Week in Review: Week 127

WARNING: This may be The Most Boring Week Ever. Get out now while you still can.

Trying to be more mindful of what I eat. Peanut butter and honey on apple slices for morning snack. Which was actually breakfast as I didn’t get up in time to eat anything before work. This might be the most unappealing food picture ever. Will not be Instagramming it.


High Point of my Week: watching the weeds grow.




Friday’s missing outfit from What I Wore This Week.

wiwt 8.10.18 blogsized
Bobeau peach ombre top, size 3x. Old. Comparable here and here in plus and here and here in straight size. Palomino duster length cardigan from Old Navy, size 2x. Sold out. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. White Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda plus jeans, size 22 short. Cognac Aldo espadrilles. 

A perfect example of a “what are they thinking??” collaboration email. After reviewing my site and “seeing that you talk about men’s fashion”?? Uhm, WHICH day was that exactly?? Needless to say they are getting a No, Thank You. Ha.


Instacart brought me my groceries so I didn’t have to go out. I love getting the groceries delivered. It saves time and lugging. And money, as I don’t impulse shop.


This looks like a pretty motley grocery delivery, so I’ll explain. Haagen-Dazs, no explanation required. I’m making a white bean artichoke spread to go on the wasa crackers as an afternoon work snack. The peppers and radishes are a morning work snack, just as-is, raw and crunchy. I’ll pull the chicken apart for chicken salad with scallions (either on a sandwich or scooped up with the wasa crackers). The tomato, red beans and red onion is for a salad – those three items w a bit of mayonnaise (it and the juice from the tomatoes make a nice simple Russian-esque dressing) and salt and pepper. The almond breeze is for cereal and smoothies – I have frozen fruits and vegetables and acai stuff. It’s lovely to think I will get up in the morning in time to make healthy smoothies. But the reality is that I will probably not, so that is where the Cap’n comes in. And I’m making a big pot of spaghetti tonight that will last me several dinners in the week ahead…and I have salad fixins already in the fridge and I’ll probably go out  to dinner once or twice. So. There’s my groceries explained.

I finally broke out the watercolors! In my defense, it’s a first attempt. I’m happy that it’s recognizable as what it is. I’ll keep trying.


I passed this pretty restaurant patio on my way to meet friends for dinner.


I had alcohol. And a three mushroom quesadilla.


Wearing #273 for this dress, more or less. I’m going to cry when I stain or rip it. Literally. Plus, my eyes are disappearing from my face.


And today, Sunday, was a whole lotta nuthin. Trying to plan something  for the week ahead so it’s not…like last week! It’s my last full week before vacation, so…there’s that.

Hoping you have a more interesting week than I did!







17 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 127

  1. I love your week! I want my groceries delivered to my door! LOVE your watercolor. I think you did a great job. I went to a ‘painting party’ last fall. We painted a little white church. How simple is that? NOT – at least for me. I can barely draw stick people. Thank God for software to help me design my cross stitch charts.

    I missed International Cat day – but Janey looks like she doesn’t mind posing. Hope you have a great ‘this week’.



    1. Last year when I was sick my niece generously offered to gift me with groceries and a delivery service so I didn’t have to go out – I was really not eating well as I often didn’t have the energy to shop or cook. I declined, it was too much. But when she offered again earlier this year to let me use her Instacart account, that I accepted. So she pays the fee and we can both order and pay for our own and get deliveries to our homes (she’s in CA). That in itself is a lovely gift. In my area, only one market uses Instacart and they don’t have the best produce, so for that I do a quick run-in to a different market that has GREAT produce to just get a couple things – like salad stuff, etc.

      Yeah, I’m not too unhappy with my little tree, especially after the abysmal failure I had yesterday painting a leaf. Ha. It looks like an untalented kindergartner did it. But I’m gonna keep trying to do a little something every day. It’s frustrating when I FEEL like I’m doing what the youtube watercolor tutorials are showing me, but my results are vastly different. I did just order some better paints – I’ve been using a Crayola set my sister sweetly sent me but I think they’re…diluted? The colors? We’ll see if things are any better with different paints.

      I love those painting parties, when you can find one with a subject you like.

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  2. We used to belong to Door to Door Organics and they would deliver our fruits and veggies. I absolutely loved it especially when we were working. Besides, then we had such a great variety of produce—sometimes things I’d never heard of! But now we go to the store, and that impulse thing happens a lot.
    And I always laugh when I get some of those collaboration emails…but they probably can’t take the time to research everyone they reach out to???

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    1. Was Door to Door like a CSA? I’ve always wanted to try one of those but it seems like you end up with SO much stuff, and unplanned, not like, I would like a case of tomatoes for my gazpacho party…instead it’s like here’s 37 turnips. Ha.

      Men’s fashion. Sheesh. At least I must be on some sort of list somewhere cuz they’ve been coming more frequently…and EVENTUALLY one’s gonna be right. Odds would demand it, no??


  3. Your week cracked me up. Especially the highlight being weed-watching. Seriously though, the meals planned sound great! I lose a bit between planning and executing also but planning is definitely way better than not planning – you’re now set-up for success! I love the watercolor, that is super pretty and I can’t wait to see more.

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    1. Hey Sarah! I hear ya on the breakdown between planning and executing. I buy a LOT of fruits and vegetables that turn into science experiments in the fridge. But yes, what’s that (annoying) saying, “failure to plan is planning to fail.” Ugh. Ha ha watercolor. Attempt 2 was SO bad, ha ha. I’m not even showing it til I make some improvement somehow!


  4. Bettye – I found your blog via a comment you’ve posted and got catched by “Fashionschlub”.
    Probably you see that I read the most of your posts. Hope, you didn’t think of me as a stalker!

    Like your writing a lot, your honesty in showing your trial and error, your optimism and your sense of style.

    I always click on the links, from which I hope you get a little bonus from (I’m from Germany).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Barbara, and welcome! I’m so glad “Fashion schlub” caught your attention! And just so (and others) know, I can’t tell WHO looks at the blog, I can only see the number of viewers. So, stalk away! And thanks for the clicks! I hope you’ll comment more often – it’s a nice group here 🙂


  5. My meal planning consists of what dinners I can get the most leftovers out of, without having to go to the store. Again. Sometimes I just make pesto because I have the stuff here. And I love it. And I don’t have to turn the stove on. In August, I get to the point where I can just live on fruit.
    Love the Friday outfit.

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    1. re leftovers, yeah, hence the spaghetti. That will probably last me all week for dinner as Ill eat out once or twice. I’m trying to add some healthier things in – like the bean/artichoke spread and radish and bell pepper crunchy snacks – rather than think of omitting things. I’m trying!

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  6. I’m a weirdo, I love grocery shopping! Your tree is cool, have you watched any videos on YouTube that teach how to watercolor? They make it look so easy. 🙂

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    1. I used to love grocery shopping. It’s just harder now 😦 I’ve watched umpteen watercolor videos on YouTube! I love watching them. They DO make it look so easy! But they already know how to work the brush, the paint, etc. I’m just bumbling along, unaware of the hidden secrets 🙂


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