Week in Review: Week 122

My vacation week is quickly coming to an end…but I had a very full, fun, productive and anxiety-free week, which I really needed.

I started the week having to say goodbye to my baby…again, boo hoo. Our visits our so short and so far between. I won’t see her again til Thanksgiving, when we’ll both go to my sister’s house in South Carolina.

Katie and my ex’s King Shepherd, Hunter. I want them both to come stay with me for ever and ever and ever

I had a beach day with my bestie. It’s been a loooong  time since I’ve gone to the beach for realz. Last year was just…no. I almost didn’t go this day due to stupid anxiety, but I powered through and had a great day.


I didn’t do #ootd this week because, really, this dress below and the bathing suit above were what I wore almost every day. Kept it simple and cool.


Photographed some plus size items to list on ebay. I’ll post a link to my shop when they’re up.


I hadn’t planned to go to see fireworks (cuz traffic people walking) but as I was driving around Wednesday afternoon looking for pictures for my @NorthportEveryDay Instagram account I noticed a bunch of cars parked along a road where usually no one parks. Then I noticed people sitting in lawn chairs. Hmm. I quickly googled “fireworks in Northport” and sure enough, there was to be a local fireworks display and the locals knew where to park for the view but to avoid the crowds and traffic. I was in! I always have my beach chair in the car and I had my camera, iced tea and a book cuz I was planning on sitting in the park for sunset…so I just set up camp with the other people and waited for it to get dark. It was nice, no annoying bugs, just charming fireflies, I listened to people chatting, we enjoyed cooling breezes off the Sound, it was a lovely evening.


Ooh! Ahh!


Of course, afterwards, there was a long line of traffic waiting to get out on the one lane road. I just sat in my car playing Words with Friends til the road was clear 🙂


The next day, back to the beach. Looks kinda like the desert til you get past the dunes.


That’s a hard job.


Friday we went to a lavender farm. You’ll see more pictures in this week’s blog post.



IMG_5898 resized

Made all the obligatory “out east” stops and took the corresponding pictures – farm stands, beaches, shacks, flowers, gnomes, etc.

out east 7.6.18 1 resized
If you look closely you’ll see two osprey on their nest at the top of the tree.
out east 7.6.18 3 resized
Miniature-sized models of the North Fork light-houses at Orient Point Beach

out east 7.6.18 2 resized


Stopped on the way home for dessert (she had apple crumb pie and I had almond cream pie, yum) and mashed turnips to go, cuz they’re supposed to be the best!


My daughter used to make fun of the things I brought home from thrift stores (like 60s silver clutch purses) in my ebay days…now she wears them out. Mm-hmm.



7.7.18 northport every day resized.jpg

I got myself flowers.


And that, my friends, was my wonderful vacation week. Now I have to get ready to go to a wake (sadness) and start to prepare for the work week ahead.

Hope you all had a nice week! xoxo



14 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 122

    1. Do you live near a beach? The beach is my savior. I can’t imagine not living near the ocean or at least water of some sort. Ha, that’s funny, it never occurred to me before but someone was just asking me the derivation of my last name – people always think Rainwater is an Indian name – and I explained that it is actually from the German meaning “having lived near a pool of still water.” And now I can’t imagine NOT living near water. Interesting coincidence.


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation week. Love all the pictures – my favorite is the gnome garden – it reminds me of my fairy garden – only mine is small.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was a wonderful week. It’s such a mental health time to be able to putter around and just enjoy life (and your daughter). I love that you spontaneously got to see the fireworks! We were so tired from getting ready for Nancy’s move, that we missed them this year.
    I have a silver clutch like that—I actually think it was my grandma’s….the things we change out minds about…LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hunter is a handsome lad. I think he must be the second most handsome dog around. My Scottie Wally is the first, but Hunter is giving him a run for his money! I love the lavender farm. I can just imagine the smell of it. Did they let you pick any lavender while you were there?


    1. Hunter is very handsome. He thinks he’s a horse. He always manages to get to wherever the horses are and play or just hang out with them.

      The lavender farm was really lovely and was very fragrant. You can’t pick it yourself but they had a shop right there where you could buy fresh or dried bunches.


    1. I even brought my beach things to work yesterday and zipped down for a little while at the end of the day…just to try and hold onto vacation zen a little longer.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ashley!


  4. Good for you for kicking that anxiety in the butt and getting out! I love these tours around your part of the world. Are you getting tomatoes already? Ours don’t come until August except for the cherry tomatoes that I eat when I’m desperate for a fresh tomato. I need to take my readers on a field trip, heck, I just need one!

    Liked by 1 person

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