White Plus Size Dresses for Summer

I recently had a little convo on someone’s blog about my love for summery white dresses in my youth…

(Ugh, my computer is flashing obnoxious messages at me – I’d written this post in advance and had intended to put pictures of my two favorite white dresses from my youth right here….but now I can’t access the computer at all and I’m just finishing this up and scheduling it from my phone, so the pictures are not happening.)

It’s been a long time, though, as I just felt a white dress wasn’t right for my size or shape. White has so many rules around it…”darker colors are more slimming,” light colors jump out at you, seeming larger, versus dark colors which tend to recede…BUT…I’m starting to feel the pull, in spite of those things. Maybe it was Anna’s white dress + black moto jacket look that pulled me back over to the bright side.

So I’ve started looking around online to see if I could find something that might feel right…something easy, not too precious…that I could wear to work with a little cardi and white sneakers or out in the evening dressed up with a pretty sandal.

White dresses can be a little challenging to get just right, so here are a couple guidelines for buying and styling:

  • We’ve discussed quality of fabric before, especially for summer…and I think fabric quality is even more important with white. Check to make sure it’s either lined…or heavy enough material that it’s not see through (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Again, unless you’re going for That Look, keep your ‘wares neutral-toned so they’re not visible under the dress. People sometimes think white is the best color for undergarments under white clothing, but what you see then is the contrast against white bra and skin-toned skin. If your bra is skin-toned, there’s no contrast line and it’s creates a more invisible undergarment look.
  • Like a black dress, a white dress is like a blank canvas and almost anything goes! Black, naturals, neutrals, pastels, hot colors, cool colors…there are limitless ways to style a white dress. Not just as far as bags and shoes, but also jewelry, scarves, jackets, belts.

Here are some white summer dresses I’m liking, that aren’t too fancy/dressy or bodycon (read: tight-fitting):

Women’s Plus Size Eyelet Wrap Dress Ivory from Target

Sharagano Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress (Plus Size) Nordstrom Rack

Calvin Klein Plus Size Cotton Eyelet Trapeze Dress Macy*s

Ny Collection Plus Size Crochet-Trim A-Line Dress Macy*s

White Linen Scoop Neck Dress Zulilly

Inset Crochet A-Line Dress Avenue 

Linen Sleeveless Slip-on Dress Vivid LinenLinen Sleeveless Slip-on Dress

A LWD (Little White Dress) can be just as classic as the LBD. I personally would love to wear it with natural colored accessories…or orange!  How fun for summer, right?? My only concern is SPILLING. I’m the worst. When I eat out I eat like a baby, keeping a napkin hovering under my fork in case I spill. And I still get food on myself! Am I the only one with this problem? I swear I’m going to design an adult bib to take out with me. Why are people only given bibs with lobster? Other things are messy…and stain more than lobster and butter!


Do you love a white dress as much as I do??

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15 thoughts on “White Plus Size Dresses for Summer

  1. I am loving the lace shift dress from Nordstrom Rack. I’ve been coveting a shift dress, along with all of my other covets. I don’t do white often, for the spillage reason that you’ve described, Bettye. Although I’ve seen the brilliant idea online, to dye it if it gets too stained, will that work with 30 stains? 30 wear challenge? But that is the joy of a white dress, when it is clean, it’s the best, and a timeless classic.

    Bearing in mind how fabulous you look in bright colors, white (and orange) would be great for you! I just picked up an article outside my color range yesterday, all due to your and your fellow fashion influencer’s posts, and when I saw it, it spoke to me. I would have walked right past it at the beginning of this summer, so wear what you love seems to be this summer’s theme.

    Olive you long time…

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  2. I’m right there with you on the spilling. Though thanks to one of your previous posts, I’ve gotten brave enough to wear the white pants I had hanging in my closet – and have even gotten a pair of white capris. I do try to be extra careful.

    I like the white linen from Zulilly – love the sleeves. Sleeves are a challenge for me since I look even older if my old arms show. That dress is too short for me, but otherwise I love it.

    A friend made my hubby two bibbs. They were one of those things I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of and I’ve been tempted to take them out and wear them, or take one with me. Unfortunately, they are more masculine fabrics. With your reminder, I might just get some cute fabric and make my own though.


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    1. Adult bibs might just be your next calling in life, Iris! It seems like something even *I* could try making! I’m gonna have a little extra time in the coming week as my computer seems to be in a coma and needs to go to the hospital 😦

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  3. I love my LWD even more so than the LBD…in fact, I used to have 4 of them, but have recently purged it down to 2. They just seem so perfect for the summer, and maybe it’s more of that good/evil thing?? White is always better in that respect…LOL!!
    As for getting dirty—it’s life. And my mom always says that’s what bleach is for!! Leave it to her to make it seem so easy!!

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  4. Don’t think I would dare wear a white dress, I would like to wear white trousers but have never been brave enough and I have always had a thing about white bags and shoes and neve wearr them. I also am terrible at spilling things I often put an apron on whilst eating but even manage to drop food between apron and my top.!!!

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    1. If it’ll give you a little courage, I’ve been wearing my white jeans since February and haven’t spilled on/ruined them yet! And they’re very fun to wear. Ooh, an apron! That might be even better than a bib cuz it would cover boobs AND lap!


  5. I almost never wear white, until I saw a few other bloggers wearing a white dress and that reminded me that I had a white dress in my closet. I had forgotten how good that dress feels. So I’m very happy with the white dress, but I never spill food on my clothing, Gerben does.

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    1. I think I remember seeing a little white shift dress on your blog not so long ago – maybe under a denim jacket? I’ve got some outstanding online returns right now – as soon as that cashola hits my checking account I will be on the serious search for the white dress of my dreams!


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