She Works Hard for the Money

I frequently see posts about the pros and cons of using your blog as a source of income. I recently read this post on Nancy’s Fashion Style on that very topic and it prompted me to respond. I know I wrote briefly about this once before but I’ve wanted to go into a little more detail about my experience.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.27.18 8 resized

As for “blogging for money,” all throughout my life I’ve had hobbies that turned into businesses – and I think that’s the best kind of “business” to have! When I was younger I was a horse lover turned riding instructor. Then I fell in love with graphic design and started a newsletter about gardening (another hobby!) which got me a job as a desktop publisher, creating newsletters for nonprofits. The love of gardening turned into a floral design business. My love of thrifting and treasure hunting turned into an ebay store, and then following my love of clothing, morphed into an online vintage clothing shop. I started more serious photography when I was shooting the vintage clothing on live models and then people started asking me to photograph them and their families and events and I had a photography business.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.27.18 3 resized

Now all these things – graphic design, photography, writing, fashion – have come together gloriously as My Little Blog 🙂 And while I haven’t yet, I hope to someday get an income from it so that when I semi-retire I won’t need to spend my days collecting runaway shopping carts at the Piggly Wiggly.

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How lovely it is to make income from doing something you love to do! I’ve blogged for many years on other topics (photography, vintage clothing, lovely inspiration, my home(s), even a long-distance mother/daughter blog a la 3191 Miles Apart). For free. Just because I loved doing it. And I love creating Fashion Schlub. But I’m at a point in my life where I need to be considering additional income sources so that I can retire before I die. And since I LOVE doing this and there are ways to use it for income, why not? 

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I do see blogs that are like one big ad, and no, those are not much fun to read. They’re just like watching commercials on TV – who likes to do that?? But I don’t mind at all reading a blog I like and them telling me what clothes they wear or what products they use, if they do it in a non-selly way. I don’t mind seeing and clicking on affiliate links in a blog or reading a sponsored post…as long as I feel the blogger is sincere in their feelings for the product.

I know I’ve said this before – I would only recommend an item on the blog that I truly feel is good or that I would use or have used. I’ve gotten so many reach-outs that make absolutely no sense for my blog…and I have turned them all down. So know that when I do work with a brand it will be because I truly like the brand/item and feel good about sharing it with you.

lot of time and effort (and expense) go into producing a quality blog. Why would someone resent a blogger making money from it?

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.27.18 7 resized

So yes – I intend for this eventually to be an income-producing blog. I don’t expect the quality or character to change. I think it would only get better!

About six months ago I started sharing affiliate links – primarily so that readers can find items like the ones I show in the posts. If that exact item is no longer available, I try to find the closest possible match, or at least that shares some of the best qualities of the original item, just as though I were shopping for a duplicate item myself. I like to share several links for each item so they can be found at higher and lower price points, and in plus and straight sizes. I make, literally, pennies each time someone clicks on an affiliate link…and I won’t even get the money paid to me til it reaches $100….and I’m not even a quarter of the way there! So at the rate things are going now, I’m looking forward to getting a nice hundred-dollar check in about another two years! PAR-TAY!!! 

It was a hard decision for me to add the banner ads at the side and bottom of my posts because I have no control over what the ads are for or what they look like. And again, bloggers make very little money from them and, like the pay-per-click affiliate links, you have to reach a minimum dollar amount before you get a pay-out. I hope they’re not horribly offensive. If there’s just a few on other blogs, I barely notice them…I hope that is your experience here, too. I certainly haven’t noticed any decrease in views this month as a result, which is promising. But please let me know how you feel about them.

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All that said (!!!) let’s get to the outfit! I started the month in a kimono and I’m ending it one, too. It was another super hot day just like before, so I was hoping this easy-breezy kimono would be just the right thing, but…nope. Ha. See?? I’m being honest! It’s a Gwynnie Bee item, so not a keeper, but I’d thought it was more of a light chiffon-y fabric that air would pass through easily, helping to keep me cool. But it was actually modal (a rayon blend that feels more like a stretchy cotton knit). I’ve had modal dresses – winter dresses – and leggings, and it was a lovely fabric for them. But this just felt HOT. It was a fun print and shape, but it was a “one and done” item for me and has already been returned. I’m wearing it over an old, slightly too small (couldn’t find my usual grey tee!), Just My Size tank top and white Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans that you’ve seen many times this year.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.27.18 5 resized

The End (ha ha).

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.27.18 6 resized

What I’m Wearing:

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you click on them.


17 thoughts on “She Works Hard for the Money

  1. Oh Bettye – Love this post – and the affiliate explanations. Great minds – I just wrote a post yesterday for my blog on affiliates (and scheduled it for Sunday, we’ll see if that works this time). I actually added a couple of ‘items’ to mine to see how they work. I appreciate your insights and feel much like you do. I hope you turn into one of those people who make lots and lots of money on your blog. What a fun way that would be to retire.

    I actually love the kimono (and of course the white jeans), but I hear you about being hot. Looks really cute though.


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  2. You are so great with words, Bettye!! And I totally agree that blogging for money isn’t a bad thing if it’s done right. I think most of us can tell when someone is just doing posts for money—it doesn’t jibe with their normal. That’s why it’s nice to have this start as a hobby (for me too) because I’m not desperate for the money. Heck, I was just approached yesterday to have a guest post on finances. Not that it’s not important, but it didn’t make sense. At least in that regard…
    Too bad about the kimono because it’s absolutely lovely!!

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  3. I have clicked on every single link you have, Bettye! You are far too talented to be collecting carts at the Piggly-Wiggly! (I thought Piggly-Wiggly’s were only in Georgia and other southern regions, but hopefully they’ll be coming north. I just love me a Piggly-Wiggly!) Alas, I also loved this kimono, but I understand about the fabric. Even though you looked stellar, that all fades if you are dissolving in sweat. Keep looking! I’ve been seeing lots and lots of orange kimonos out there, and you look fabulous in bright colors.

    My newest kimono was delivered yesterday, and it is OLIVE GREEN!!!! You and your fellow fashion influencers have influenced me to step outside my comfort zone, and I am now going to sport OLIVE GREEN!!! Big step for me. I am hoping the shirt I chose to wear with it will combat the greenness, therefore giving me a normal colored complexion. We shall see. Anyway, let me get to the point, which is, this kimono is cotton and linen!!! Hooray!

    Carry on, Bettye! I will click on whatever you post. Piggly-Wiggly indeed!

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    1. Thanks for the clicks, Susan! Yes, Piggly Wiggly is in the South. I was using a slight geographic/poetic license to make a point.

      I saw an orange kimono on a blog a few weeks ago – orange and turquoise and white – it really called to me 🙂

      Lookit you stepping outside your color box with the olive green! woohoo! seriously 🙂 Cotton and linen, brilliant 🙂


  4. Why do I always see items on you that we have in our theme and never see you participate Bettye!!😂😂
    But I do hope that you can make a few bucks with your blog. You deserve it because I think you are a talented writer!

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    1. I know!!! I always MEAN to, but then I’m not sure where to send the pictures and then…before I know it I’m seeing the blog post up and I’ve missed it 😦 I have LOTS of kimono outfit pictures, some good, some not so much. Where do I send them??


  5. This is such a beautiful kimono! The colors and print are so cute and fun. I love a kimono as a completer piece in warm weather and your outfit showcases why wonderfully!

    I agree with what your saying about why not try to make money while doing something you love, as long as it is not in an over the top pushy way and it fits your brand. I occasionally include affiliate links in my posts, but it is pretty rare. For me this is more of a hobby because my full time job doesn’t leave me much time to do more. If I had more available time I for sure would put more effort into tracking down items and generating extra income. Best of luck to you and your goal!

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  6. I love the kimona, love the blog and don’t even mind the affiliate links. I think about blogging from time to time just to share my thoughts with myself — because driving home from work I have these odd thoughts and think I’ll post them to facebook, because I enjoy the process of thinking & writing — but then by the time I get home I’ve decided I’m too boring for words. So then I just read your blog posts and remind myself what real writers look like 🙂 As usual you are inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re sweet…but I think we’re *all* real writers – because we all have stories to tell! Yeah, I used to do a lot more “one-liner” Facebook posting, but then it all got so visual – like if there was no picture or video, people didn’t even notice it sitting there all alone and lonely. But, like you, I do still have those random thoughts I’d like to share. Janey’s not usually that interested, so Facebook seems the perfect place.


  7. I do love a good kimono and this one is super pretty, but I agree with you…heavy is no bueno. A key characteristic of a kimono (at least for me) is the lightweight-ness of it. It would be nice to eventually have a blog that generates some income because like you, I would like to retire one day!

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  8. I love this kimono- such a pretty, breezy piece!

    I totally agree that accepting payment for areas of your blog can be a great way to finance your blogging adventures + supplement your income. But it definitely has to be a balance! 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

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  9. This outfit is summer perfection. I do love the ease and look of a kimono. I agree with you that there are some blogs that are so commercial it is difficult and time consuming just to get to the meat of the post. But I do agree it can be a wonderful way to earn some money and enjoy what you are passionate about!

    I only post non-affiliate links because I think my readers are curious about how to find certain items that I wear.
    Fabulous post !

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