Keepin’ It Cool: Dressing for Hot Weather

After the debaucle of last weekend’s photo shoot in the sweltering heat, I am now really  on the hunt for some cooler summer options. I think because actual summer took so long to get here I kind of thought I could make it through July and August with what I already had, but…live and learn! 

So I’ve been on the online hunt for some hot-weather-friendly items and I’m primarily looking at loose-fitting, linen, cotton, rayon, Tencel (lyocel) and blended fabric clothing. A side note about rayon, I feel it’s underappreciated as a “cool” fabric as it is man-made. But sometimes man does something right! And while it is, indeed, “man made,” it is made from natural fibers and can be just as breathable and cool to wear as cotton or linen.

Also consider the weave of fabrics – while knitted fabrics are stretchy and comfortable they’re not not as breathable as a woven fabric that allows air to circulate easily, helping to keep you cool. Like when my father used to let us turn on the attic fan on the hottest days and there was a whoosh of air movement and relief.

So let the search begin!

Old Navy Crochet-Sleeve Shift Dress: This loose shift style dress is a linen, cotton, rayon blend so has the best of all keeping-cool worlds. Plus the open-weave crochet sleeves will allow extra air to get to your arms while still keeping them covered for the office, etc. It comes in black and this army green color, which I love for summer with some cognac slides and a straw bag. It comes in both plus and straight size.

Forever 21 Linen-Blend Maxi Dress: This rayon-linen blend sleeveless plus size dress is so easy to wear in the summer and can be worn loose or easily “structured up” with the self-tie. It comes in natural, soft rust (shown), olive and a vibrant mustard. It also comes in both plus and straight size. I would wear this with some wedge espadrilles for a Mediterranean vacation look!

 Caslon Multi Stripe Woven Maxi Dress: Summery striped rayon, cotton, linen bland maxi dress would be darling with a natural straw tote and little white sneakers! Also available in straight and petite sizes!

Vince Camuto Plus Sleeveless Linen Henley: This pale ice blue plus size linen top would be perfect for work or evenings out over white or black linen trousers.

B Collection by Bobeau Plus Size Fiona Woven Blouse Women’s Blouse: 100% rayon geometric print blouse. I’ve had this one in my Shopatgr for awhile, waiting for the price to come down. I’d love to wear this over khaki linen pants or some Tencel “jeans.”

H&M Linen-blend Shirt: comes in light blue and would work, buttoned up, as a top over pants or a skirt…or unbuttoned as a “jacket” over a dress or a tee when in air conditioning.

Vince Camuto Wide Leg Linen Pants: ahh. I feel cooler just looking at these! Pockets and elastic drawstring waist. I’d love either of the two blue tops above over these. They come in straight size as well.

Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Ankle Pants: Elastic drawstring waist, pockets…blah blah blah THIS COLOR…LOVE. Why do the more expensive brands have The Best Colors??  Very similar style in straight size here

Organic Linen Ankle Pants,
                        color, Russet

Thanks for doing a little window (monitor??) shopping with me. I’ve got one of these items in my shopping cart already…hopefully I can swing another, too…It’s Hot Out There!!!

What do you like to wear on the hottest of hot days??

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.


16 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Cool: Dressing for Hot Weather

  1. I am really liking the Old Navy dress you displayed. It would look good on you, imho.
    I also like those wide leg linen pants. I don’t have any yet, but have been online stalking them this summer. Here’s an olive pair I quite liked, and they are 70 percent off right now:—olive-wash/11336676.html#q=linen&start=1
    Also, I have about ten all cotton Tee shirts from Target. They are $8 each, and they have a good selection. Here’s the link:
    It seems to me the 100 percent cotton shirts are getting harder to find, so I snag them when I can. And Debbie at FashionFairyDust did a post this week about maxi dresses at Walmart. I went to the Walmart site yesterday and found many that I liked. Just waiting for payday!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. I never thought of looking at Torrid for linen pants! And I have two of those same Universal Thread tees from Target, white and, shocker – black and white striped. They fit me a *little* funny – they’re a little more columnar shaped than I like on me, boxy is a better fit for me. But I was getting desperate for a white tee for summer, so. And yeah, I’ve been seeing some decent things at Walmart lately, I just don’t usually think to look there. Will make a point of it now!

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  2. Lovely choices! My issue is chafing, I now always wear Old Navy stretchy fitted shorts under my dresses/skirts in summer, which makes them decidedly less airy. So I end up wearing leggings and tunics most of the summer.

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      1. I’ve never actually chafed…but I also avoid moving around in the heat…or if I must, I try to wear pants. Even though the pants are hot. My issue is the upper thigh sweat. Very annoying and uncomfortable. And why I avoid dresses on the hottest days. Does the Monistat affect the sweat level at all?


  3. My mom was just discussing some of the man made materials too when we were talking about summer materials. They aren’t all bad like you say.
    I always love the dresses in the summer, but those linen pants would be so versatile. Even my husband has a couple pairs!!! (hey…gotta keep the men dapper too…)

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    1. I do love a linen pant! I only have one paid right now, khaki, but they’re reserved from VERY casual outings as they’re stretched out and they slip down and get all baggy in the crotch/lower tummy and make everything worse than it really is 🙂 But they are old old. I’m having a hard time finding a good fit in a new pair…but the search continues!

      Oh yeah, i love a man in linen. Very Don Johnson 🙂

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  4. Love the maxi dresses and the linen pants. Also like the loose fitting tops. My problem with tops is I can’t wear sleeveless or cap sleeves. Need something almost down to my elbows and those are really difficult to find. Love cotton and have added several more pieces this year. Everytime I even think about looking at clothes I hear Bettye talking about “what will this go with” and frequently it’s nothing 🙂

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  5. Lovely selection Bettye!
    I’d happily wear most of the items… except linen trousers.
    I’m not a fan of them.
    I think it’s the baggy bum!

    I prefer bare legs and covered shoulders in hot weather… cool cotton, silk, linen and even wool work best for me
    Sometimes gym tops are good because they wick moisture, but they’re obviously not smart at all!!

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