What I Wore This Week

It’s time once again to play What I Wore This Week! Fortunately I chose a better week for it this time. The last time I did WIWTW (c’mon, you can do this!) I was on vacation so it was like “here I am in my nightgown, here I am in my bathing suit, here I am in the dress I wore whenever I wasn’t wearing my nightgown or my bathing suit.” This is a week of work outfits (with nary a bathing suit in sight).

Monday – this was a normal workday. I didn’t expect to be running around taking a lot of pictures so I dressed accordingly. I went out to dinner with a friend but I changed before dinner cuz spilling.

monday resized,jpg
Rust Sharagano dress, size 3x, old. Same dress in different colors here. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Cream (EXCUSE ME, “Palomino”) longline cardigan from Old Navy, size 2x. No longer available in plus size, but in straight size goes up to XXL. Cognac flats from Payless, I do not recommend. Zero arch support and are too shallow to wear with an insert comfortably.

Tuesday – another workday. Again, I expected mostly to be in the office all day and I wasn’t going out after work, so.

fs wiwtw 8.7.18 resized
Rachel Roy chambray dress, size 2x. Old but extremely similar here. Comparable in plus size here and here and in straight size here and here. Navy H&M cardigan, size 3x, sold out. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. White Keds Champion sneakers.

Wednesday – workday but I did expect to be taking pictures offsite so I dressed accordingly. Cool. Plus, haircut!

fs wiwtw 2 resized
Old Navy chambray dress, size 3x, old. Similar here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. White crochet cardi from Avenue, size 3x, old. Similar here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. White Keds.

Thursday – I knew today was going to be a big picture and running around day but it was just too hot for jeans! I started out the day with the same white cardi as yesterday, but I took it off for the outdoor pic portion of the day – revealing my shoulders at work – oh the horror. When I got home I was just too hot to put it back on even just for the picture…and I also got out of my sneakers and into my slides. Not to mention, all I had in me was a quick cell phone snap, apologies for crappy blurry fuzziness. I’m done for today. Not even meeting friends for dinner tonight as planned…as soon as I finish this post it’s straight to bed for me!

8.9.18 resized
Blue paisley Loft dress, size 3x, old. Comparable here and here in plus size and here and here in straight size. Hundred-year-old Mephisto slides. I’ll be wearing them til they literally fall apart. 

Also, no Friday. I meant to start on Sunday so there’d be five days by Thursday and I could schedule this to post on Friday. But I forgot. Then I was going to put on tomorrow’s outfit and shoot it tonight. But I’m too tired. Ha. I’m a b-a-a-a-d blogger.

I will leave you, instead, with this Thursday Throwback…from two years ago, August 2016. When I still had hair and a dog. And wore dresses with waistbands.

fashion schlub plus size bettye rainwater 8.14.16 2 resized
Sangria dress, size 3x, old. Comparable here and here in plus size, and here and here in straight size.

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12 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. All cute outfits – my favorite is the one you wore when you were going to be out and about shooting. The dress looks pale blue on my computer and the cute little white sweater. Though the Monday outfit with the bright dress runs it a close second – I love bright colors. Both outfits Very becoming!

    I’m still lovin’ your short hair – also very becoming on you. But c’mon now – ‘WIWTW’ – you’re killing those of us not good with puzzles 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, the no shoulders thing is a work dress code thing. *I* have no problem with my shoulders (or arms) being out. But the updated dress code at work says “no exposed shoulders.” Which seems weird to me but whatever.

      I still remember buying those Mephistos in 1998! They were the most expensive shoes I had ever bought in my LIFE (except for custom riding boots) and my girlfriend was like “you’re working now (I was newly separated), you can afford it, they’re so comfortable and they’ll last forever.” And she was right! 20 years later I am STILL wearing them. I don’t wear them to work or “dressed” anymore, but they’re a year-round around-the-house shoe and in the summertime a beach and erranding and out with friends shoe. I may just be buried in them.


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