      The dress does need ironing after washing…well, it doesn’t NEED ironing if you let it air dry then throw it in the dryer for 5 minutes to soften it up (my method of drying to prevent shrinking), but I like the crispness of a just pressed item.


  4. I love your night gown dress. It is a very soft and romantic look, and so lovely for the holiday weekend. I really liked that photo of the flag, as quirky as it is. Your beach photos are simply fabulous. I am glad you are enjoying puppy sitting.
    Sending hugs from East Hampton!

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