Week in Review: Week 125

Well, I fished my wish this week for sure. I complained last week was too full…and this week was a big goose egg of nothingness!

I went to storage. By myself. I hate going there by myself. A) It’s creepy.


B) It’s hard to navigate alone. Things are stacked high and deep and the towers are a little precarious. I was looking for a box of photo albums to find a particular picture (for the post on white dresses). I was excited to see the white box right smack in the center of the photo labeled “PHOTO ALBUMS,” but after rearranging everything to get it out, the photo was missing from the album. I’ve moved So Much over the past 10 years I no longer have a sense of where many of my belongings are. Some have been packed and unseen since I sold my house in 2009. Sorry, storage always makes me oddly emotional.


I had just spotted an antique car show at the park in town…and then I got an Uber ride request. By the time I got back they were leaving and only got a few pics.


A cute lil house with a daylilly walkway.


We lost our Madison (aka The Puffy Cat) two years ago this week.


Monkey Money! The child is headed to Costa Rica with her sister and cousins.





We had our second annual Brew-B-Q fundraiser on Saturday so I worked all day. And It Was Hotter Than It Has Ever Been in the History of the World. And 99% humidity. Crazy times.

My daughter is in Costa Rica living la vida loca. She’ll probably be mad at me for posting this pic BUT she probably does not read my blog, so…Living La Dangerous Loca.


Someone gave me a work-around to try with my computer and it worked, woohoo! I have to use it now every time I start it up so I still think there’s an issue, but for now – I’m back on. And I’m going to invest in a subscription to Carbonite so every file I create and save will be automatically backed up to The Cloud…so if it happens again I don’t have to be SO panicked as I can retrieve my files and work on a different computer somewhere else til I get sorted out at home.

The obligatory Janey picture. The window could use a washing!


Wow, we’re reaching all new depths of uninterestingness here. The coming week should be a little better 🙂

Hope you’re all surviving this insane heat…or whatever weather you’re having where you are. Thinking good thoughts for the week ahead.


24 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 125

  1. It’s not nothingness….but if it is, isn’t that the whole idea behind Seinfeld??
    Heck…my stuff isn’t in storage, and I still can’t find certain things….I blame the aliens…
    Your daughter looks amazing in that photo—it’s so Instagrammable!!

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    1. Bettye Rainwater – A Life About Nothing. Ha. If I ever write a book that should be its title. I always thought if I wrote a book about my life (I’m not TOO narcissistic!) I’d call it “A Rose in the Shade.” No explanations here – you’ll have to read the book.


  2. Sounds like a pretty interesting week to me. And, while my ‘stuff’ isn’t in storage (well, not exactly) I still have mounds in a storage room, the garage, and the infamous little house (remember when I ‘cleaned that out and dug a hole). And, in all fairness, much of what I have stored belongs to one of my sons and his kids.

    Sorry about your computer – I had a crash in 2016 and lost EVERYTHING. I could just hear Chuck saying ‘back up, back up, back up’. And now I do.

    What is the adorable little rounded top wicker container in your storage? That is adorable and would make a really cute ‘something’ in the house.

    Janey looks pretty comfty – don’t think she cares about the cleanliness of the window 🙂


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    1. Oh, Iris, don’t give it away – The Hole should be its own blog post!

      That adorable wicker thing is a CAT CARRIER! Is that not the cutest?? The little peep hole on the front got pushed out and needs maybe leather straps woven across it so no kitty could get out. But am I ever going to spend money on that?? I bet not. Maybe Koda would like it. Why is that not sounding right for your dog’s name?? If you’d like it for him, I’d be happy to ship it off to you. It’s going to have go eventually anyway, may as well go to someone I know and like.

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      1. Well, Koda is the correct name, though it looks like it would probably be too small for him, but…. might be a cute case for his doggie toys – few that they are because he tends to destroy them. But you should be able to figure out something cute to do with it.

        I might just have to wrote a post about “the hole”.



      2. My problem is I can figure out something cute to do with TOO MANY THINGS. It’s ALL CUTE. I want it ALL. I can’t keep it all. It’s really all gotta go. Re the storage unit alone – over the past 6 years that I’ve had it, I’ve spent over $7,000 on it!!! Trust me, NOTHING in there is worth $7,000. Everything COMBINED is not worth $7,000. Much of it has sentimental value. Some of it would be difficult to replace. But $7,000??? No. The madness must stop.

        And you DEFINITELY must write a blog post about The Hole. I tell people that don’t even know you or about The Dock or anything, about The Hole – I love that story so much!

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  3. Fished my wish? That’s a new one, I haven’t heard. I love to appropriate new sayings for my own usage.
    The little house with the daylily path is very cottage-y, and you can tell they care for their garden, but I wouldn’t do daylilies there. Once they grow in, their little fronds extend themselves into the pathway, thereby creating a tripping hazard for a klutz like moi. Although the daylilies would create a nice soft landing pad for said klutz.
    Daughter is too beautiful! And look at the cleanliness of the water!
    And yes, the storage place is creepy.
    Have a good week.

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    1. Fished my wish. I was wondering if anyone would recognize that. When I was little and would play the card game “Go Fish” with my mother or friends, if you’d ask for a card and the other player would say “go fish,” and you picked from the pile of cards in the “pond,” if you picked up the card you’d asked for you’d say “fished my wish!”

      Maybe I should do a little blog post sometime on Bettye-isms. Ha. I’ve collected/made-up quite a few over my lifetime and they all have stories. May not interest everyone but it might interest some.

      Yes, I’m envying my daughter and her cousins spending time under the waterfalls and palm trees. She should be coming home (well, HER home, in Florida) soon.

      Hope you have a good week, too. At least Monday is over with. And I put in for a personal day Friday so hopefully it’ll be a short week for me.


  4. I’m at our little place in the north woods of Wisconsin. We’ve been having cool nights in the low 50’s. It feels so good to sleep with the windows open. We have warm days, so the AC still is appreciated.

    We sold our big house a few years ago that didn’t have a basement. When we moved to a smaller home, I was thrilled to have a basement. So now I live in a very uncluttered house with a very cluttered basement. Ugh!

    So glad your computer is cooperating with you. 👏🏻😁👏🏻

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    1. Wisconsin sounds cool and green and lovely right now. Today is the first day I’ve been able to open the windows in over a week – it’s been SO humid. 50s at night sounds dreamy.


    1. I rent a storage unit, It’s 5’x5’x8’high. This apartment and my last one did not have room to store all that stuff – which is a lot of things from when I owned a home. I haven’t wanted to let it all go because it’s things I love, that should I ever have a home again (or larger apartment), I could have my beloved items around me. But having a pretty good idea of my near future, I don’t think that’s going to happen…and this year will be spent divesting myself of almost everything I own. A difficult task, to be sure. I’ll explain more when I have more concrete details.

      So far the week is interesting. “Good” remains to be seen (ooh, I’m so cryptic today!).


      1. Part is ominous, ha ha, part is good but maybe just a daydream…but I can’t share any of it yet. But everyone is okay…I mean, I’m still getting up out of bed each day and doing The Things, so…I guess that’s okay!


  5. I would be creeped out a little also by going to the storage units alone.. and it must not be easy to remeber if something is in storage or not and have to dig through to find things.. I’m going to try to be more of a minimalist for all of our future moves…

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    1. The lights are on motion sensors and timers, so they just come on when you walk a certain distance down a corridor and then the ones behind you go off. At one point I was in my unit so long without coming out that the timers turned the lights out. ALL. THE LIGHTS. It was pitch black and VERY creepy! Of course as soon I stepped out of the unit into the corridor the lights in my area came back on but….OOFAH. I always have this notion that a person could so easily be hiding in a unit, ready to drag you in with them as you walk by.

      Yeah, I definitely have to get all my stuff out of there by next year!

      Glad you stopped by!


  6. Storage units on a bright and sunny day have a unique juju. Bet your daughter with an incredibly beautiful soul reads this and lastly best wishes going through the storage unit. The hardest decisions are when we have to go through items that are the sentimental ones. As your going through the boxes, keep a few key items that brings you happy memories and consider possibly selling some of the items? Maybe you could use the extra cash to buy a lovely white dress?

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