Time Flies…But Does It Have To??

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I might have told this story here before, but…I can remember being little, 5 or so, and counting the interminable days til Christmas…(and probably whining a bit about HOW MANY, SO MANY days) and my mother probably tried to console me and suggest that I be more patient, but the only part I really remember is her saying that TIME GOES FASTER AS WE GET OLDER. I couldn’t understand it at the time (how does time go faster? a day is always 24 hours, a year 365 days…) but obviously what she meant is our perception of time goes faster as we get older. And, of course, she was right. Relativity and all that.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.1.18 4 resized
Andree by Unit rayon top, 3x. Out of stock. Comparable here and here in plus size and here in straight size. 

This week on the blogosphere and all across social media, I’ve been reading about it being the END OF SUMMER…I’ve seen outfit posts with cozy cardigans…one just pointed out that it’s only FOUR MONTHS TO CHRISTMAS…I read this week that Starbucks will begin selling their Pumpkin Flah Flah drinks earlier this year – in AUGUST. COME ON, PEOPLE!!! It is STILL SUMMER!!! It is ninehundredmillion degrees out, I can’t even go look at a sunset because it is TOO DARN HOT and yet I am looking at women in red plaid skirts and leopard coats and cowboy boots on street style blogs.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.1.18 1 resized
Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans, size 22 short.

Isn’t it enough that our minds trick us into thinking we are on a roller coaster of time, speeding along faster and faster to the inevitable end? Do we have to play along? Can’t we just enjoy a season for what it is now – hot and steamy and sunny and beachy – and keep wearing gingham and sleeveless blouses and swing dresses with slides and breezy kimonos and drinking iced tea with orange slices and mint and eating tuna salad on crackers? Can’t we just enjoy summer until we can’t squeeze one more drop out of it and THEN…when there is actual crispness in the air, THEN we can cozy ourselves into a chunky knit and suede booties and have a hot sweet autumn-flavored drink with whipped cream and look out the window at the changing leaves?

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That’s what *I* intend to do. I’m not setting one foot into fall until I have to. And then I will enjoy the heck out of it.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.1.18 2 resized
Aldo cognac espadrilles

Which brings us to today’s outfit (phew, I knew I’d get here eventually). I wore and shot this back in June – the first week of summer – but it got set aside as I’d shown a very similar top just the week before and I will show it now because it is summery and it is still summer.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 7.1.18 6 resized

This is another Andree by Unit embroidered rayon top via Gwynnie Bee -I showed another one here and I still have a few similar items in my GB closet. They’re so easy and summery. Lightweight, colorful, easy breezy fit. Over my favorite Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans. Which, if you want to talk about how many times you’ve worn something, I’ve had these a year and I’ve easily worn them 30 times or more. And my Aldo espadrilles, which also got a lot of wear this year and will continue into fall.

So, just an easy outfit. But that’s what summer’s meant to be. EASY. It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Remember??

What I Wore:

Photos by moi. 

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22 thoughts on “Time Flies…But Does It Have To??

  1. Nice job with the photos! I’m devastated that this is my last week at the pool but then we have 2 weeks of summer vacation which I intend to fully enjoy while the weather is still summery!

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  2. Quite right, Bettye! It will continue to be hot as balls here until well into October,and I’ve just gotten around to organizing my closet for summertime. I am not a huge fan of summer, but I want to enjoy my organized closet for the next 8 to 10 weeks, before I have to organize again. Pumpkin spice, my eye! I can barely get a cuppa coffee down before starting to sweat. And I prefer to ignore Christmas entirely, until after Thanksgiving, thank you very much! I am still enjoying end of summer sales, and like the beach much better in September, after the college kids have left it alone.

    Loving your easy breezy outfit, (embroidery is so awesome) and thanks for the timeliness of your post.

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    1. Thanks, Susan – good for you for organizing your closet! I could use that, as well. Not my clothes, really…but the shelves…and the shoes, egads, they’re a mess! Too many things on my to-do list right now though, not gonna add that now.


  3. I’m with you, Bettye. Let me enjoy the season and weather that is present in my life. I just saw jack o lanterns at the grocery store—geez!!
    And they just had an article about why time goes so fast as adults. The thinking is that it’s mundane. You do the same thing everyday. Once you start incorporating something new and different, time slows up. Interesting, huh??

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  4. Hi Bettye!
    I know what you mean.. the days do seem faster as an adult… but yes, can we live in the moment! I wrote about that this year and it can be tough when blogs and marketing shows us Fall pictures and clothing! I always find it tricky as a fashion blogger to style for Fall when it still is 90 in Sept! Anyhow, love the top, the crochet pattern remind me of a design by the Tamberitzians ( sp wrong). It is lovely on you! I do love Pmkin Spice drinks, but by the time Nov rolls around I bet the baristas in Starbucks are ready to tear their hair out if they hear one more order! hehe.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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  5. That is so true! I hate how the stores put up the next holiday the day after any holiday. It feels like it’s always rushing us. My daughters would be so made that the back-to-school items would come into the store right after July 4th. Come on! We still have all summer ahead. I think streetstyle folks are trying to get you to go shopping now for those items before they sell out but I’m with you and can’t even touch them in the store. I’m on repeat with old items now until September 1 at least. Good pics!

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    1. I mean, I GET it, they’re trying to extend every buying season…the problem is, now, EVERY season is “buying season.” I don’t see it much cuz I don’t physically go into many stores…but I know there’s some halloween candy and christmas tree displays up *somewhere*!

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  6. Indeed time does seem to pass at warp speed. I think if we live more in the moment we can control that a bit. I really love your tunic and the way you styled it here. I do feel time passing by as well, and agree that it is relative, particularly as we age. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts today.

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